Dog Names starting with the letter H

Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Ha Vietnamese Girl Delight
Habib Arabic Boy
Habika African Girl
Hachi Japanese Girl Wise leaf
Hackett English Boy Hooked nose
Hada Spanish Girl Noble spirit
Hadar Hebrew Boy Splendour
Hadara Hebrew Girl Splendour
Hadassa Hebrew Girl Myrtle tree
Hadassah Hebrew Girl Myrtle tree
Hadden English Boy
Haden English Boy Valley with hay
Hades Greek Boy or Girl
Hades Historical Boy
Hades Historical Girl
Hadi Arabic Boy
Hadiya Arabic Girl
Hadrian Latin Boy From Hadria
Hagan German Boy Enclosure
Hagedis Boy or Girl
Hagen German Boy Enclosure
Hagrid Boy or Girl
Hahn German Boy A rooster
Haidee Greek Girl
Haifa Arabic Girl
Haile Boy
Hailee English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Hailey English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Hailie English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Haines English Boy Hawthorn tree
Hairy Boy or Girl
Haja Girl
Hakan Turkish Boy Emperor
Hakeem Arabic Boy Wise or insightful
Hal English Boy Leader of an army
Hala Arabic Boy or Girl Halo around the moon
Halden German Boy Someone who lives on a high slope
Haldir Boy or Girl
Haldis Norse Girl Weapon of the goddess
Hale English Girl Nook
Hale Old English Boy
Haleigh English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Haleigha Hawaiian Girl
Halen English Boy Nook
Haley English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Half Boy or Girl
Halfpint Boy or Girl
Halfy Boy or Girl
Hali English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Halian Native American Boy Ful of youth
Halie Girl
Halil Arabic Boy Honorable comrade
Halima Arabic Girl Patient
Hall Norse Boy Warrior
Halla African Boy or Girl An unexpected present
Halle English Girl Home rule
Hallie Germanic Girl Home ruler
Hally Boy or Girl
Halo Affectionate Boy
Halo Affectionate Girl
Halo Religious Boy
Halo Religious Girl
Halona Native American Girl From wealth
Halsey English Boy Channel of water + Island
Halton Old English Boy
Ham Foods Boy
Ham Foods Girl
Ham Personality Boy
Ham Personality Girl
Ham and eggs Arts and Literature Boy
Ham and eggs Arts and Literature Girl
Ham and eggs Foods Boy
Ham and eggs Foods Girl
Hamal Arabic Boy
Hamham Boy or Girl
Hamilton English Boy Scarred or crooked hill
Hamina Boy or Girl
Hamlet Danish Boy Foolish and dull
Hamlin English Boy Home
Hammy Boy or Girl
Hampton English Boy Home or high settlement
Hamza Arabic Boy Foul taste
Hana Japanese Girl Flower
Hanan Arabic Girl
Handsome Personality Boy
Hane Boy or Girl
Ha-neul Girl
Hang Vietnamese Girl Moon
Hanh Vietnamese Girl Right conduct
Hank Hebrew Boy God is gracious
Hanley English Boy Pasture trip
Hannah Hebrew Girl
Hannah Religious Girl
Hanne Hebrew Girl
Hannelore German Girl Combination of Hanne and Eleanor
Hannibal Phoenician Boy The grace of the god Ba’al
Hannible Boy or Girl
Hans Hebrew Boy
Hansel and gretel Affectionate Boy
Hansel and gretel Affectionate Girl
Hansel and gretel Arts and Literature Boy
Hansel and gretel Arts and Literature Girl
Hanukah Boy or Girl
Hao Chinese Boy or Girl The good
Haolie Boy or Girl
Happy Affectionate Boy
Happy Affectionate Boy or Girl
Happy Affectionate Girl
Happy Cartoons Boy
Happy Cartoons Girl
Happy Movies and TV Boy
Happy Movies and TV Girl
Harcourt French Boy
Harden English Boy Hare valley
Hardik Indian Boy Sincere
Hardy Germanic Boy Strong, hardy
Haresh Hindu Boy
Harika Turkish Girl Good-looking
Harish Sanskrit Boy A colour
Harith Arabic Boy Good provider
Harlan English Boy Land with hares
Harlequin Boy or Girl
Harley English Boy Hare clearing
Harley Nicknames Boy
Harley Personality Boy
