Dog Names starting with the letter A

Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aadi Sanskrit Girl First, beginning, initial
Aakarshan Nicknames Boy
Aaliyah Arabic Girl
Aaron Hebrew Boy
Aasia Movies and TV Girl
Aba African Girl
Aba Hebrew Boy Father or grandfather
Abagail Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abba Aramaic Girl Father
Abbey Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abbie Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abbigail Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abbott Nicknames Boy
Abbra Girl
Abby Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abdel Arabic Boy
Abdiel Hebrew Boy
Abdieso Boy
Abdul Arabic Boy The servant
Abe Hebrew Boy Father of a multitude or many nations
Abejundio Spanish Boy Bee
Abel Hebrew Boy Breath
Abelard Movies and TV Boy
Abella Girl
Abeni African Girl We asked for this child, now she is ours
Abenzio Celtic Boy
Abercio Boy
Aberdeen Places Boy
Aberdeen Places Girl
Abey Native American Girl Leaf
Abha Sanskrit Girl Splendour
Abhay Sanskrit Boy Without fear
Abhi Sanskrit Boy Fearless
Abhijit Sanskrit Boy Victorious
Abhilasha Sanskrit Girl Desire, wish
Abhinav Sanskrit Boy Young
Abhishek Sanskrit Boy Installed as king
Abia Arabic Girl
Abiba African Girl
Abie Hebrew Boy
Abie Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abigail Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abigale Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abigayle Hebrew Girl Father in rejoicing
Abihu Hebrew Boy or Girl He is my father
Abijah Hebrew Boy The Lord is my father
Abina Hebrew Girl Father
Abiona African Girl Born during a trip
Abira Hebrew Girl Strong
Able Hebrew Boy or Girl Breath
Abner Hebrew Boy The father is a light
Aboo Boy or Girl
Abra Hebrew Girl Father of a multitude or many nations
Abraham Hebrew Boy Father of a multitude or many nations
Abram Hebrew Boy Father of a multitude or many nations
Abrasha Hebrew Boy
Abrianna American English Girl \A\ combined with \Brianna\
Abril Latin Girl Open
Absolut Drinks Boy
Absolut Drinks Girl
Abster Boy or Girl
Abu Arabic Boy Father
Abudemio Boy
Abundiantus Boy
Acacia Greek Girl Point
Acacio Greek Boy Point
Acadia French Girl
Acantha Greek Girl Thorn
Acapulco Places Boy
Acapulco Places Girl
Acario Boy
Accalia Greek Girl
Accord Cars Boy
Accord Cars Girl
Acdc Boy or Girl
Ace Affectionate Girl
Ace Cartoons Boy
Ace Cartoons Girl
Ace Latin Boy One
Ace Movies and TV Boy
Ace Movies and TV Girl
Ace Nicknames Boy
Ace Nicknames Girl
Acedia Girl
Acelin French Girl Noble
Achak Boy or Girl
Achal Sanskrit Girl The immovable one
Achazia Hebrew Girl God holds
Achen Girl
Achilles Greek Boy
Achilles Historical Boy
Achit Hindu Girl
Achlys Greek Girl
Achyuta Sanskrit Boy Firm, immovable, imperishable
Ackley English Boy Division of land, field
Acrobat Boy or Girl
Action Personality Boy
Action Personality Girl
Acton English Boy Oak town
Acton Old English Girl
Acura Cars Girl
Acuzio Boy
Ada Germanic Girl Noble kind
Adah Hebrew Girl Adornment
Adair Gaelic Boy Oak grove
Adalardo Celtic Boy
Adalberto Germanic Boy Nobly bright
Adalgisa Germanic Girl Noble pledge
Adalgiso Old German Boy
Adalia Hebrew Girl
Adalrico Boy
Adam Hebrew Boy
Adam and eve Religious Boy
Adam and eve Religious Girl
Adamall Boy or Girl
Adamina Hebrew Girl Man
Adamma African Girl Beautiful girl
Adan Hebrew Boy Man
Adara Greek Girl
Addai Hebrew Boy
Adderstongue Nature Girl
Addie Germanic Girl Nobel kind
Addison English Boy Son of Adam
Addisyn Girl
Addo Hebrew Boy
Ade African Boy Peak, pinnacle, royal
Adeben African Boy The twelfth born
Adela Germanic Girl Noble
Adelaide Germanic Girl Noble kind
Adelais Germanic Boy Noble kind
Adelbert Germanic Boy Nobly bright
Adele Germanic Girl Noble
Adelfried Germanic Boy Noble protector of the peace
