Dog Names starting with the letter C

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
C.d. Boy or Girl
Cabernet Appearance: Red Boy
Cabernet Appearance: Red Girl
Cabernet Drinks Boy
Cabernet Drinks Girl
Cable English Boy Rope
Caboodles Boy or Girl
Cache Boy or Girl
Cadberry Boy or Girl
Cadburry Boy or Girl
Cadbury Appearance: Brown Boy
Cadbury Appearance: Brown Boy or Girl
Cadbury Appearance: Brown Girl
Cadbury Foods Boy
Cadbury Foods Girl
Caddie Nicknames Boy
Caddie Nicknames Girl
Cade English Boy Round, lumpy
Cadee American English Girl
Cadence English Girl Rhythm
Cadeo Boy
Cadera Boy or Girl
Cadet Titles Boy
Cadet Titles Girl
Cadillac Cars Boy
Cadillac Cars Girl
Cadman Celtic Boy
Cadrian Girl
Cady American English Girl
Caedmon Celtic Boy
Cael Boy
Caelan Gaelic Girl Slender
Caesar Historical Boy
Caesar Titles Boy
Cai Girl
Caiden English Boy
Cailean Gaelic Girl Dove
Cailey Girl
Caimile African Girl
Cain Hebrew Boy A spear
Cain Religious Boy
Cain and abel Religious Boy
Caine English Boy or Girl Reed, cane
Cairbre Boy
Cairo Arabic Boy or Girl Victorious one
Cairo Places Boy
Cairo Places Girl
Caitir Girl
Caitlin Celtic Girl
Caitlyn Gaelic Girl Pure
Caitlynn Gaelic Girl Pure
Caius Latin Boy Rejoice
Cajan Boy
Cal French Boy or Girl Bald
Cala Arabic Girl
Calamity Boy or Girl
Calandra Greek Girl Beautiful youth
Calantha Greek Girl Beautiful flower
Calder Norse Boy Uncertain, perhaps \cold\
Caldwell English Boy Cold stream
Cale Gaelic Boy Uncertain, perhaps \slender\
Caleb Hebrew Boy Dog
Caleb Hebrew Girl
Caleb Religious Boy
Caleb Religious Girl
Caledonia Latin Girl
Calendre Greek Girl
Caley Girl
Calhoun English Boy Warrior
Cali English Girl
Calida Greek Girl Most beautiful
Caligula Latin Boy or Girl Little boots
Calista Greek Boy
Calla Greek Girl Beautiful
Callan English Girl
Callidora Greek Girl
Callie Greek Girl Most beautiful
Calliope Greek Girl Beautiful voice
Callis Boy
Callista Greek Girl The most beautiful
Callisto Historical Girl
Callisto Nature Girl
Callum Latin Boy Dove
Cally English Boy or Girl
Calum Latin Boy Dove
Calvert Old English Boy
Calvin Fashion Boy
Calvin French Boy Bald
Calypso Greek Girl Conceal
Calypso Nature Boy
Cam English Boy
Cam Gaelic Girl Man with crooked nose
Cambree Girl
Cambria Latin Girl Wales
Camden English Boy Uncertain, perhaps \winding valley\
Camelai Girl
Cameo English Boy or Girl Delicate,carved relief
Cameron Gaelic Boy or Girl Crooked nose
Cameron Old English Boy
Cameron Old English Girl
Camilla Latin Girl Altar server
Camille Latin Girl Altar server
Camlin Celtic Boy
Camomile Boy or Girl
Campbell Gaelic Boy Crooked mouth
Camren Gaelic Boy Crooked nose
Camron Gaelic Boy Crooked nose
Camryn Gaelic Boy or Girl Crooked nose
Cana Girl
Canace Greek Girl
Canada Boy or Girl
Cancun Places Boy
Cancun Places Girl
Candace Greek Girl Fire-white
Candan Boy
Candice Greek Girl Fire-white
Candid Boy or Girl
Candida Latin Girl Snowwhite
Candide Latin Boy or Girl White
Candie Greek Girl Fire-white
Candra Latin Girl Luminescent
Candy Foods Girl
Candy Latin Girl Honest
Candy Nicknames Girl
Cane Nature Boy
Cane Nature Girl
Canibus Boy or Girl
Cannoli Boy or Girl
Cannon English Boy Canon
Canouah Boy or Girl
Cantara Arabic Girl
Canute Norse Boy Knot
Caoimhe Gaelic Girl Gentleness
Caolan Boy or Girl
Capers Boy
Capone Boy or Girl
Cappy Boy or Girl
Capri Girl
Caprice French Girl Whim
Caps Boy or Girl
Captain English Boy or Girl A captain
Captain Titles Boy
Capucine French Girl Nasturtium
Cara Gaelic Girl Friend
Caradoc Welsh Girl Beloved