Harley and davidson Nicknames Boy
Harlow English Boy Hill with heap of rocks
Harman Germanic Boy Man in the army
Harmon Germanic Boy Man in the army
Harmony Latin Girl In concord
Harold English Boy Leader of an army
Harper English Boy A player on the harp
Harpo Boy or Girl
Harpy Boy or Girl
Harriet Germanic Girl Home ruler
Harriette Germanic Boy or Girl Home ruler
Harrington Boy or Girl
Harriot Boy or Girl
Harris Germanic Boy Home ruler
Harrison English Boy Son of Harris
Harry Germanic Boy Home ruler
Harsh Sanskrit Boy Delight
Harsha Sanskrit Girl Delight
Harshita Sanskrit Girl Full of happiness
Hart English Boy Stag
Hartley English Boy Hart wood
Hartwell English Boy Stag stream
Haru Japanese Boy Sunshine
Haruki Japanese Boy Spring wood
Haruko Japanese Boy Spring child
Harva Old English Girl
Harvest Boy or Girl
Harvey English Boy Battle worthy or carnage worthy
Harvey Movies and TV Boy
Harvy Boy or Girl
Has Boy or Girl
Hasad Turkish Boy Harvest
Hasana African Girl The first born of a twin
Hasna Arabic Girl
Hassan Arabic Boy
Hastin Sanskrit Boy Elephant
Hastings English Boy Haest’s people
Hatchi Boy or Girl
Hateya Native American Girl
Hava Hebrew Girl
Havard Boy
Haven English Boy Haven
Havoc Boy or Girl
Hawa Arabic Girl Eve, the wife of Adam
Hawaii Places Girl
Hawkeye Movies and TV Boy
Hawkeye and bj Movies and TV Boy
Haya Hebrew Girl Alive, living
Hayden English Boy
Hayden German Girl Heathen
Hayes English Boy Enclosure
Haylee English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Hayleigh English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Hayley English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Haylie English Girl Hay clearing or hay woods
Hayward English Boy Forest or enclosure guardian
Hazel Arts and Literature Girl
Hazel English Girl Hazel Tree – Light brown
Hazel Movies and TV Girl
Hazel Old English Girl
Hazelle English Girl Hazel tree
Hazelnut Boy or Girl
Hazy Boy or Girl
Hea Girl
Hearty Boy or Girl
Heath English Boy Person living on a heath or near heather
Heathcliff English Boy or Girl Cliff top covered in heather
Heather English Girl Heather
Heaton English Boy High enclosure
Heaven English Girl Heaven
Heba Hebrew Girl
Hebe Greek Boy or Girl Youth
Hector Greek Boy Holding fast
Hedda German Girl Contentious war
Hedia Hebrew Girl Echo of God
Hedva Hebrew Girl Happiness
Hedwig Germanic Girl Battle
Hedy Germanic Girl Battle
Hedya Hebrew Girl Echo of God
Heero Boy or Girl
Heero-chan Boy or Girl
Hefner Boy or Girl
Heidi Germanic Girl Noble one
Heidi Movies and TV Girl
Heineken Drinks Boy
Heineken Drinks Girl
Heinz Germanic Boy Home ruler
Helaine Girl
Helaku Native American Boy A bright day
Helen Greek Girl Wicker, reed, shoot
Helen, helena Greek Girl
Helena Greek Girl Wicker, reed, shoot
Helene Greek Girl Wicker, reed, shoot
Helga German Girl Holy
Heli Girl
Helia Girl
Helio Boy or Girl
Helix Boy or Girl
Helki Native American Girl Moving
Heller German Boy Small medieval coin
Hellfire Boy or Girl
Helmuth Germanic Boy Helmet + spirit
Heloise Girl
Hem Sanskrit Girl Gold
Hema Sanskrit Girl Gold
Hemal Hindu Boy
Heman Hebrew Boy Devoted
Hemana Boy or Girl
Hemang Sanskrit Boy Gold-bodied
Hemangi Hindu Girl
Hemangini Sanskrit Girl Golden bodied
Hemant Sanskrit Boy Winter
Hemendra Sanskrit Boy Golden lord
Hemlata Sanskrit Girl Vine of gold
Hemlock Historical Girl
Hemlock Nature Girl
Hendrix Boy or Girl
Heng Girl
Henka Girl
Henning Germanic Boy Home ruler
Henri Germanic Boy Home ruler
Henrietta Germanic Girl Home ruler
Henriette Germanic Girl Home ruler
Henrik Germanic Boy Home ruler
Henry Germanic Boy Home ruler
Hera Greek Girl
Herb German Boy Bright army
Herbal Drinks Girl