Adelheid Germanic Boy or Girl Noble kind
Adelina Germanic Girl Noble kind
Adelino Old German Boy
Adelle Germanic Girl Noble
Adelmo Germanic Boy Noble protector
Adelor Boy or Girl
Adelphos Greek Boy
Adem Boy
Ademaro Old German Boy
Ademia Greek Girl
Aden Gaelic Boy Little fire
Adena Hebrew Girl Slender
Adeola African Girl The crown has virtue and respect
Aderes Hebrew Girl
Adesina African Girl She opens the way
Adhira Indian Girl Restless, impatient
Adia African Girl Being a gift
Adiana American English Girl
Adie Hebrew Girl
Adiel Hebrew Boy Adornment of the Lord
Adila Arabic Girl Justice
Adilene German Girl Noble one
Adin Hebrew Girl Slender
Adina Hebrew Girl Slender
Adine Hebrew Girl
Adiran Boy
Adishree Sanskrit Girl Exalted dignity
Aditi Sanskrit Girl Boundless
Aditya Sanskrit Boy Belonging to Aditi
Adiva Arabic Girl
Adlai Hebrew Boy
Adler German Boy Eagle
Adley English Boy Son of Adam
Adli Arabic Boy Righteous
Admes Greek Boy
Admon Hebrew Boy Red
Adoc Boy or Girl
Adolfina English Girl Noble wolf
Adolfo English Boy Noble wolf
Adolph English Boy Noble wolf
Adon Hebrew Boy Master
Adona Girl
Adoncia Spanish Girl Tender
Adonia Hebrew Girl My Lord is God
Adonis Greek Boy
Adonis Historical Boy
Adonis Phoenician Boy Lord
Adony Boy
Adora Latin Girl Loved child
Adrastos Greek Boy Who does not flee
Adrian Latin Boy From Hadria
Adriana Latin Girl From Hadria
Adrianna Latin Girl From Hadria
Adrianne Latin Girl From Hadria
Adriano Latin Boy From Hadria
Adriel Hebrew Boy Followers of God
Adrien Latin Boy From Hadria
Adrienne Latin Girl From Hadria
Adrina Latin Girl From Hadria
Adsila Native American Girl Blossom
Ady Germanic Girl Noble kind
Aelwen Welsh Girl Blessed brow
Aeneas Greek Boy To praise
Aero Boy or Girl
Aerona Welsh Girl Battle ending
Aeryn Girl
Aesop Arts and Literature Boy
Aesop Historical Boy
Aetos Greek Boy
Affrica Gaelic Girl Uncertain
Afia African Girl Given life on a Friday
Afina Hebrew Girl Young hind
Afra Persian Girl Praise
Africa English Girl Africa
Africa Places Girl
Afro Boy
Afternoon Boy or Girl
Afton English Girl From the River Afton
Agabo Hebrew Boy
Agalia Greek Girl Brightness, joy, gaiety
Agamemnon Greek Boy Very resolute
Agape Greek Boy Love
Agape Greek Girl
Agatha Greek Girl Good
Agatone Greek Boy
Aggie English Girl
Aglaia Greek Girl Splendor
Agnes Greek Girl Chaste
Agneta Greek Girl Chaste
Agostino Latin Boy Venerated
Agro Nicknames Boy
Agro Nicknames Girl
Agro Personality Boy
Agro Personality Girl
Agustin Boy
Ahab Hebrew Boy Father’s brother
Ahanu Native American Boy He is laughing
Ahava Hebrew Girl Love
Ahearn Gaelic Boy Descendant of Eachthighearna
Ahimsa Sanskrit Girl Harmless
Ahktar Boy or Girl
Ahmik Hebrew Boy
Ahren Old German Boy
Ai Japanese Girl Love
Aida Old English Girl
Aidan Gaelic Boy Little fire
Aideen Gaelic Girl
Aiesha Arabic Girl
Aijah Girl
Aiken Hebrew Boy Man
Aiko Japanese Girl Love child
Aila Hebrew Girl Oak tree
Ailani Girl
Aileen Gaelic Girl Form of Helen
Ailen Mapudungun Boy Little coal
Ailsa Hebrew Girl
Aimee Girl
Aimery German Boy Bravery and power
Aimon Boy
Ain Arabic Girl
Aina Catalan Girl Catalan form of Anna
Aine Gaelic Girl Radiance
Ainhoa Basque Girl
Ainsley Gaelic Girl Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood
Ainslie Gaelic Girl Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood
Aintzane Spanish Girl Glory
Airlia Greek Girl
Aislin Gaelic Girl Dream
Aisling Gaelic Girl Dream
Aissa African Girl
Aitan Hebrew Boy
Aithne Gaelic Girl Kernel
Aj American English Boy or Girl
Aj Nicknames Boy
Ajani African Boy He fights for what is his
Ajatashatru Indian Boy With no enemies
Ajax Greek Boy Mourner
Ajay Hindu Girl
Ajayi Boy
Ajit Sanskrit Boy Invincible
Ajitabh Indian Boy Conquerer of the sky
Akaash Hindu Boy
Akaisha Irish Girl