Carajean Girl
Caramel Affectionate Boy
Caramel Affectionate Boy or Girl
Caramel Affectionate Girl
Caramel Appearance: Blond Boy
Caramel Appearance: Blond Girl
Caramel Foods Boy
Caramel Foods Girl
Carbon Appearance: Black Boy
Carbon Nature Boy
Carden English Boy Thistle
Carel German Boy Free man
Caressa French Girl Caress
Carew Girl
Carey Gaelic Boy Well loved
Carha Girl
Cari German Girl Free man
Carina Latin Girl Beloved
Carine Latin Girl Beloved
Carl German Boy Man
Carla German Girl Man
Carlee Girl
Carleigh German Girl Free man
Carlen Girl
Carleton English Boy Peasants’ town
Carley German Girl Free man
Carli German Girl Free man
Carlie German Girl Free man
Carlin Gaelic Boy Descendant of Cearbhallßn
Carling Old English Girl
Carlisle Old English Boy
Carlo German Boy Free man
Carlonia Boy or Girl
Carlos German Boy Free man
Carlose Boy or Girl
Carlota German Girl Free man
Carlotta German Girl Free man
Carlton English Boy Peasants’ town
Carlton Movies and TV Boy
Carly German Girl Free man
Carlyle English Boy From Carlisle
Carlyn Girl
Carlzander Boy or Girl
Carma Hebrew Boy or Girl Garden
Carmel Hebrew Boy or Girl Garden
Carmel Hebrew Girl
Carmel Places Girl
Carmelita Hebrew Girl Garden
Carmen Hebrew Girl Garden
Carmine Hebrew Boy Garden
Carna Arabic Girl
Carnelian Girl
Carney Celtic Boy
Carol Germanic Girl Free man
Carolina German Girl Free man
Caroline German Girl Free man
Carolos Boy
Carolyn German Girl Free man
Caron Welsh Girl Love
Carpet Boy or Girl
Carr English Boy Wetland
Carrick Gaelic Boy Rock
Carrie English Girl
Carrie, caroline French Girl
Carrington English Girl
Carrington Old English Boy
Carroll Celtic Boy
Carson Gaelic Boy
Carter Old English Boy
Cartman Boy or Girl
Carver English Boy Carver
Cary Celtic Girl
Cary English Boy Uncertain
Carys Welsh Girl Love
Casandra Greek Girl She who entangles men
Casanova Historical Boy
Casanova Personality Boy
Cascadia Greek Girl
Case English Boy Case
Casey American English Boy From Cayce
Casey Celtic Girl
Caseymoo Boy or Girl
Cash English Boy or Girl Cash
Cashew Appearance: Blond Boy
Cashew Appearance: Blond Boy or Girl
Cashew Appearance: Blond Girl
Cashew Foods Boy
Cashew Foods Girl
Casilda Girl
Casimir Polish Boy Keeping the peace
Cason Italian Boy House
Caspar Persian Boy Treasurer
Casper Persian Boy Treasurer
Casserole Foods Boy
Casserole Foods Girl
Cassi Boy or Girl
Cassia Hebrew Girl Cinnamon-like bark
Cassidy Gaelic Boy Curly
Cassie Greek Girl She who entangles men
Cassiel Greek Girl She who entangles men
Cassius Latin Boy Empty
Cassy Boy or Girl
Casta Greek Girl
Castel Spanish Boy
Castor Greek Boy or Girl Beaver
Cate Greek Girl Pure
Cathal Gaelic Boy Powerful in battle
Catherine Greek Girl Pure
Cathy Greek Girl Pure
Catori Native American Girl
Cauvery Hindu Girl
Cavan Gaelic Boy Beautiful at birth
Caviar Foods Boy
Caviar Foods Girl
Cayden English Boy
Cayenne Appearance: Red Girl
Cayenne Foods Girl
Cayenne Places Girl
Cayla Hebrew Girl Crown
Cayleigh Gaelic Girl Descendant of Caollaidhe
Ceallach Gaelic Boy War
Ceasar Boy
Cecania German Girl
Cece Latin Girl Blind
Cecelia Latin Girl Blind
Cecia Girl
Cecil Latin Boy Blind
Cecile Girl
Cecily Latin Girl Blind
Cedar Nature Boy
Cedar Nature Girl
Cedric Literary Boy
Celandia Greek Girl
Celena Greek Girl Moon
Celeste French Girl Heavenly
Celestial Nature Girl
Celestial Religious Girl
Celestyn French Girl Heavenly
Celia Latin Girl Heaven
Celine Girl
Cemal Arabic Boy
Cember Boy or Girl
Cengis Boy
Cera Latin Boy or Girl From seraphim, meaning fiery ones.