Herbert German Boy Bright army
Herbertsherbert Boy or Girl
Herbie English Boy or Girl Bright army
Hercule Greek Boy or Girl Glory of Hera
Hercules Greek Boy Grandiose gift
Heriberto German Boy Bright army
Herman Germanic Boy Man in the army
Hermelinda Germanic Girl Powerful with the shield
Hermie Germanic Boy or Girl Man in the army
Hermikey Boy or Girl
Hermilia Boy or Girl
Herminia Germanic Girl Man in the army
Hermione Greek Girl Travel
Hermoine Boy or Girl
Hermone Boy or Girl
Hermy Germanic Boy or Girl Man in the army
Hernan Spanish Boy Intelligent and brave
Hernando German Boy Peaceful venture
Heroo Boy or Girl
Herschel Boy
Herschell Girl
Hershey Appearance: Brown Boy
Hershey Appearance: Brown Boy or Girl
Hershey Appearance: Brown Girl
Hershey Foods Boy
Hershey Foods Girl
Hertz German Boy Heart
Herve Breton Boy Battle worthy or carnage worthy
Hesper Greek Girl Evening star
Hester Persian Girl Star
Hetal Indian Girl Warm-hearted
Hewitt English Boy Son of Hugh
Hiawatha Native American Boy or Girl Iroquois captain
Hibbean Boy or Girl
Hibiki Japanese Boy Echo
Hide Girl
Hidey Boy or Girl
Hidi Girl
Hiei Boy or Girl
Hieme Boy or Girl
Hien Vietnamese Boy or Girl Friendly
Hieu Vietnamese Boy Admire
Highness Titles Boy
Highness Titles Girl
Highpie Boy or Girl
Hila Hebrew Girl Halo
Hilaire Latin Boy or Girl Cheerful
Hilary Latin Girl Cheerful
Hilda Germanic Girl Battle
Hilde Germanic Girl Battle
Hillary Latin Boy or Girl Cheerful
Hilliard Germanic Boy or Girl Magnificant in battle
Hilton English Boy Settlement on hill or slope
Him and her Nicknames Boy
Him and her Nicknames Girl
Him and her Titles Boy
Him and her Titles Girl
Hina Japanese Girl Sunshine
Hinda Yiddish Girl Hind, female red deer
Hines Gaelic Boy or Girl Descendant of Eidhin
Hinto Native American Girl Blue hair
Hip Boy or Girl
Hippie Boy or Girl
Hippo Boy or Girl
Hippy Boy or Girl
Hiram Hebrew Boy
Hiroko Japanese Girl Broad-minded child
Hiroshi Japanese Boy Generous
Hirudoki Boy or Girl
Hisa Japanese Girl Enduring, lasting, sustaining
Hitchcock Movies and TV Boy
Hiten Hindu Boy
Hitendra Sanskrit Boy Greatest of all benefactors
Hitesh Hindu Boy
Hitomi Japanese Girl Beautiful virtue
Hi-ya! Boy or Girl
Hoang Vietnamese Boy Performed
Hobart Germanic Boy or Girl Bright mind
Hobbes Boy or Girl
Hobnob Personality Boy
Hobnob Personality Girl
Hobo Personality Boy
Hobo Personality Girl
Hoek Boy or Girl
Hogan Gaelic Boy Descendent of Ogan
Hogarth Boy or Girl
Holbrook Old English Boy
Holden English Boy Deep Valley
Holiday Girl
Hollace Girl
Holland English Boy or Girl Ridge land
Holli Girl
Hollie English Girl Holly
Hollis English Girl Lives near holly bushes
Holliwood Boy or Girl
Holly English Girl Holly
Hollye Girl
Holt English Boy
Holyfield Boy or Girl
Homa Boy or Girl
Homer Greek Boy Pledge or hostage
Homer Historical Boy
Homero Greek Boy or Girl Pledge or hostage
Homie Boy or Girl
Honda Cars Boy
Honey Affectionate Boy
Honey Appearance: Blond Boy
Honey Appearance: Blond Girl
Honey English Girl Honey
Honey Foods Boy
Honey Foods Girl
Honey Nature Boy
Honey Nature Girl
Honey rider Movies and TV Girl
Honeybun Boy or Girl
Honeybunches Boy or Girl
Hong Chinese Girl Red
Honna Greek Girl
Honor Latin Boy or Girl Honour
Honora Latin Girl Honour
Honoria Latin Girl Honour
Hont Boy
Honydrops Boy or Girl
Hooch Nicknames Boy
Hooch Nicknames Boy or Girl
Hooch Nicknames Girl
Hoodie Boy or Girl
Hoot Personality Boy
Hoot Personality Girl
Hootie Boy or Girl
Hoover German Boy or Girl Owner of a measure of land
Hope English Girl Hope
Hoppity Personality Boy
Hoppity Personality Girl
Hopscotch Boy or Girl
Hopup Boy or Girl
Horace Latin Boy Hour, time.