Akako Japanese Girl Red child
Akamu Hebrew Boy Man
Akando Boy
Akanke African Girl Lovable at first meeting
Akanksha Hindu Girl
Akasma Girl
Akeem Arabic Boy Wise or insightful
Akela Hebrew Girl Happy
Akello African Boy First child after twins
Akil Arabic Boy
Akilah Arabic Girl
Akili Swahili Girl Wisdom, intellect, sense
Akilina Latin Girl Eagle-like
Akina Swahili Girl Bond
Akio Japanese Boy Bright man
Akira Japanese Boy Intelligent
Akira Movies and TV Boy
Akira Movies and TV Girl
Akira Scottish Girl
Akiva Hebrew Girl Grasped by the heel
Akriti Hindu Girl
Aksana Russian Girl
Akshay Hindu Boy
Akshita Sanskrit Girl Permanent
Akuti Sanskrit Girl Intention
Al English Boy
Alabama Places Girl
Aladdin Arts and Literature Boy
Alain Gaelic Boy Rock
Alaina Gaelic Girl Rock
Alair Gaelic Boy Happy
Alake African Girl One to be cuddled
Alala Greek Girl
Alamea Girl
Alameda Spanish Girl Poplar tree
Alan Gaelic Boy Rock
Alana Gaelic Girl Rock
Aland Germanic Boy Noble + land
Alanis Greek Girl
Alankrita Hindu Girl
Alanna Gaelic Girl Rock
Alannah Gaelic Girl Rock
Alannis Greek Girl
Alaric Germanic Boy Noble ruler
Alarice Germanic Girl Noble power
Alaska Appearance: White Boy
Alaska Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Alaska Appearance: White Girl
Alaska Places Boy
Alaska Places Girl
Alastair Greek Boy Defending men
Alaula Hawaiian Girl Light of early dawn
Alaura Latin Girl Bay tree, laurel.
Alavda French Girl
Alayna Gaelic Girl Rock
Alazne Basque Girl Miracle
Alba Gaelic Girl Scotland
Alban Latin Boy From the city Alba
Albany Gaelic Girl Scotland
Albert French Boy Noble and famous
Alberta French Girl Noble and famous
Alberto Germanic Boy Noble + bright, famous
Albin Latin Boy White
Albina Latin Girl White
Albinka Latin Girl White
Albino Appearance: White Boy
Albino Appearance: White Girl
Albion Gaelic Boy
Alcander Greek Boy
Alcatraz Boy or Girl
Alcina Greek Girl Strong-willed
Alcott English Boy Old cottage
Alda Germanic Girl Old
Aldan Boy
Aldea Girl
Alden English Boy Old friend
Alder German Boy Alder tree
Aldercy Old English Girl
Alderon Movies and TV Boy
Alderon Movies and TV Girl
Aldis Germanic Boy or Girl Old
Aldis Old English Boy
Aldo Germanic Boy Old
Aldon English Boy Old friend
Aldona Germanic Girl Old
Aldora Greek Girl
Aldous Germanic Boy Old
Aldrea Boy or Girl
Aldrich Germanic Boy Old ruler
Alea Hebrew Boy or Girl To ascend
Aleah Hebrew Girl To ascend
Alec Greek Boy Defending men
Alecia French Girl Of noble kind
Aleda Girl
Alegria Girl
Alejandra Greek Girl Defender
Alejandro Greek Boy Defender
Alek Greek Boy Defending men
Aleksandr Greek Boy Defending men
Alena Gaelic Girl Rock
Alenoush Armenian Boy or Girl Sweet white wave
Aleron Latin Boy Eagle
Aleser Arabic Boy
Alesha Germanic Girl Noble kind
Aleshanee Native American Girl One who likes to play
Alessa Greek Girl Defending men
Alessandra Greek Girl Defending men
Alessandro Greek Boy Defending men
Alesti Girl
Aleta Greek Girl Truth
Aletha Greek Girl Truth
Alethea Greek Girl Truth
Aletta Germanic Girl Noble kind
Alex Greek Boy or Girl Defending men
Alexa Greek Girl Defending men
Alexander Greek Boy Defending men
Alexandia Boy or Girl
Alexandra Greek Girl Defending men
Alexandre Greek Boy Protector of men
Alexandrea Greek Girl Defending men
Alexandrer Boy
Alexandria Greek Girl Defending men
Alexandro Greek Boy Defending men
Alexavia Girl
Alexei Greek Boy or Girl Defender
Alexia Greek Girl Defender
Alexis Greek Boy or Girl Defender
Alexus Greek Girl Defender
Alexys Girl
Alexzander Boy
Alfie English Boy or Girl
Alfonzo Germanic Boy or Girl Noble and ready/prompt
Alfred English Boy Elf counsel
Alfredo English Boy Elf counsel
Algea Boy or Girl
Alger English Boy Elf spear
Algernon French Boy With a moustache
Algonquin Boy or Girl
Algren Boy
Ali Arabic Boy
Ali Sports Boy