Cerdwin Celtic Girl
Cerelia Girl
Cerise French Girl Cherry
Ceru Boy or Girl
Cesar Boy
Chab Boy or Girl
Chablis Drinks Girl
Chacaro Boy or Girl
Cha-cha Boy or Girl
Chachi Boy or Girl
Chad English Boy
Chad Places Boy
Chaika Hebrew Boy
Chaim Hebrew Boy Alive
Chain Nicknames Boy
Chain Nicknames Girl
Chairon Boy or Girl
Chaitaly Hindu Girl
Chaitra Hindu Girl
Chakotay Boy or Girl
Chakra Religious Girl
Chal English Boy
Chale Spanish Boy
Chalky Appearance: White Girl
Chalmers English Boy Servant of the bedchamber
Chalondra Girl
Chalsie Girl
Chalupa Boy or Girl
Chaman Indian Boy Yard
Champ Affectionate Boy
Champ Affectionate Girl
Champ Movies and TV Boy
Champ Movies and TV Girl
Champ Sports Boy
Champ Sports Girl
Champ Titles Boy
Champ Titles Girl
Champagne French Boy or Girl French region
Champers Appearance: Blond Girl
Champers Drinks Girl
Chan Boy or Girl
Chana Hebrew Girl Grace
Chanah Hebrew Girl Grace
Chance English Boy Good fortune
Chance Movies and TV Girl
Chancellor English Boy Administrative official
Chanco Boy or Girl
Chander Hindu Boy
Chandler English Boy Candle seller
Chandra Sanskrit Girl The moon
Chane Hindu Boy
Chane Hindu Girl
Chanel French Girl Channel, pipe
Chanelle French Girl Channel, pipe
Chaney French Boy Lives near an oak tree
Channing English Boy Knowing
Chansu Personality Boy
Chansu Personality Girl
Chantal French Girl Place of stones
Chante Girl
Chantel French Girl Stony place
Chantelle French Girl Stony place
Chantey Boy or Girl
Chantrea Cambodian Girl Moon
Chaos Greek Boy or Girl Gaping void
Chaos Personality Boy
Chaos Personality Girl
Chapa Native American Girl Merchant
Chapal Sanskrit Boy Swift
Chapin Old French Boy
Chapman English Boy Merchant, trader
Charan Indian Boy Feet
Charcoal Appearance: Black Boy
Charcoal Appearance: Black Girl
Charger Boy or Girl
Charis Greek Girl Grace
Charisma English Girl Charm, appeal
Charissa Greek Girl Grace
Charisse Greek Girl Grace
Charity English Girl Charity
Charla German Girl Free man
Charleen German Girl Free man
Charlemagne Boy or Girl
Charlene German Girl Free man
Charles Germanic Boy Free man
Charleston English Boy or Girl Charles’ son
Charley German Boy or Girl Free man
Charlie Germanic Boy or Girl Free man
Charlize Germanic Girl Free man
Charlot Girl
Charlotte French Girl
Charlotte Germanic Girl Free man
Charlton English Boy Town of the peasants
Charmaine Latin Girl
Charmian Greek Girl Joy, delight
Charo Girl
Charroh Boy or Girl
Charry Boy or Girl
Charu Sanskrit Girl Lovely
Chas German Boy Free man
Chase English Boy Huntsman
Chase Old French Girl
Chase Personality Boy
Chase Personality Girl
Chasey Boy or Girl
Chasity English Girl Chastity
Chassidy English Girl Chastity
Chastity English Girl Chastity
Chata African Boy
Chatter Boy or Girl
Chatters Boy or Girl
Chatwin Old English Boy
Chauncey English Boy
Chavez Portuguese Boy Keys
Chaviva Hebrew Girl Cherished
Chay Hebrew Girl He will enlarge
Chaya Hebrew Girl Alive, living
Chaylen Girl
Chayton Boy
Chaz German Boy Free man
Checkers Boy or Girl
Cheech Boy or Girl
Cheekers Boy or Girl
Cheeko Boy or Girl
Cheeks Boy or Girl
Cheeky Personality Boy
Cheeky Personality Girl
Cheerio Foods Boy
Cheerio Foods Boy or Girl
Cheerio Foods Girl
Cheesecake Foods Boy
Cheesecake Foods Girl
Cheesel Boy or Girl
Cheeto Boy or Girl
Chee-to Boy or Girl
Cheezels Appearance: Red Boy
Cheezels Appearance: Red Girl
Cheezels Foods Boy
