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Moving or traveling across the country with pets

Photo: Lindsay Stordahl

My husband and I recently moved from Fargo, N.D., to Solana Beach, Calif. Moving is stressful enough on its own but worse when you add kids or pets. We don’t have any human children, but we do have our three “fur babies” – a Lab mix and two cats. We’ve moved across town with them a few times, but that’s nothing compared to three 12-hour days of driving in one small car.

Here are some tips for moving or traveling across the country with pets:

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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Lake
Surf and Turf life jacket at

Surf and Turf life jacket at

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday, lots of dogs will be traveling to various lakes and beaches with their families. While the dogs swim, run, play fetch and chase squirrels, it’s important for dog owners to keep some safety tips in mind. The following are some ideas to help keep your dog safe at the lake this summer.

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Five Tips to Help a Dog That is Afraid of Fireworks

Dog bed at dogIDsThe Fourth of July is a stressful time for a lot of dogs, and their owners. While there is no quick fix for helping a dog overcome his fear of fireworks, these tips are designed as starting blocks for helping a dog deal with fireworks and other stressful noises. Please share any additional tips in the comments section for how to help a dog that is afraid of fireworks.

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7 tips for taking your dog camping

Many of us enjoy including our dogs in all kinds of outdoor activities. That’s one of the reasons dogs are so great. They’re up for anything! What could be better for a dog than going for hikes, hanging out by the fire and curling up in the tent with the humans? Here are 7 tips to keep in mind if you plan on taking your dog camping this summer.

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Playing fetch, with rules

Have you met the dogIDs spokesdog, River? One of his favorite sports is fetch. If there were a professional fetching team, River would be captain.

Playing fetch can be a great form of exercise for a dog, but it can also give the dog a mental workout if there are a few “rules.” Adding rules to a simple game is a great way to build a dog’s self control. While we want our dogs to have fun, it’s also important that they learn not to grab the ball from our hands or to bark at us to throw the ball sooner. Let’s get to some examples:

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Five tips for boarding your dog

So your summer travel plans are in place. But who will take care of your dog? Is it best to hire a pet sitter? Should you leave him with “Grandma”? How about taking him to a boarding facility? These are all great options, but this post will focus on how to prepare for leaving your dog at a boarding facility.

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4 Tips to Get Your Dog Ready for the Warmer Seasons

Spring is here, it is time to get your dog ready for the new season!

Spring is in the air and our dogs know it. They are excited to get outside and breathe in the warmer air while splashing their way through the puddles that are formed from the quickly melting snow. Longer days means more hours of potential fun with our four-legged friends and there is no doubt an exciting summer up ahead.

Here are a four things we can do for our dogs to get them ready for a warm season full of fun, sun and laughter:

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