Alia Hebrew Girl To ascend
Alice Germanic Girl Noble kind
Alick Boy
Alida Germanic Girl Noble kind
Alidoro Arts and Literature Boy
Alika Greek Girl Defending men
Alike Girl
Alim Arabic Boy
Alima Arabic Girl
Alina French Girl Noble
Alisa French Girl Of noble kind
Alisha Indian Girl Protected by god
Alissa French Girl Of noble kind
Alita Hebrew Girl High
Alivia American English Girl
Aliyah Hebrew Girl To ascend
Aliz Germanic Girl Noble kind
Aliza Hebrew Girl Joyful
Alize Girl
Alka Greek Girl Defending men
Allan Gaelic Boy Rock
Allard Germanic Boy Noble and hardy/brave
Allayna Girl
Allegra Italian Girl Happy, jaunty
Allen Gaelic Boy Rock
Allene Girl
Alley Personality Boy
Alley Personality Girl
Allie English Girl
Ally English Girl
Allyssa Girl
Alma Hebrew Girl Maiden
Almira Arabic Girl
Almond Appearance: Blond Boy
Almond Appearance: Blond Girl
Almond Foods Boy
Almond Foods Girl
Almond Nature Boy
Almond Nature Girl
Alodie Girl
Aloha Girl
Alohilani Girl
Alok Indian Boy Cry of triumph
Alona Hebrew Girl Oak
Alondra Greek Girl Defender
Alonso Germanic Boy Noble and ready/prompt
Alonzo Germanic Boy Noble and ready/prompt
Aloysia Germanic Girl Fame and war
Aloysius Germanic Boy Fame and war
Alpa Hindu Girl
Alpha Greek Girl First letter of the Greek alphabet
Alphalpha Boy or Girl
Alphonse Germanic Boy Noble and ready/prompt
Alphonso Germanic Boy Noble and ready/prompt
Alska Boy or Girl
Alston English Boy Noble/elf/old/shrine + stone
Alt Germanic Boy or Girl Old
Alta Spanish Boy or Girl Tall
Altair Arabic Boy
Altair Arabic Girl
Althea Greek Girl Medicinal herb
Alton English Boy Old town
Altsoba Native American Girl All are at war
Alula Girl
Alumit Hebrew Girl
Alva Norse Girl Elf
Alvaro Germanic Boy Nobel guardian
Alvin English Boy Friend of elves
Alvis Norse Girl Uncertain, possibly all wise
Alvita Latin Girl Charismatic
Alyn Girl
Alysa Germanic Girl Noble kind
Alyse French Girl Of noble kind
Alysha French Girl Of noble kind
Alysia French Girl Of noble kind
Alyson French Girl Of noble kind
Alyssa Germanic Girl Noble kind
Alyssia French Girl Of noble kind
Alzena Arabic Girl
Amabel French Girl Lovable
Amadi African Boy Appeared destined to die at birth
Amadika Girl
Amado Boy
Amador Latin Boy One who loves
Amaia Spanish Girl High place
Amal Hindu Boy
Amal Hindu Girl
Amalia Germanic Girl Work
Amalie Germanic Girl Work
Amaluck Boy or Girl
Aman Arabic Girl Security
Amana Hebrew Girl Faithful
Amanda Latin Girl She who must be loved
Amandeep Sanskrit Girl Sharp witted
Amandine Latin Girl She who must be loved
Amani Arabic Boy or Girl Desires
Amar Arabic Boy Making a home
Amara Greek Girl Unfading
Amaranta Greek Girl Unfading
Amarante Greek Girl Unfading
Amaretto Appearance: Blond Boy
Amaretto Appearance: Blond Girl
Amaretto Drinks Boy
Amaretto Drinks Girl
Amari American English Girl
Amaris Hebrew Girl God has said
Amarus Boy
Amaryllis Greek Girl Sparkling
Amata Latin Girl Beloved
Amato Latin Boy Beloved
Amaya Spanish Girl High place
Amazon Historical Girl
Amazon Places Girl
Ambar Sanskrit Girl Heaven
Amber Appearance: Blond Girl
Amber Arabic Girl
Amber Movies and TV Girl
Amber Nature Girl
Amberjill Old English Girl
Amberley Hindu Girl
Amberly English Boy Amber
Ambika Hindu Girl
Ambria English Girl Amber
Ambrose Greek Girl Immortal
Ambrosia Appearance: Red Girl
Ambrosia Foods Girl
Ambrosia Nature Girl
Ambrosine Greek Girl
Amdis Girl
Ameerah Arabic Girl
Amelia Germanic Girl Work
Amelie Girl
Amena Girl
Amera Boy or Girl
America Germanic Boy or Girl Ever-powerful in battle
Americus Boy or Girl
Ames French Girl Friend
Amethyst Greek Girl Not intoxicated
Ameya Indian Boy or Girl Vast
Amherst English Boy
Ami Hebrew Girl My people
Amiboshi Boy or Girl
Amie French Girl Loved
Amiel Hebrew Boy
Amil Sanskrit Boy Unreachable
