River’s Favorite Products

Our spokesdog, River, is a very active yellow labrador who loves to swim and fetch. River, just like all dogs, always has his favorite toys and treats, so we are making a list of River’s favorite things. He would have liked to type this list himself, but his paws are just too big for the keyboard! [Read more…]

4 Tips on Training Your Dog

January is also Train Your Dog Month, so we gathered some quick tips on training your pup:

1. Keep on training throughout your pet’s life.  Its a common misconception that once you’re done training your dog, you can stop.  Dogs learn throughout their lives and you should reinforce their training.

2.  Be a confident leader.  Your dog needs a confident and calm leader.  This doesn’t mean you should be dominant and submissive toward your dog, but build their confidence.  You should encourage that by rewarding them for their good behavior and reinforcing it.

3.  Keep your dog exercising and active.  Exercising your dog daily is a great way to train them to socialize with other dogs and people and practice commands. Picking an activity that both you enjoy can keep your dog from becoming bored.  Grab a ball or a training dummy to practice those commands!

4.  Have fun with your dog.  Continue playing with your dog for a stress reliever, as well as training your four-legged friend to be successful in a human world.

This wraps up our tips to help train your dog.  Just remember, have fun!

January is Walk Your Dog Month

January is Walk Your Dog Month, so grab your pooch and take them on your daily walk. Even if you have a large yard, walking your dog on a leash is a great training opportunity for them to socialize with other people and dogs, as well as listening to commands. [Read more…]

Service Dogs Change Lives

Service dogs are vital in the lives of numerous people with different disabilities.  We came across an article that featured a special service dog to help people with autism.

Sawyer Hamilton, a teenager with autism in Utah, uses an autism assistance dog provided by Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), a nonprofit organization in California.  Sawyer’s mother noticed that he interacted better with animals, so in 2000, she applied to CCI for a service dog.  After two years of waiting, Sawyer received his first service dog at no charge.  Hal, a black lab, changed Sawyer’s life.  He began reading above his grade level, could take the bus to and from school by himself, and has plans to go to college.

Similar to other service dog programs, CCI has a strict breeding program. The puppies go to volunteer families until about 15 months then to go to training centers across the US for 6 months to train to be a service dog.  The service dogs learn roughly 40 different behaviors before being placed.

Although Hal passed away in 2011, Sawyer received another service dog, Topper, and continues to thrive. Sawyer’s mom says she cannot imagine where he would be without his service dogs.

If you are interested in donating to CCI, you can donate here.

3 Things To Do For Your Dog in 2013

With 2012 wrapping up, it is the perfect opportunity to have some friendly reminders to do in the new year. Dog health and safety is very important to us at dogIDs, so we thought we help remind you of a few things to do in 2013.

1. Update your dog’s id tag.  If you have moved addresses, changed numbers, etc., now is the perfect time to get an updated id tag for your canine companion.

2.  Exercise your four-legged friend.  This may fall on the resolution side, but the benefits for your dog (and you!) are amazing.  Read more about why dogs need exercise.

3.  Schedule your annual veterinary check up for your dog (if you haven’t already done so).  Just like us, it is important for our pets to get routine check ups at the veterinarian’s office.  Keeping your dog up-to-date with vaccines and it sets the foundation for your dog’s overall health.

That wraps up our 3 Things To Do For Your Dog in 2013.  Enjoy your last weekend of 2012 with your furry friend and have fantastic beginning to 2013!

Dogs Bringing Comfort to Newtown

Photo courtesy of ac360.blogs.cnn.com

It’s hard to imagine what the community of Newtown, Conn. is going through after the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.  People from around the world are offering to help in any way, including therapy dogs from Chicago, Ill.

The K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry traveled to Newtown to help ease the pain of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  The team of nine Golden Retrievers and their handlers have been visiting funerals, candlelight vigils and other gatherings.  The dogs are there to pet and play with, or just to comfort people.  

Tim Hetzner, the president of Lutheran Church Charities (the group behind the comfort dogs) says that the comfort dogs do different things for different people, “To some it brings a sense of calm in a time of confusion.  To others, it helps them process the grief by crying and hugging the dog.  And some children will come up to the dog sad and leave happy.”

Knowing that the grieving process can take time, each dog comes equipped with a business card with their name, Facebook page, Twitter account, and email address to make it easier for the people they meet to stay in touch.  It helps the group extend their reach when they have to leave.

We will never forget this tragedy, but the support from around the world and the dogs will help the community know that they’re not alone.

If you are interested in donating to the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, visit the  Lutheran Church Charities web site.

“A dog is a friend who brings a calming influence, allowing people to open up their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them.” – K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs Facebook page.

Holiday Photo Contest!

dogIDs Holiday Photo Contest

Is your four-legged friend excited for the holidays?  Do they love being in front of the camera?  Then they are perfect for the dogIDs Holiday Photo Contest!

Submit a photo of your pooch getting into the holiday spirit for your chance to win a free collar from dogIDs.  The photo contest runs until December 18, 2012 at 11:59 PM, so hurry and get your photo submitted!

Have a great holiday season!

Looking For That Perfect Gift For Your Dog?


Looking for that perfect gift for your dog?With the holiday season coming up, you can’t forget about your four-legged friend!  For some easy gift ideas, we are sharing a few of our favorite dogIDs products.

Argyle Bow Tie for Dogs  This collar accessory classes up your pooch for social events or just lounging around the home.  Attaches easily to their collar with Velcro!

Durable “Jive” Ball This ball is tough and good for the environment and it’s perfect for the dog that loves to play fetch.  Comes in different colors and it is made right here in the USA!

Unique Christmas Tag.  Perfect for the holiday season and you can customize the tag with your pet’s name.

Sports Fanatic:
Sports Team Dog ID Tags.  Love the Vikings? Packers? Or are you more of a baseball fan?  Now your dog can also wear your favorite team’s colors!

Dog Treats & Chews.  It’s no secret that dogs love treats.  We have a wide selection of top quality, natural dog treats that make the perfect gift.

Hopefully this gave you an idea what to get your furry friend for this holiday season!

We Made The List!

Hot 100 E-Retailers of 2012

We at dogIDs are thrilled to have made Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 E-Retailers of 2012! It is such a great honor to be included in this prestigious list.  We were selected for the specialty / non-apparel category for our growing number of canine products, including our personalized dog tags.  

IR recognizes leading retail websites from both large retail sites and small Internet-only sites. The team at IR looked at thousands of e-commerce sites from around the world and after a long debate, the list was made. We are ecstatic to be in the company of other distinguished major online retailers like Amazon.com, Target.com, and Pandora.com!

We want to thank IR for nominating us for this list and choosing us as a Hot E-Retailer of 2012. We have put lots of time into our website to make it innovative and user-friendly. This is a great start to the holiday season and 2013 will be just as exciting!

Dogs Need Exercise


Dogs Need ExerciseExercising your dog isn’t just to control their weight, but it can also help with diseases such as hip dysplasia and heart disease.  It also improves bone and joint health, as well as lung function.  Having your dog exercise everyday will help with energy levels while they are indoors and will behave better if they are left alone.

[Read more…]