Our New Paw It Forward Pals.

Here at dogIDs, we take pride in helping organizations that help improve the lives of dogs.

We recently paired up with Military Working Dog Team Support Association Inc., an organization that helps send supplies to the dog teams in our military through our “Paw it Forward” program. Through this program, customers can choose to donate money to this organization when completing their purchase order. We are very excited to help out such a deserving organization.


More about Military Working Dog Team Support Association Inc.

Founded in 2007, Military Working Dog Team Support Association Inc. is an all volunteer, non profit organization whose missions are to support military working dog teams, veteran dog handlers, retired military dogs and war dog memorials. Four times a year, care packages are sent to active military dog teams. Each care package includes items for both the dog and its handler.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Nathan Goedert and his military working dog Jacob.


“Paw It Forward” Program Launched [Read more…]

Cruisin’ Canines: Wheelchairs for Dogs

There isn’t much more heart-breaking, or endearing for that matter, than a disabled animal facing physical limitations. Many still have a can-do attitude and simply need a little help getting around or returning to a somewhat normal lifestyle. For some, it’s a temporary need to help them recover post-surgery or injury as they heal. For others, they need a permanent solution.

Enter doggie wheelchairs.

Just like for humans, dog wheelchairs enable pets to be able to walk easier and ease stress on their body. They can take some getting used to at first, but before long, they’ll learn how to adapt. Dogs are smart creatures, after all. There are lots of success stories out there. [Read more…]

Natural Disasters & Your Pets: How You Can Keep Them Safe

When natural disasters strike, many people have plans in place to make sure their families stay safe. Though you may be ready to stay safe, there’s often one family member that can be forgotten in the rush of an emergency: the family pet.

June is National Pet Preparedness Month – a month where pet parents are encouraged to think about their disaster plans.

Dogs, cats, and other pets can easily become disoriented during and after a storm. This means they may try to run away or hide from even the people they trust and love.

In order to help you prepare for your furry family member’s safety in a natural disaster, we’ve put together this handy infographic that provides tips for a few different types of storms.


Are there other ways of preparing for natural disasters that you’ve found helpful? Share in the comments below. 

6 Tips for Introducing a Puppy to Your Adult Dog

So you’re planning on adopting a puppy or younger dog, but how will your current dog react?

Maybe she generally loves other dogs but you’re worried she’ll be jealous or that a puppy will be too playful for her.

How can you help the introduction go as smoothly as possible? The following are some ideas that should help.

two beagle dog on a green grass

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How to Help Your Dog Get Used to Car Rides

Some of us take it for granted that our dogs are calm and content riding in the car. It is a stressful or scary experience for a lot of dogs, causing them to whine or bark the entire time or to become car sick.

The following are some tips to help your dog get used to the car or to make sure riding in the car remains a positive experience for your newly adopted dog or puppy.

Weimaraner riding in the car

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