Amin Arabic Boy Truthful, trustworthy
Amina African Girl Peaceful, secure
Amir Arabic Boy
Amira Arabic Girl Princess
Amish Indian Boy Truthful
Amissa Hebrew Girl Friend
Amistad Spanish Boy
Amit Hebrew Boy Friend
Amita Hebrew Girl Friend
Amitabh Hindu Boy
Amitava Hindu Boy
Amitola Native American Girl Arc of spectral colors
Amity English Girl Friendship
Amiya Indian Girl Delight
Amoke Girl
Amol Sanskrit Boy Priceless
Amon Hebrew Boy Educator
Amor Latin Boy or Girl Love
Amora Spanish Girl Love
Amoray Boy or Girl
Amore Affectionate Boy
Amore Affectionate Girl
Amore Italian Boy
Amore Italian Girl
Amorette Affectionate Girl
Amorette French Girl
Amory German Girl Bravery and power
Amos Hebrew Boy Encumbered
Amrit Sanskrit Boy Immortal
Amrita Sanskrit Girl Immortal
Amsden Old English Boy
Amul Sanskrit Boy Priceless, of inestimable worth
Amuletta Boy or Girl
Amulya Hindu Boy
Amun Ancient Egyptian Boy or Girl The hidden one
Amy French Girl Loved
Amya Basque Girl High place
An Chinese Girl Peace
Ana Hebrew Girl Grace
Anabel Latin Girl Easy to love
Anabell Boy or Girl
Anabelle Latin Girl Easy to love
Anahi Persian Girl The immaculate
Anais Girl
Analiese Hebrew Girl Grace
Analise Girl
Anamika Hindu Girl
Anan Arabic Girl
Anand Sanskrit Boy Happiness
Ananda Sanskrit Girl Blissful
Anani Hawaiian Girl
Anant Indian Boy Eternal
Anar Hindu Girl
Anastacia Greek Girl Resurrection
Anatola Girl
Anatole Greek Boy The East
Anay Hindu Boy
Anaya Hebrew Girl God answered
Ancel Yiddish Boy Fortunate
Ancelin Girl
Andand Boy or Girl
Anderson Swedish Boy Male
Andes Boy or Girl
Andie Greek Girl Man, warrior
Andra Greek Girl Man, warrior
Andras Welsh Girl Grace
Andre Greek Boy Man, warrior
Andrea Greek Boy or Girl Man, warrior
Andreana Greek Girl Man, warrior
Andreas Greek Boy Man, warrior
Andres Boy
Andreus Greek Boy
Andrew Greek Boy Man, warrior
Andrey Greek Boy Man, warrior
Andria Greek Girl Man, warrior
Andromeda Greek Girl Ruler of men
Andy Greek Boy Man, warrior
Aneko Girl
Anemone Greek Girl Wind
Anevay Native American Girl Above all
Aneya Girl
Anezka Czech Girl Merciful
Anfernee Boy
Ang Boy
Angada Sanskrit Boy With beautiful limbs
Angel Affectionate Boy
Angel Affectionate Girl
Angel Greek Boy or Girl Messenger
Angel Personality Boy
Angel Personality Girl
Angel Religious Boy
Angel Religious Girl
Angela Greek Girl Messenger
Angeles Spanish Boy or Girl Messengers
Angelia American English Girl Angelic
Angelica Latin Girl Of the angels
Angelina Greek Girl Messenger
Angeline Girl
Angelique Girl
Angell Greek Boy
Angelo Greek Boy Messanger
Angeni Native American Girl Angel
Angevin French Girl
Angie Greek Girl Messenger
Angora Boy or Girl
Angus Gaelic Boy One choice
Ani Hebrew Girl Grace
Ania Hebrew Girl Grace
Anibal Boy
Anieli Greek Boy
Anika Hebrew Girl Grace
Anil Hindu Boy
Anila Sanskrit Girl Air, wind
Anirudhh Hindu Boy
Anisa Arabic Girl
Anise French Girl Aniseed
Anish Indian Boy The ultimate
Aniston Boy
Anita Hebrew Girl Grace
Anitra German Girl
Aniyah Hebrew Girl Ship
Anja Russian Girl Favor, grace
Anjali Sanskrit Girl Gift
Anjana Sanskrit Girl Collyrium
Anjuman Arabic Boy Gathering
Ankareeda Girl
Anke Hebrew Girl Grace
Anker Danish Boy Harvester
Ankit Indian Boy Damaged
Ankita Sanskrit Girl With auspicious marks
Ankti Native American Girl Doing the dance over again
Ankur Sanskrit Boy Flower, bud, blossom, sprout
Ann Hebrew Girl Grace
Anna Hebrew Girl Grace
Annabel Latin Girl Easy to love
Annabella Latin Girl Easy to love
Annabelle Hebrew Girl Grace
Annabeth Girl
Annalynn Girl
Annamarie English Girl Fuse of Anna and Maria
Annapurna Hindu Girl
Anne Hebrew Girl Grace
Anneke Hebrew Girl Grace
Annette Hebrew Girl Grace
Annice Greek Girl Chaste
Annick Hebrew Girl Grace
Annie Hebrew Girl Grace
Annika Hebrew Girl Grace
Anniruddha Hindu Boy
