Dog Names starting with the letter U

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Uba African Boy
Ubadah Arabic Boy
Ubaid Arabic Boy
Uberto Italian Boy
Ubul Boy
Uday Indian Boy To rise
Udaya Sanskrit Girl Rising sun
Udeh Hebrew Boy
Udell English Boy Yew tree valley
Udit Sanskrit Boy Ascended
Udo African Boy Time of peace
Udolf English Boy
Uehudah Hebrew Boy
Ufuk Boy
Uga Boy or Girl
Ugo Germanic Boy Mind, heart or spirit
Ugod Boy
Ugor Boy
Ugur Boy
Uhura Boy or Girl
Uilleam Germanic Boy Will, desire + helmet, protection
Uilliam Irish Boy
Uisdean Scottish Boy
Uistean Irish Boy
Ujjwala Hindu Girl
Ula Latin Girl Little bear
Ulan African Boy
Ulan African Girl
Uland Boy
Ulani Hawaiian Boy Delightful
Ulbrecht German Boy
Ulf Germanic Boy Protector of the inheritance
Ulffr Boy
Ulfhildr Girl
Ulima Arabic Girl
Ulises Greek Boy Walker
Ull Norse Boy or Girl Glory
Ulla German Girl Prosperity, fortune, power
Ulprus Boy
Ulric German Boy Prosperity, fortune, power
Ulrich Germanic Boy Powerful through his inheritance
Ulrika German Girl Prosperity, fortune, power
Ultan Celtic Boy
Ultima Girl
Ultreia Girl
Ulucan Boy
Ululani Hawaiian Girl
Ulva German Girl
Ulysses Greek Boy Walker
Uma Sanskrit Girl Flax
Umar Arabic Boy
Umberto German Boy Famous giant
Umed Indian Boy Hope
Umeko Japanese Girl Plum blossom child
Umi African Boy or Girl Energy
Una Latin Girl One
Unai Boy
Unaiza Arabic Girl
Uncle Boy or Girl
Undine Latin Girl Wave
Unelem Boy or Girl
Unique English Girl Only one
Unity English Girl Oneness
Unknown English Boy Unknown
Unna German Girl
Unnati Sanskrit Girl Ascending
Unni Girl
Uno Boy or Girl
Unwin English Boy
Upen Hindu Boy
Upendra Sanskrit Boy Younger sibling of Indra
Upir Boy or Girl
Upor Boy
Upshaw English Boy
Upton English Boy Uptown
Ura Indian Girl Chest
Urania Greek Girl Goddess of the mountains
Urbain Latin Boy or Girl From the city
Urban Latin Boy From the city
Urbana Latin Girl From the city
Urbano Boy
Uren Boy
Uri Hebrew Boy My flame
Uriah Hebrew Boy
Uriah Hebrew Girl
Urian Welsh Boy
Uriana Greek Girl
Uriel Hebrew Boy
Urien Welsh Boy Privileged birth
Urit Hebrew Girl Bright
Urjavaha Hindu Boy
Urmila Sanskrit Girl Waves of passion
Uros Boy
Ursa Latin Girl Bear
Ursala Latin Girl Little bear
Ursanne Old French Girl
Ursula Latin Girl Little bear
Urvasi Hindu Girl
Urvi Sanskrit Girl Heaven and earth
Usagi Japanese Girl
Usama Arabic Boy or Girl Feline predator
Usamah Arabic Boy
Usha Sanskrit Girl Dawn
Ushanka Boy or Girl
Ushma Sanskrit Girl Spring
Usoa Girl
Ustin Russian Boy
Uta Germanic Girl Wealth
Utah Places Boy
Utah Places Girl
Uthman Arabic Boy
Utt Arabic Boy
Uttam Sanskrit Boy Excellent
Uttanka Hindu Boy
Uttara Sanskrit Girl Superior
Uwain Boy
Uxio Boy
Uzi Hebrew Boy
Uzi Hebrew Boy or Girl
Uzor Boy
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