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4 Quick Tips When Traveling With Your Dog

Planning a road trip and bringing your furry friend?  Here are some

Quick tips to keep your dog safe when traveling by car:

  1. Keep Your Dog Safe & Secure in Your Vehicle

Many dogs get nervous when traveling, especially by car. A well-ventilated dog crate, container, or back seat cover for dogs can help ease your dog’s anxiety, making them feel safe and sound.  Make sure it is large enough for them to move around comfortably, especially on long car rides.

  1. Bring Plenty of Food & Water  

Drinking water from different locations can cause an upset stomach in some dogs.  Consider using traveling dog bowls that can hold food & water for quick and easy use when traveling. Also, it’s important to keep extra food in your car in case of an emergency.

  1. Potty Breaks

Take frequent breaks so that your pup can empty their bladder and get some exercise. This can help them get out their energy so that they can sleep during most of the car ride.  Just remember to clean up after your dog!

  1. Update Dog ID Tag Information

Make sure your dog’s tag has the correct information.  Their dog ID tag should have your up-to-date information, as well as proof of current rabies shots. This last tip is crucial for keeping your dog safe, especially when traveling far away from home!

That wraps up our 4 quick tips for traveling with your dog.  Safe travels!

How do you keep your dog safe during long car rides?

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