Annis Greek Girl Chaste
Annissa Girl
Annmarie English Girl
Annot Girl
Anoki Boy
Anoop Sanskrit Boy Incomparable, unequalled
Anoush Armenian Girl Sweet
Ansel Yiddish Boy Fortunate
Anshu Hindu Girl
Anshu Sanskrit Boy Ray of sunlight
Anshul Hindu Boy
Anshuman Indian Boy Center of planetary system
Ansley Gaelic Boy Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood
Anson English Boy Uncertain, perhaps son of Agnes
Anstice Greek Girl Eternal
Antal Latin Boy
Anteia Greek Girl
Anthea Greek Girl
Anthony Latin Boy
Antigone Greek Boy or Girl The opposite of her forbears
Antione Latin Boy
Antje German Girl
Antoine Latin Boy
Anton Latin Boy
Antonia Latin Girl
Antonie Girl
Antony Latin Boy
Ants Appearance: Small Boy
Ants Appearance: Small Girl
Ants Cartoons Boy
Ants Cartoons Girl
Ants Nature Boy
Ants Nature Girl
Antwon Latin Boy
Anu Hindu Girl
Anubis Ancient Egyptian Boy or Girl [God of the dead]
Anubis Historical Boy
Anupama Sanskrit Girl Incomparable
Anuradha Sanskrit Girl Stream of oblations
Anushka Hebrew Boy or Girl Grace
Anusree Hindu Girl
Anvita Sanskrit Girl Understood
Anwar Arabic Boy Clear, bright
Anxious Boy or Girl
Anya Russian Girl Favor, grace
Anzac Historical Boy
Aoife Gaelic Girl Beautiful
Aolani Hawaiian Girl Heavenly cloud
Apache Historical Boy
Apache Historical Boy or Girl
Apache Historical Girl
Apara African Girl One who comes and goes
Aparna Sanskrit Girl Leafless
Aphideites Boy or Girl
Aphrodite Greek Girl
Apiatan Native American Boy Lance of wood
Apirka Girl
Apirl Boy or Girl
Apolline Greek Girl Like Apollo
Apollo Greek Boy
Apollo Historical Boy
Apollo Movies and TV Boy
Aponi Native American Girl Butterfly
Apostolos Greek Boy An apostle
Apple Affectionate Boy
Apple Affectionate Girl
Apple English Boy or Girl Apple
Apple Foods Boy
Apple Foods Girl
Apples and oranges Appearance: Red Boy
Apples and oranges Appearance: Red Girl
Apples and oranges Foods Boy
Apples and oranges Foods Girl
Apricot Appearance: Red Girl
Apricot Foods Girl
April Latin Girl Open
Aquene Native American Girl Quietness
Aquila Latin Boy Eagle
Arabela English Girl
Arabelle English Girl
Aracely Latin Girl Sky altar
Aragon Boy or Girl
Aragorn Arts and Literature Boy
Aram Hebrew Boy Exalted
Araminta Literary Girl
Aramis French Boy
Aran Thai Boy Wood
Arana Maori Girl Rock
Arashel Hebrew Girl
Arav Indian Boy Calm, peaceful
Araxie Girl
Arcadia Greek Girl Of Arcadia
Arcamedis Boy or Girl
Arcelia Latin Girl Altar of heaven
Arch English Boy
Archer English Boy Bowman
Archibald Germanic Boy Precious or true and bold
Archie English Boy
Archie Movies and TV Boy
Ardelis Girl
Ardelle Latin Girl Attentive
Ardere Girl
Ardice Girl
Ardie Boy or Girl
Ardihn Boy or Girl
Ardis Girl
Ardith Hebrew Girl Blooming fields
Ardon Hebrew Boy Roving
Areli Hebrew Girl Brave
Arely Hebrew Girl Brave
Aren Boy
Ares Greek Boy
Aretha Greek Girl Excellence
Aretina Greek Girl Excellence
Arf Boy or Girl
Argo Historical Boy
Argo Historical Girl
Argos Greek Boy or Girl Bright
Argos Historical Boy
Argus Greek Boy Bright
Argyle Gaelic Boy Place of the Gaels
Ari Hebrew Boy Lion
Aria Hebrew Girl Lion
Ariadnae Boy or Girl
Ariadne Greek Girl Very holy one
Ariana Greek Girl Very holy one
Ariane Greek Girl Very holy one
Arianna Greek Girl Very holy one
Aric Norse Boy Eternal ruler
Aricia Greek Girl
Arie Latin Boy or Girl From Hadria
Ariel Cartoons Girl
Ariel Hebrew Girl
Ariella Hebrew Girl
Arien Greek Boy or Girl Most pure
Ariene Latin Girl From Hadria
Aries Greek Boy or Girl Battle strife
Arin Girl
Arion Greek Boy Braver
Arissa Girl
Aristo Greek Boy
Arizona American English Girl
Arjun Hindu Boy
Arkin Boy
Arland French Boy Plunderer
Arleen Celtic Girl
Arlen English Boy Land with hares
Arlene American English Girl
Arlian Boy or Girl
Arlo English Boy
Armand Germanic Boy Man in the army.
