Five tips for boarding your dog

So your summer travel plans are in place. But who will take care of your dog? Is it best to hire a pet sitter? Should you leave him with “Grandma”? How about taking him to a boarding facility? These are all great options, but this post will focus onĀ how to prepare for leaving your dog at a boarding facility.

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4 Tips to Get Your Dog Ready for the Warmer Seasons

Spring is here, it is time to get your dog ready for the new season!

Spring is in the air and our dogs know it. They are excited to get outside and breathe in the warmer air while splashing their way through the puddles that are formed from the quickly melting snow. Longer days means more hours of potential fun with our four-legged friends and there is no doubt an exciting summer up ahead.

Here are a four things we can do for our dogs to get them ready for a warm season full of fun, sun and laughter:

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