Hornless Boy or Girl
Hosanna Hebrew Girl Deliver us
Hoshi Affectionate Girl
Hoshi Japanese Boy Star
Hoshi Japanese Girl
Hoshiko Girl
Hoss Movies and TV Boy
Hoss Movies and TV Boy or Girl
Hot Boy or Girl
Hotdog Cartoons Boy
Hotdog Cartoons Girl
Hotdog Foods Boy
Hotdog Foods Girl
Hotflip Boy or Girl
Hotlips Movies and TV Girl
Hotlips and frank Movies and TV Boy
Hotlips and frank Movies and TV Girl
Hotohori Boy or Girl
Hottie Boy or Girl
Houdini Boy or Girl
Houston English Boy Hugh’s town
Houston English Girl
Houston Places Boy
Houston Places Girl
Howard English Boy Sheep herder
Howe Boy
Howell Welsh Boy Eminent
Howie Nicknames Boy
Hridayesh Hindu Boy
Hrishikesh Sanskrit Boy Controls the senses
Huba Boy
Hubcap Boy or Girl
Hubert Germanic Boy Bright mind
Hudini Boy or Girl
Hudson English Boy
Huela Girl
Huey Germanic Boy Mind, heart or spirit
Huggy Boy or Girl
Hugh Germanic Boy Mind, heart or spirit
Hugo Germanic Boy Mind, heart or spirit
Hugs Affectionate Boy
Hugs Affectionate Girl
Hugs Personality Boy
Hugs Personality Girl
Hugs and kisses Affectionate Boy
Hugs and kisses Affectionate Girl
Hugs and kisses Personality Boy
Hugs and kisses Personality Girl
Humberto German Boy Famous giant.
Humor Boy or Girl
Humphrey Germanic Boy Peaceful warrior
Hung Chinese Boy Wonderful
Hungry Boy or Girl
Hunky and dory Nicknames Boy
Hunky and dory Nicknames Girl
Hunny Boy or Girl
Hunor Boy
Hunter English Boy Hunter
Hunter Old English Boy
Huntley Old English Boy
Huong Vietnamese Girl Pink
Hurcules Boy or Girl
Hurley English Boy or Girl Corner wood
Hurly and burly Nicknames Boy
Hurly and burly Nicknames Girl
Hurly and burly Personality Boy
Hurly and burly Personality Girl
Hurricane Nature Boy
Hurricane Nature Girl
Hurricane Personality Boy
Hurricane Personality Girl
Husker Boy or Girl
Huslu Native American Boy Shaggy bear
Hussein Arabic Boy
Huy Vietnamese Boy Shining, succesful
Huyana Native American Girl Rain
Hwoarang Boy or Girl
Hy Korean Boy Glad
Hyacinth Greek Girl Hyacinth
Hyde English Boy or Girl Exquisite
Hydra Boy or Girl
Hydro Nicknames Girl
Hye Girl
Hyman Hebrew Boy Alive
Hymie Movies and TV Boy
Hypatia Greek Girl Highest
Hyperion Greek Boy or Girl The one above
Hypollita Boy or Girl
Hyzenthlay Boy or Girl

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