Armando Germanic Boy Man in the army.
Armani Fashion Boy
Armani Germanic Girl Freeman
Armelle Breton Girl Bear prince
Armen Armenian Boy
Armon Hebrew Boy Chestnut tree
Arnaldo Germanic Boy Powerful eagle
Arnaud Germanic Boy Powerful eagle
Arnav Sanskrit Boy Ocean, sea
Arne Germanic Boy Abbrevation of Arn-names
Arnie English Boy Powerful eagle
Arnisha Girl
Arnold Germanic Boy Powerful eagle
Arnold Movies and TV Boy
Arnoldo English Boy Powerful eagle
Arnon Hebrew Boy Flowing water
Arnulfo Germanic Boy Eagle and wolf
Aroha Maori Girl Love, mercy, pity, compassion and poor
Aron Hebrew Boy Mountain
Arpiar Boy
Arron Boy
Arrow Personality Boy
Arrow Personality Girl
Arrowhead Boy or Girl
Arsen Greek Boy Manly
Arsenio Greek Boy Virile
Art Gaelic Boy Possibly bear or stone
Artan Gaelic Boy Possibly bear or stone
Artemas Greek Boy Of Artemis, gift from Artemis
Artemis Greek Boy
Artemisia Greek Girl
Artemus Boy or Girl
Arther Boy or Girl
Arthur Gaelic Boy Possibly bear or stone
Arthur Movies and TV Boy
Arthus Boy
Arti Hindu Girl
Artie Gaelic Boy Possibly bear or stone
Arturo Gaelic Boy Possibly bear or stone
Arty Boy
Arun Sanskrit Boy Rust-coloured
Aruna Indian Girl Rust-coloured
Arushi Sanskrit Girl Calm
Arvid Swedish Boy or Girl Eagle of the woods
Arvin Breton Boy Battle worthy or carnage worthy
Arvind Sanskrit Boy Red lotus
Arwen Welsh Girl Fair, fine
Arwin Germanic Boy Uncertain, possibly friend of the army
Arya Sanskrit Boy or Girl Noble
Aryan Latin Boy From Hadria
Aryana Greek Girl Very holy one
Aryanna Greek Girl Very holy one
Arziki African Girl
Asa Hebrew Boy
Asa Hebrew Girl Doctor
Asa Historical Boy
Asa Historical Girl
Asabi African Girl Of special birth
Asahi Drinks Boy
Asahi Drinks Girl
Aseem Sanskrit Boy Eternity, infinite, endless
Asenette Hebrew Girl
Asenka Hebrew Girl
Ash Appearance: Grey Boy
Ash English Boy or Girl Ash tree
Ash Nature Boy
Asha Sanskrit Girl Hope
Ashamed Hebrew Girl
Ashanti African Boy or Girl
Ashely Girl
Asher Hebrew Boy Fortunate
Ashes Boy or Girl
Ashima Hindu Girl
Ashish Hindu Boy
Ashlee English Girl Ash wood
Ashleigh English Girl Ash wood
Ashley English Girl Ash wood
Ashley Fashion Boy
Ashley Old English Boy
Ashley Old English Girl
Ashli Girl
Ashlie English Girl Ash wood
Ashling Gaelic Boy or Girl Dream
Ashly English Girl Ash wood
Ashlyn Gaelic Girl Dream
Ashok Sanskrit Boy Not causing sorrow
Ashon Boy
Ashrita Hindu Girl
Ashton English Girl Settlement in the ash-tree grove
Ashtyn English Girl Settlement in the ash-tree grove
Ashutosh Indian Boy Lord shiva
Ashwin Sanskrit Boy Of great wealth
Ashwini Sanskrit Boy Of great wealth
Asia Assyrian Girl The east
Asija Hindu Boy
Asis Hebrew Girl Juice
Askini Hindu Girl
Aslan Arts and Literature Boy
Asmita Sanskrit Girl Strong as a rock
Asmodeus Boy or Girl
Asparouh Boy
Aspasia Greek Girl Welcome
Aspen English Girl Aspen tree
Asper Boy or Girl
Asta Norwegian Girl Love
Aster Greek Girl Star
Astera Persian Girl Star
Asti Sanskrit Boy or Girl Presence
Astin Boy
Astley Boy
Astra Greek Girl Star
Astrid Norse Girl God + fair, beautiful
Astro Nature Boy
Asuman Hindu Boy
Asvathama Hindu Boy
Asvin Hindu Boy
Asztrik Boy
Atalanta Greek Girl Balanced
Atalissa Girl
Atara Hebrew Girl Crown
Athalia Hindu Girl
Athan Greek Boy
Atharvan Hindu Boy
Athena Greek Girl
Athena Historical Girl
Atherol Old English Boy
Athol Gaelic Boy New Ireland
Atifa Arabic Girl