Cheezels Foods Girl
Cheko Boy or Girl
Chella Boy or Girl
Chelsea English Girl Chalk landing place
Chelsea Places Girl
Chelsey English Boy or Girl Chalk landing place
Chelsi Girl
Chelsie English Girl Chalk landing place
Chelsy English Girl Chalk landing place
Chen Hebrew Boy Grace of God
Cheney French Boy Oak wood
Chenoa Native American Girl
Cher French Girl Dear one
Cheri French Girl Dear one
Cheri Movies and TV Girl
Cheri Nicknames Girl
Cherie French Girl Darling
Cherise French Girl Cherry
Cherlin Girl
Cherokee Historical Boy
Cherokee Historical Boy or Girl
Cherry English Girl Cherry
Cherry Foods Girl
Cherry Nature Girl
Cherub Boy or Girl
Cheryl French Girl Darling
Chesmu Native American Boy Grainy
Chesna Girl
Chesney French Boy or Girl Oak wood
Chessa Girl
Chester Latin Boy Camp
Chesterfield Boy or Girl
Chestnut Appearance: Brown Boy
Chestnut Appearance: Brown Girl
Chestnut Foods Boy
Chestnut Foods Girl
Chestnut Nature Boy
Chestnut Nature Girl
Chesty Boy or Girl
Chet Latin Boy Camp
Chetan Indian Boy Existence
Chevalier French Boy Knight
Cheveme Boy
Cheveyo Native American Boy Hopi mythological monster
Chevrolet Cars Girl
Chevy Cars Boy
Chevy Cars Girl
Chevy French Boy or Girl Knight
Chew Nicknames Boy
Chew Nicknames Girl
Chew Personality Boy
Chew Personality Girl
Chewbacca Movies and TV Boy
Chewie Boy or Girl
Chewpr Nicknames Boy
Chewpr Nicknames Girl
Chewpr Personality Boy
Chewpr Personality Girl
Chewy Personality Boy
Chewy Personality Boy or Girl
Chewy Personality Girl
Cheyanne American English Girl Speak incoherently
Cheyenne American English Girl Speak incoherently
Cheyenne Places Girl
Chhavvi Hindu Girl
Chhaya Indian Girl Shade
Chi Vietnamese Boy Tree twig or branch
Chiamaka Hindu Boy
Chianti Drinks Boy
Chianti Drinks Girl
Chianti Places Boy
Chianti Places Girl
Chiara Latin Girl Clear
Chibi Appearance: Small Boy
Chibi Appearance: Small Girl
Chic Fashion Boy
Chic Fashion Girl
Chic Personality Boy
Chic Personality Girl
Chica Boy or Girl
Chicha Boy or Girl
Chichi Boy or Girl
Chichiri Boy or Girl
Chicklet Boy or Girl
Chiclet Foods Boy
Chiclet Foods Girl
Chico Nicknames Boy
Chico Spanish Boy Boy
Chief Movies and TV Boy
Chief Movies and TV Boy or Girl
Chief Titles Boy
Chika Japanese Boy
Chika Japanese Girl A thousand summers
Chilali Native American Girl Snow bird
Chile Boy or Girl
Chili Boy or Girl
Chill Boy
Chilli Appearance: Red Boy
Chilli Appearance: Red Boy or Girl
Chilli Appearance: Red Girl
Chilli Foods Boy
Chilli Foods Girl
Chilly Appearance: White Boy
Chilly Appearance: White Girl
Chilton English Boy Chalk
Chimalis Native American Girl Blue bird
Chin Boy
China English Girl Qin’s kingdom
Chingy Boy or Girl
Chinmay Indian Boy Intelligent
Chino Appearance: Blond Boy
Chino Appearance: Blond Boy or Girl
Chinook Historical Boy
Chinook Historical Girl
Chinook Movies and TV Boy
Chinook Movies and TV Girl
Chinook Nature Boy
Chinook Nature Girl
Chinstrap Boy or Girl
Chintu Hindu Boy
Chip Foods Boy
Chip German Boy Free man
Chipo African Girl A present
Chipper Movies and TV Boy
Chipper Movies and TV Boy or Girl
Chipper Personality Boy
Chips Foods Boy
Chips Foods Girl
Chiquita Cartoons Girl
Chiquita Foods Girl
Chiquita Spanish Girl Small one
Chiranjeev Indian Boy Ancient
Chiriko Boy or Girl
Chitra Sanskrit Girl Excellent
Chitrangda Hindu Girl
Chivas Drinks Boy
Chives Boy or Girl
Chlavel Boy or Girl
Chloe Fashion Girl
