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Dangerous Doggy Doo – Why You Need to Clean Up After Your Pet

Doggy-Doo-Free WalkYou take Fluffy out for an evening stroll, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying your sights and surroundings. Winding sidewalks, big trees, green bushes, squirrels scampering, children playing. Then, all of a sudden, you step on a landmine of doggy doo. Worse yet, Fluffy really wants to investigate these leftovers of another dog’s journey on this same path.

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Why Cats Should Wear ID Tags


Pet ID tags aren’t just for dogs. You never know when your cat could get lost, so be on the safe side and make it easier for your cat to get home. Plenty of small pet ID tags are available here at dogIDs for small dogs, puppies and cats. The following are some reasons why your cat should never go without ID.

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Moving or traveling across the country with pets


Photo: Lindsay Stordahl

My husband and I recently moved from Fargo, N.D., to Solana Beach, Calif. Moving is stressful enough on its own but worse when you add kids or pets. We don’t have any human children, but we do have our three “fur babies” – a Lab mix and two cats. We’ve moved across town with them a few times, but that’s nothing compared to three 12-hour days of driving in one small car.

Here are some tips for moving or traveling across the country with pets:

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Teach Big Dogs to Play Nicely With Small Dogs

Big dogs and little dogs

Photo: Lindsay Stordahl

We all want our dogs of all sizes to get along, but sometimes the owners of small dogs can get (understandably) a little nervous about inviting bigger dogs to play. Here in Fargo, the dog parks are even divided up with an area for “big dogs” and an area for “small dogs.” The following are some ideas to help your dog (no matter her size) get along with larger and smaller dogs.

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Meet Syrus : Newest Member of the dogIDs Team!

Syrus in his Soft Grip Collar

Sryus in his dogIDs Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar

This summer, dogIDs owners Lori and Clint Howitz added a new furry friend to their family – and so did the dogIDs team! Meet Syrus, the Great Dane. He’s about six-months old and weighs 90 pounds.

Syrus was found wandering the streets of Grand Forks, ND and was held at the dog pound in Grand Forks for a week, but never claimed. 4 Luv of Dog Rescue took him in to try and find him a new home. Ashley Farkas, dogIDs Merchandising Manager, is also a long-time volunteer of 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo, ND.

Lori tells us, “Ashley found out that Syrus was being transported to Fargo [Read more...]

Reasons to Buy a Personalized Dog Leash

Embroidered dog leash

Embroidered leash from

Personalized dog collars and leashes are a specialty at dogIDs. But you might be wondering, why the heck would I need a personalized leash? The following are reasons why you might want to swap out your dog’s old leash for a new, personalized option.

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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Lake

Surf and Turf life jacket at

Surf and Turf life jacket at

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday, lots of dogs will be traveling to various lakes and beaches with their families. While the dogs swim, run, play fetch and chase squirrels, it’s important for dog owners to keep some safety tips in mind. The following are some ideas to help keep your dog safe at the lake this summer.

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How to Safely Introduce Dogs

How to introduce dogs

Photo: Lindsay Stordahl

“Don’t worry. He’s good with other dogs.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that statement before. But some dog owners forget that just because a dog is good with one dog doesn’t mean he’s good with all dogs. Sometimes certain personalities or energy levels don’t mix. This post includes some safety reminders on how to introduce two dogs for a walk or playdate.

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Five Tips to Help a Dog That is Afraid of Fireworks

Dog bed at dogIDsThe Fourth of July is a stressful time for a lot of dogs, and their owners. While there is no quick fix for helping a dog overcome his fear of fireworks, these tips are designed as starting blocks for helping a dog deal with fireworks and other stressful noises. Please share any additional tips in the comments section for how to help a dog that is afraid of fireworks.

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How to stop a dog or puppy from chewing

Beagle Puppy Chewing

Courtesy: Bukowsky18 on Flickr

Dogs chew for all kinds of reasons. Their jaws are built for some serious gnawing, but they also seem to chew because it’s fun and probably relaxing. While it may be unfair to expect your dog to stop chewing completely, you should be able to teach her which items are appropriate for chewing.

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