Atilla Boy
Atira Hebrew Girl One who prays
Atlas Greek Boy or Girl Not enduring
Atlas Historical Boy
Atmaja Sanskrit Girl Daughter of the soul
Atmajyoti Sanskrit Boy Light of the soul
Atman Sanskrit Boy Soul
Atrayl Boy
Atrus Boy
Atticus Latin Boy From Attica
Atticus Movies and TV Boy
Attis Greek Boy
Attla Boy or Girl
Atul Hindu Boy
Atulya Sanskrit Boy Without an equal
Atwater Old English Boy
Atwood Old English Boy
Auberta Girl
Aubree English Girl Elfin king
Aubrey Germanic Girl Elfin king
Aubrianna Girl
Aubrie English Girl Elfin king
Auburn Latin Boy Persisting
Audi Cars Boy
Audi Cars Girl
Audlin Girl
Audora Girl
Audra Lithuanian Girl Storm
Audrey English Girl Noble strength
Audrey Movies and TV Girl
Audric Germanic Boy Old ruler
Audun Norwegian Boy Wealthy friend
Auggie Boy or Girl
August Latin Boy Venerated
Augusta Latin Girl Venerated
Augustin Boy
Augustine Latin Boy or Girl Venerated
Augustus Latin Boy Venerated
Aulani Girl
Aundy Girl
Aunt Boy or Girl
Aure Latin Girl Breeze
Aurek Polish Boy With golden hair
Aurelia Latin Girl Golden
Aurelio Latin Boy Golden
Aurkene Girl
Aurora Latin Girl Dawn
Aurthor Boy or Girl
Ausiana Girl
Aussie Nicknames Boy
Aussie Nicknames Girl
Aussie Places Boy
Aussie Places Girl
Austen Latin Boy Venerated
Austin Latin Boy Venerated
Austine Girl
Auston Boy
Australopithecus Boy or Girl
Austyn Latin Boy Venerated
Autumn English Girl Autumn
Ava Germanic Girl
Ava Movies and TV Girl
Avalanche Boy or Girl
Avalon Welsh Boy Apple tree
Avani Sanskrit Girl Earth
Avanti Sanskrit Girl
Avantika Hindu Girl
Avari Girl
Avasa Hindu Girl
Avatar Sanskrit Boy or Girl Incarnation of God
Ave Girl
Avel Russian Boy Inhalation
Aveline French Girl Uncertain, pet form of \Avila\
Avena Latin Girl Oat field
Avent French Boy Given life during advent
Aveolela Girl
Averill Old English Boy
Avery English Boy Elf counsel
Avi Hebrew Boy or Girl My father
Avinash Sanskrit Boy Indestructible
Avinoam Hebrew Boy or Girl Father of delight
Avis Germanic Boy or Girl
Aviv Hebrew Boy Spring, springtime
Aviva Hebrew Girl Spring, springtime
Avon Gaelic Boy or Girl River
Avonaco Native American Girl Bear that leans
Avonlea Boy or Girl
Avril French Girl April
Awall Boy or Girl
Axe Boy or Girl
Axel Hebrew Boy Father of peace
Axelia Greek Girl
Axelle Hebrew Girl Father of peace
Axl Hebrew Girl Father of peace
Axle Boy or Girl
Ayala Hebrew Girl Deer
Ayame Japanese Girl Iris
Ayana African Girl Beautiful blossom
Ayanna African Girl Beautiful blossom
Ayasha Native American Girl Small one
Ayden Gaelic Boy Little fire
Ayelin Girl
Ayiana Girl
Ayita Girl
Ayla Hebrew Girl Oak tree
Aylin Gaelic Girl Form of Helen
Aylott Boy or Girl
Ayme Girl
Ayoka African Girl A joy bringer
Ayse Girl
Ayşegül Girl
Aysel Turkish Girl Moonlike
Aysha Arabic Girl Alive
Ayush Hindu Boy
Ayushi Hindu Girl
Ayushmati Indian Girl Eternal one
Azadeh Girl
Azalea Arabic Girl
Azalia Hebrew Girl Withdrawal of God
Azhar Arabic Boy Illuminated
Azia Boy or Girl
Azilia Boy or Girl
Aziza Arabic Girl Powerful
Azizi Arabic Boy or Girl The mighty one
Azland Girl
Azores Places Girl
Azra Hebrew Boy or Girl Help
Azrael Hebrew Girl God is my aid
Aztec Historical Boy
Aztec Historical Girl
Azuka African Girl Decisive
Azul Boy or Girl
Azura French Girl Blue sky
Azure French Boy or Girl Sky blue
Azz Boy or Girl
Azzi Boy or Girl

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