Chloe Greek Girl
Chloe Historical Girl
Chloris Greek Girl Pale green
Cho Japanese Girl
Choad Boy or Girl
Chochee Boy or Girl
Choco Boy or Girl
Chocolate Appearance: Brown Boy
Chocolate Appearance: Brown Boy or Girl
Chocolate Appearance: Brown Girl
Chocolate Foods Boy
Chocolate Foods Girl
Chogan Native American Boy Black bird
Chok Boy or Girl
Chokotah Boy or Girl
Cholena Girl
Chombo Boy or Girl
Chomp Nicknames Boy
Chomp Personality Boy
Chomper Boy or Girl
Chompy Boy or Girl
Chong Boy or Girl
Choo Nicknames Boy
Choo Nicknames Girl
Chopper Nicknames Boy
Chopper Nicknames Boy or Girl
Chops Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Chops Appearance: Unique Markings Boy or Girl
Chops Foods Boy
Chopsticks Boy or Girl
Chowder Boy or Girl
Chrirag Hindu Boy
Chris Greek Boy or Girl Bearer of Christ
Chrissy Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christa Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christabel Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christen Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christian Greek Girl
Christian Latin Boy Follower of Christ
Christiana Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christie Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christin Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christine Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Christion Boy
Christoffer Greek Boy Bearer of Christ
Christopher Greek Boy Bearer of Christ
Christos Greek Boy
Christy Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Chruse Greek Girl
Chrysler Cars Boy
Chrysler Cars Girl
Chub Boy or Girl
Chubbs Appearance: Big Boy
Chubbs Appearance: Big Boy or Girl
Chubbs Appearance: Big Girl
Chubby Appearance: Big Boy
Chubby Appearance: Big Boy or Girl
Chubby Appearance: Big Girl
Chubs Boy or Girl
Chu-chu Boy or Girl
Chuchundra Boy or Girl
Chuck German Boy Free man
Chuckles Boy or Girl
Chucky German Boy or Girl Free man
Chum Boy or Girl
Chumani Native American Girl Drops of dew
Chumley Boy or Girl
Chunk Boy or Girl
Chunks Boy or Girl
Chunky Appearance: Big Boy
Chunky Appearance: Big Boy or Girl
Chunky Appearance: Big Girl
Chunky Foods Boy
Chunky Foods Girl
Church Boy or Girl
Churchie Boy or Girl
Churchill Historical Boy
Chyna English Girl Qin’s kingdom
Chynna Girl
Chyou Girl
Cian Gaelic Boy Ancient
Ciannait Irish Girl
Ciar Gaelic Girl Dark
Ciara Gaelic Girl Dark
Ciarra Gaelic Girl Dark
Ciba Boy or Girl
Cicely Latin Girl Blind
Cicero Historical Boy
Cicero Latin Boy Chickpea
Ciceron Boy
Cicily English Girl
Cider Appearance: Blond Boy
Cider Appearance: Blond Girl
Cider Drinks Boy
Cider Drinks Girl
Ciel French Boy
Cielo Spanish Girl Heaven
Ciera Gaelic Girl Dark
Cili Latin Girl Blind
Cilla Latin Boy or Girl Ancient
Cillian Gaelic Boy War
Cinder Boy or Girl
Cindy Latin Girl Light
Cinnabar English Boy or Girl Mercuric sulphide
Cinnabon Boy or Girl
Cinnabunn Boy or Girl
Cinnamon Greek Girl A spice
Cinny Boy or Girl
Cinthia Greek Girl Woman from Kynthos
Ciqala Native American Boy or Girl Small one
Cira Girl
Circe Greek Girl
Cirea Girl
Cirila Latin Girl Divine
Ciro Italian Boy Royal
Cisco Movies and TV Boy
Citlali Aztec Girl Star
Citlalli Aztec Girl Star
Cj Nicknames Boy
Cj Nicknames Girl
Claiborne English Girl
Clancy Gaelic Boy Red
Clang Boy or Girl
Clara Latin Girl Clear
Clarence English Boy Of Clare
Claret Appearance: Red Boy
Claret Appearance: Red Girl
