Behind The Scenes – Puppy Photo Shoot

Today is National Puppy Day, and in honor of this great holiday we decided to put together a puppy photo shoot. You get the insider scoop on how it actually went! Below is a slideshow that will give you a feel of how we get the puppies together.



To get them to pose just how you want, there are a lot of treats involved, some good cuddles and tons of kisses! It takes a while for the puppies to get familiar with the process but after an hour they get the hang of it! Here is some information about the puppies that we had here for the shoot.

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8 Ways to Memorialize Your Loved Pet

September 13th is National Pet Memorial Day, which hits home to anyone who has lost a loved animal friend. Whether its been 10 days or 10 years, losing a beloved pet is never easy. My family’s dog, Katie, a black Australian kelpie and greyhound mix passed away in April. Every time I go to my parents’ home I feel like I can hear the jangle of her tags and wish she could sleep with me one more night. We had so many good memories that I decided it was time to commemorate her and acknowledge the loss that we had.

8 Ways to Memorialize Your PetWhat prompted this thinking was a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. What a long way to travel for a wake up call! When in Scotland, I visited the Edinburgh Castle where they have a dog cemetery that is built into the remains of a medieval tower and has been used as a burial ground for officer’s dogs and regimental mascots since the 1840’s. That is an exceptional way to show appreciation for the dogs in Scotland’s military. It had me thinking of ways that we can memorialize our loved pets, like my Katie, that would showcase the love they bring out in us. [Read more…]

First Dog Checklist

Getting your first dog? Here’s a checklist to help.

You’ve decided that you want a dog, but what do you do now? When you get your first dog, it is important to do some research. I do not have any pets but decided that I would like to get a dog. I have been scouring the internet looking for the best breed, training tips and how to puppy proof my apartment. Here is a checklist that I made up that will help you when getting your first dog:

  1. Write down what is important to you
  2. Gather basic supplies
  3. Set house rules
  4. Plan a vet appointment
  5. Schedule training and obedience classes

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