How to Stop a Dog From Counter Surfing – 4 Tips

portrait of dog begging for food indoors

You set a bag of rolls on the counter and then head out to your car to carry in another grocery bag. You’re gone a whole 30 seconds and … the rolls are gone!

Raise your hand if your dog is guilty of this!

Do any of you have dogs that like to steal food off the counters? Not only is this frustrating, but it can even be dangerous if the dog takes something that could be harmful, like chocolate.

The following are a couple tips you can try to stop your dog from “counter surfing.” Unfortunately, it’s a fairly common problem. [Read more…]

6 Tips to Stop Your Dog From Marking in the House

Stop dog from marking in the houseIf you have a dog that marks in the house, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be!

When a dog marks, he (or she) is leaving small amounts of urine around, usually to let others know that he was there. It makes sense in the animal world, but obviously it’s not something most of us want to allow in our homes or even in certain parts of the yard.

So, if you have a dog who marks or pees on things in the home, here are some tips on how to end this annoying behavior.

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5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to an Outdoor Restaurant

Tips for bringing your dog to outdoor restaurants

Do you ever bring your dog along to outdoor coffee shops or restaurants? Or do you wish you could?

It’s one of my favorite things to do with my dog Ace, but he’s had lots of training and practice. I know it’s not so easy for some dogs to remain calm when out and about.

If you like to bring your dog along out in public, please share your tips in the comments. The following are some suggestions from two dog trainers on how to make outings with your dog more successful.

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6 Tips for Introducing a Puppy to Your Adult Dog

So you’re planning on adopting a puppy or younger dog, but how will your current dog react?

Maybe she generally loves other dogs but you’re worried she’ll be jealous or that a puppy will be too playful for her.

How can you help the introduction go as smoothly as possible? The following are some ideas that should help.

two beagle dog on a green grass

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How to Help Your Dog Get Used to Car Rides

Some of us take it for granted that our dogs are calm and content riding in the car. It is a stressful or scary experience for a lot of dogs, causing them to whine or bark the entire time or to become car sick.

The following are some tips to help your dog get used to the car or to make sure riding in the car remains a positive experience for your newly adopted dog or puppy.

Weimaraner riding in the car

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