Claret Drinks Boy
Claret Drinks Girl
Clarice Latin Girl Clear
Clarisa Latin Girl Bright, clear
Clarisse Latin Boy or Girl Clear
Clark English Boy Man of learning
Clarke English Boy Man of learning
Clash Boy or Girl
Claude Latin Girl Disabled
Claudette Latin Girl Disabled
Claudio Latin Boy Disabled
Clay English Girl Clay
Clayton English Boy Clay settlment
Clayton, clay Old English Boy
Clea Greek Girl Famous flower
Cleave Boy
Cleavon Boy
Clelia Latin Girl
Clemens Latin Boy Merciful, mild, gentle
Clement Latin Boy Merciful, mild, gentle
Clementine Latin Girl Merciful, mild, gentle
Cleo Greek Girl Of a well known father
Cleta Greek Girl Pray
Cletis Greek Boy or Girl Pray
Cletus Greek Boy or Girl Pray
Cleveland English Boy Slope land
Clever Boy or Girl
Cliantha Greek Girl
Clicquot Drinks Girl
Clicquot Movies and TV Girl
Cliff English Boy Cliff ford
Clifford English Boy Cliff ford
Clifton English Boy Slope settlement
Climber Boy or Girl
Cling Boy or Girl
Clinker Boy or Girl
Clint English Boy Settlement on the river Glyme
Clinton English Boy Settlement on the river Glyme
Clio Greek Girl Fame
Clive English Boy Cliff
Cloe Boy or Girl
Cloriece Boy or Girl
Cloud English Boy or Girl Cloud
Clouds Boy or Girl
Cloudy Boy or Girl
Clove Boy or Girl
Clover English Girl Clover
Clovis Germanic Girl Famed warrior
Clown Boy or Girl
Clyde Gaelic Boy
Coalan Celtic Boy
Cobber Nicknames Boy
Cobo Boy or Girl
Coby Hebrew Boy or Girl Supplanter
Coca Appearance: Brown Boy
Coca Appearance: Brown Girl
Coca Drinks Boy
Coca Drinks Girl
Coca and cola Appearance: Brown Boy
Coca and cola Appearance: Brown Girl
Coca and cola Drinks Boy
Coca and cola Drinks Girl
Cochiti Spanish Girl
Cocky Boy or Girl
Coco Appearance: Brown Girl
Coco French Boy or Girl
Coco and chanel Fashion Girl
Cocoa Appearance: Brown Boy
Cocoa Appearance: Brown Girl
Cocoa Foods Boy
Cocoa Foods Girl
Coconut Appearance: White Boy
Coconut Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Coconut Appearance: White Girl
Coconut Foods Boy
Coconut Foods Girl
Coconut Nature Boy
Coconut Nature Girl
Coda Boy or Girl
Codey Gaelic Boy Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Codi Boy
Codie Gaelic Boy Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Cody Gaelic Boy Descendant of Cuidighthigh
Coen Germanic Boy Experienced advisor
Coffee Boy or Girl
Cognac Appearance: Blond Boy
Cognac Appearance: Blond Girl
Cognac Drinks Boy
Cognac Drinks Girl
Cointreau Drinks Boy
Cointreau Drinks Girl
Coke Appearance: Brown Boy
Coke Appearance: Brown Boy or Girl
Coke Appearance: Brown Girl
Coke Drinks Boy
Coke Drinks Girl
Coke and pepsi Appearance: Brown Boy
Coke and pepsi Appearance: Brown Girl
Coke and pepsi Drinks Boy
Coke and pepsi Drinks Girl
Cola Appearance: Brown Boy
Cola Appearance: Brown Girl
Cola Drinks Boy
Cola Drinks Girl
Cola English Boy or Girl Charcoal
Colby English Boy Coalworker
Cole English Boy Coal
Coleman Gaelic Boy Dove
Coleton Boy
Coley Boy or Girl
Colin Gaelic Boy Dove
Colin Movies and TV Boy
Colleen Gaelic Girl Young female
Collier English Boy Coal seller
Collin Gaelic Boy Dove
Colm Latin Boy Dove
Colman Boy
Colon Spanish Boy
Colonel Titles Boy
Colour Boy or Girl
Colt English Boy Young male horse
Colten English Boy Cola’s town
Coltin Boy
Colton English Boy Coal town
Colum Latin Boy Dove
Columbia Latin Girl Dove
Columbus Historical Boy
Columbus Places Boy
Coman Arabic Boy
