BendiBrush Bendable Dog Brush

BendiBrush Bendable Dog Brush

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  • Product Description

Do you want to cut your dog’s grooming time in half The BendiBrush Bendable Dog Brush in the perfect tool for you. This dog brush is groomer designed to help you and your dog have a positive experience while grooming.

The BendiBrush Story

The BendiBrush was created by 3 friends who started the company Anipure Pet Products. One of the friends was facing a challenge when grooming their dog, Charlie. Charlie was not comfortable during grooming time. In fact, he didn’t like it at all.

To solve this problem, they realized that they had to design a brush that would conform to the dog’s body and mimic the movement of petting a dog. This is how the BendiBrush came to life. Now Charlie, his owners, and dog owners all over are using this product to finally enjoy grooming time.

How it Works

The BendiBrush Dog Brush is designed keeping the dog’s body in mind. The brush is flat to mimic the strokes of petting, keeping your dog as comfortable as possible. To remove excess hair, dirt, and dander rub flat across the surface of your dog.

Since the brush is flexible, you can bend the brush around the contours of your dog's body. Also, the corners of the brush bend to reach sensitive areas. The multiple sizes of the strong and flexible bristles ensure that all of the tangles will come out.

Not only will it de-shed and de-tangle your dog, but the BendiBrush even removes excess undercoat. If you use the brush daily to groom your pup, it will prevent matting and stimulate oils for a naturally healthy, shiny coat.

Fun for the Dog Too

While you are brushing your dog, they will be getting a massage from the brush at the same time. Your dog will love the petting motion and not even realize that you are getting tangles out! Grooming time will turn into your dog’s favorite time of the day.

How to Clean

Run the brush under soap and water to clean the hair out. (If you wet the brush before brushing your pup, it will pick up the finer hair much easier!)

Product Features

  • Cuts Down Grooming Time
  • Comfortable grip
  • Rounded, Flexible, & Strong Bristles
  • Detangles Knots
  • Removes Shedding & Excess Undercoat
  • Use Wet or Dry on All Fur Types
  • 5 in x 3.25 in


At dogIDs we want you and your pup to be as happy as possible. Not only can we guarantee that you will be satisfied with this product, but your pup will too. This gentle brush makes grooming fast, fun, and easy. The rounded, flexible bristle tips will ensure no harm to your dog.

Est. Production Time: 1-2 business days

  • Detangles Knots and Removes Excess Undercoat
  • Cuts Down Grooming Time
  • Ensures Gentleness with Rounded Tips
  • Use Wet or Dry on All Sizes and Fur Types
  • 5 in x 3.25 in