Dog Names starting with the letter Y

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Yaakov Hebrew Boy Supplanted
Yachne Hebrew Girl God is gracious
Yadavalli Boy or Girl
Yadgiri Boy or Girl
Yadid Hebrew Boy Friend
Yadiel Boy
Yadira English Girl
Yadon Hebrew Boy
Yaffa Hebrew Girl
Yagers Boy or Girl
Yagil Hebrew Boy He will rejoice
Yahir Boy
Yaholo Native American Boy Screecher
Yahto Native American Boy The color blue
Yajaira Girl
Yakecan Boy
Yakira Hebrew Girl
Yakky Boy or Girl
Yakov Hebrew Boy Supplanted
Yaksha Hindu Girl
Yalamanchi Boy or Girl
Yale Welsh Boy Fruitful
Yalena Greek Girl
Yama Sanskrit Girl Restrainer
Yamaha Cars Boy
Yamaha Cars Girl
Yamal Sanskrit Boy Twin
Yamcha Boy or Girl
Yamilet Arabic Girl Beautiful
Yamilex Arabic Girl Beautiful
Yamin Hebrew Girl Right
Yamini Sanskrit Girl Night
Yamura Hindu Girl
Yan Hebrew Boy
Yana Girl
Yanamandra Boy or Girl
Yancy English Boy Of uncertain origin
Yang Chinese Boy or Girl The sun
Yanira English Girl
Yanis Hebrew Boy
Yanni Greek Boy
Yannick Hebrew Boy God is gracious
Yaphet Hebrew Boy Handsome
Yaravi Girl
Yardan Arabic Boy
Yardley English Boy Enclosed grassland
Yarin Hebrew Boy He will sing
Yaritza Brazilian Girl Water lady
Yarkona Hebrew Girl
Yarlagadda Boy or Girl
Yarmilla Girl
Yaro Boy
Yaron Hebrew Boy He will sing
Yasar Arabic Boy
Yasashiku Japanese Boy
Yash Hindu Boy
Yashodhar Sanskrit Boy Maintaining victory
Yashovarman Hindu Boy
Yashpal Indian Boy Preserver of reputation
Yasin Arabic Boy
Yasir Arabic Boy
Yasmin Persian Girl Jasmine
Yasuo Japanese Boy Honest man
Yateen Boy or Girl
Yates English Boy Gates
Yauvani Boy or Girl
Yavar Boy or Girl
Yavatkar Boy or Girl
Yavonna Hebrew Girl
Yayo Boy or Girl
Yayoi Japanese Girl Full life
Yazid Arabic Boy
Ydel Hebrew Girl
Ye African Boy The eldest of twins
Yeardley English Girl Enclosed grassland
Yedda Old English Girl
Yegammai Boy or Girl
Yehuda Hebrew Boy Praise
Yehudah Hebrew Boy Praise
Yehudi Hebrew Boy
Yei Japanese Girl
Yejide African Girl Looks like her mother
Yelena Greek Girl Bright, shining one
Yeliz Girl
Yellepeddy Boy or Girl
Yellownose Boy or Girl
Yelsangikar Boy or Girl
Yeluri Boy or Girl
Yemena Hebrew Girl
Yenene Native American Girl Shaman
Yener Boy
Yeoman English Boy
Yepa Native American Girl Snow
Yerba Boy or Girl
Yered Hebrew Boy Descendant, descent
Yerik Russian Boy
Yerramilli Boy or Girl
Yervant Boy
Yesenia Arabic Girl Flora
Yesh Boy or Girl
Yeshonath Boy or Girl
Yesica Girl
Yesmina Hebrew Girl
Yessenia Arabic Girl Jasmine flower
Yessica Literary Girl
Yetta Girl
Yeva Hebrew Girl Life
Yevon Hebrew Girl
Yi Chinese Girl Gift
Yigit Boy
Ying Chinese Boy or Girl Eagle
Yitro Hebrew Boy Abundance, excellence
Yitta Girl
Ylwa Girl
Yma Boy or Girl
Yngvar Boy
Yo Japanese Boy Sunshine
Yobachi African Boy
Yoda Boy or Girl
Yogendra Sanskrit Boy Master of yoga
Yogesh Sanskrit Boy Lord of yoga
Yogi Indian Boy Master of oneself
Yogini Sanskrit Girl Sorceress
Yogish Boy or Girl
Yogita Sanskrit Girl Enchanted
Yogurt Boy or Girl
Yoh Boy or Girl
Yohann German Boy
Yoko Japanese Girl Honored child
Yolanda Greek Girl Violet
Yomaris Spanish Girl
Yonah Hebrew Boy Dove
Yoninah Hebrew Girl
Yooseph Boy or Girl
Yori Japanese Girl Reliant
Yorick Greek Boy Earth worker
York English Boy Place of the boars
Yosef Hebrew Boy He will enlarge
Yoselin French Girl Tribal name of the Gauts
Yoshe Girl
Yoshi Japanese Boy Righteous
Yoshifumi Japanese Boy
Yoshihiro Japanese Boy or Girl Widespread goodness
Yoshiko Japanese Girl Good child
Yoshimitsu Japanese Boy
Yoshiyuki Japanese Boy
You Japanese Boy or Girl Sunshine
Youko Japanese Boy or Girl Sunshine child
Younus Boy or Girl
Yovela Hebrew Girl Triumphant
Yo-yo Personality Boy
Yo-yo Personality Boy or Girl
Yo-yo Personality Girl
Yrsa Girl
Ysgarran Boy
Yssup Boy or Girl
Yuan Chinese Boy Round, circular, spherical
Yudhajit Hindu Boy
Yue Chinese Boy or Girl Happy, pleased, delighted
Yugi Boy or Girl
Yukako Japanese Girl
Yuki Japanese Boy
Yuki Japanese Girl Blessing
Yukiko Japanese Girl Fortunate child
Yukina Boy or Girl
Yukio Japanese Boy
Yukon Places Boy
Yul Chinese Boy Beyond the end
Yule English Boy
Yule English Boy or Girl
Yuliana Latin Girl Down-bearded youth
Yulisa English Girl
Yuma Boy
Yumako Japanese Girl
Yumi Japanese Girl Beautiful
Yumiko Japanese Girl Helpful beautiful child
Yuri Russian Girl Earth worker
Yuriko Japanese Girl Lily child
Yusuf Hebrew Boy He will enlarge
Yusuke Boy or Girl
Yutaka Japanese Boy Abundant
Yutsuko Japanese Girl
Yuval Hebrew Boy Stream
Yves French Boy Yew
Yvette French Girl Yew
Yvon French Boy Yew
Yvonne French Girl Yew
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