Combat Boy or Girl
Comet Nature Boy
Comet Nature Boy or Girl
Comet Nature Girl
Comet Personality Boy
Comet Personality Girl
Comfort English Boy Comfort
Comit Boy or Girl
Commanche Boy or Girl
Con, conan Celtic Boy
Conan Gaelic Boy Little wolf hound
Concepcion Spanish Boy
Concepcion Spanish Boy or Girl
Concepcion Spanish Girl
Condon Celtic Boy
Conejo Boy or Girl
Confutious Boy or Girl
Cong Chinese Boy or Girl Intelligent
Congo Places Boy
Conlan Boy
Conley Gaelic Boy Valiant
Conncetta Girl
Conner Gaelic Boy Lover of hounds
Connie Latin Boy or Girl Steadfast
Connor Gaelic Boy Lover of hounds
Conor Gaelic Boy Lover of hounds
Conrad Germanic Boy Experienced advisor
Conroy Irish Boy
Constance Latin Girl Steadfast
Constantine Latin Boy Steadfast
Consuela Spanish Girl Solace
Consuelo Spanish Boy Solace
Conway Boy
Cook Boy or Girl
Cookers Boy or Girl
Cookie Appearance: Brown Boy or Girl
Cookie Appearance: Brown Girl
Cookie Foods Girl
Cool Boy or Girl
Coolio Boy or Girl
Cooper English Boy Barrel maker
Coors Drinks Boy
Coors Drinks Girl
Copernicus Boy or Girl
Copper Appearance: Red Boy
Copper Appearance: Red Boy or Girl
Copper Appearance: Red Girl
Copper Nature Boy
Copper Nature Girl
Cora Greek Girl Maiden
Coraima Spanish Girl
Coral Appearance: White Girl
Coral Greek Girl
Coral Nature Girl
Coralie Greek Girl Maiden
Coran Boy
Corazon Girl
Corban Greek Boy
Corbett French Boy A raven
Corbin Gaelic Boy A steep hill
Corby Latin Boy or Girl Dark
Corcoran Boy
Cordell English Boy Maker of cord
Corentine Girl
Corey Germanic Boy God’s peace
Cori Greek Girl Maiden
Corin Latin Boy or Girl Spear
Corin Old English Boy
Corin Old English Girl
Corina Greek Girl Maiden
Corinda Girl
Corine Greek Girl Maiden
Corinna Greek Girl Maiden
Corinne Greek Girl Maiden
Corinthia Greek Girl Woman from Corinth
Corky Personality Boy
Corky Personality Boy or Girl
Corliss English Girl Cheerful
Cormac Gaelic Boy Son of raven
Cornelia Latin Girl Horn
Cornelius Latin Boy Horn
Cornell Latin Boy Horn
Cornflakes Boy or Girl
Cornolio Boy or Girl
Corny Boy or Girl
Corona Drinks Boy
Corona Drinks Girl
Corona Latin Boy or Girl Crown
Corporal Titles Boy
Corrie Greek Boy or Girl Maiden
Corrine Greek Girl Maiden
Corsica Boy or Girl
Cort French Boy Court
Cortez Spanish Boy In triumph
Cortney English Girl From Courtenay
Corvette Cars Boy
Corvette Cars Girl
Cory Germanic Boy or Girl God’s peace
Corydon Boy
Cosby Movies and TV Boy
Cosette French Girl
Cosmo Greek Boy Order
Cosmo Movies and TV Boy
Cosmo Nature Boy
Cosy Boy or Girl
Coto Boy or Girl
Coty French Boy Riverbank
Cougar Nature Boy
Cougar Nature Girl
Could Boy or Girl
Count Titles Boy
Count and countess Titles Boy
Count and countess Titles Girl
Countess Titles Girl
Courtland Dutch Boy Short land
Courtney English Girl From Courtenay
Cous cous Foods Boy
Cous cous Foods Girl
Cowboy Boy or Girl
Coy English Boy or Girl Quiet person
Coya Boy or Girl
Coye Boy or Girl
Coyne Boy
Coyote Cartoons Boy
Coyote Cartoons Girl
Coyote Nature Boy
Coyote Nature Girl
Cozmo Boy or Girl
Crabanasty Boy or Girl
Crabina Boy or Girl
Crackers Boy or Girl
Craig Gaelic Boy Cliff
Crane Boy or Girl
Crankie frankie Nicknames Boy
Crankie frankie Personality Boy
Crash Movies and TV Boy
Crash Movies and TV Boy or Girl
Crash Movies and TV Girl
Crash Personality Boy
Crash Personality Girl
Crazy Boy or Girl
Creampuff Boy or Girl
Cree Boy or Girl
Creighton English Boy Creek estate
Creo Boy or Girl
Creola American English Boy or Girl Possible to do with Creole
Crescent Latin Girl Growing
Cressida Greek Girl Golden
Cricket Cartoons Boy
Cricket Cartoons Boy or Girl
Cricket Cartoons Girl
Cricket Nature Boy
Cricket Nature Girl
Crikey Boy or Girl
Crimson Appearance: Red Girl
Crimson English Boy or Girl Crimson, red
Crisco Boy or Girl
Crispin Latin Boy Curly-headed
Cristail Boy or Girl
Cristal English Girl Crystal
Cristian Latin Boy Follower of Christ
Cristina Latin Girl Follower of Christ
Cristobal Boy
Cristopher Greek Boy Bearer of Christ
Cristy Latin Boy or Girl Follower of Christ
Critter Boy or Girl
Croak Boy or Girl
Cromwell Historical Boy
Crosby Norse Boy Dweller at the farm near the cross
Crubellelasheentaii Girl
Crue Boy or Girl
Cruiser Boy or Girl
Crumbs Appearance: Small Boy
Crumbs Appearance: Small Girl
Crumbs Foods Boy
Crumbs Foods Girl
Crunch Personality Boy
Crunch Personality Boy or Girl
Crunch Personality Girl
Crush Boy or Girl
Crusher Boy or Girl
Crusoe Arts and Literature Boy
Cruz Spanish Boy Cross
Crystal Appearance: White Boy
Crystal Nature Boy
Crystal Nature Girl
Csaba Boy
Cseke Boy
Csenger Boy
Csepel Boy
Csombor Boy
Csongor Boy
Ctirad Boy
Cuba Places Girl
Cubby Boy or Girl
Cuddles Affectionate Boy
Cuddles Affectionate Boy or Girl
Cuddles Affectionate Girl
Cuddles Nicknames Boy
Cuddles Nicknames Girl
Cuddles Personality Boy
Cuddles Personality Girl
Cueball Boy or Girl
Cuervo Drinks Boy
Cuffs Boy or Girl
Cujo Arts and Literature Boy
Cujo Arts and Literature Boy or Girl
Cujo Movies and TV Boy
Cuka Boy or Girl
Cullen Gaelic Boy Chieftain
Culver Old English Boy
Cumulus Boy or Girl
Cupcake Affectionate Boy
Cupcake Affectionate Boy or Girl
Cupcake Affectionate Girl
Cupcake Foods Boy
Cupcake Foods Girl
Cupcake Nicknames Boy
Cupcake Nicknames Girl
Cupid Latin Boy or Girl Desire
Cuppa Boy or Girl
Cuppu Boy or Girl
Curious Boy or Girl
Curissa Girl
Curly Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Curly Appearance: Unique Markings Boy or Girl
Curly Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Curly Movies and TV Boy
Curly Movies and TV Girl
Curly-cue Boy or Girl
Curran Boy
Currier Old English Boy
Curry English Boy From the river Curry
Curt English Boy Short
Curtis English Boy Courteous
Cushy Boy or Girl
Custard Appearance: Blond Boy
Custard Appearance: Blond Girl
Custard Foods Boy
Custard Foods Girl
Cuthbert English Boy Famous and clever
Cutie Affectionate Boy
Cutie Affectionate Boy or Girl
Cutie Affectionate Girl
Cutie Nicknames Boy
Cutie Nicknames Girl
Cutiepie Boy or Girl
Cutler Boy
Cutsie Affectionate Girl
Cutsie Nicknames Girl
Cuyler German Girl Strong man
Cuzco Boy or Girl
Cy Persian Boy Sun
Cyber Nicknames Boy
Cyber Nicknames Girl
Cybil Greek Girl Female prophet
Cybill Girl
Cyclone Nature Boy
Cyclone Nature Boy or Girl
Cyclone Nature Girl
Cyclone Personality Boy
Cyclone Personality Girl
Cyclops Boy or Girl
Cyd Arabic Boy or Girl Lord
Cydney English Girl Wide meadow
Cygnus Boy or Girl
Cyma Greek Girl Flourishing
Cyndi Girl
Cynric Old English Boy
Cynthia Greek Girl
Cyprien Greek Girl Cypriot
Cyrah Girl
Cyrano Greek Boy Shy heart
Cyrene Greek Girl Sovereign queen
Cyric Celtic Boy
Cyril Greek Boy Lord
Cyrilla Greek Girl
Cyrus Persian Boy Sun
Cytheria Greek Girl
Cyzarine Russian Girl
Czar Titles Boy
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