Dog Names starting with the letter I

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Iaap Boy
Iago Hebrew Boy Grasp by the heel
Ian Scottish Boy
Iano Boy or Girl
Ianthe Greek Girl Violet
Ibeamaka African Boy
Iberia Boy or Girl
Ibrahim Hebrew Boy Father of a multitude or many nations
Ice Nature Boy
Ice Nature Girl
Icey Boy or Girl
Ichabod Hebrew Boy Glory has departed
Ichoris Boy or Girl
Icy English Boy or Girl Ice-like
Ida Germanic Girl Work
Idaho Boy or Girl
Idalee Girl
Idalia German Girl Work
Ide Girl
Ideh Hebrew Girl
Idola Spanish Girl Idol
Idonia Germanic Girl Work + tree
Idra Aramaic Girl Fig tree
Idris Welsh Boy or Girl Ardent, impuslive lord
Iesha Arabic Girl Alive, She who lives
Ieshia Girl
Ifama African Girl Everything is all right
Ife African Boy Love
Ige African Boy A breech birth
Igloo Appearance: White Boy
Igloo Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Igloo Appearance: White Girl
Ignacio Latin Boy Fiery
Ignatz Boy or Girl
Igor Norse Boy Warrior archer
Igus Norse Boy or Girl Yew, bow + army
Ike Hebrew Boy He laughs
Iki Boy or Girl
Ila Swahili Girl Birth mark, blemish
Ilana Greek Girl Torch
Ilaria Girl
Ilario Latin Boy Cheerful
Ildiko Girl
Ilhan Boy
Iliana Hebrew Girl The Lord has responded
Ilisapesi Girl
Ilona Greek Girl Torch
Ilse German Girl
Ilya Hebrew Boy My God is the Lord
Ilyssa Girl
Im2ak9 Boy or Girl
Ima Japanese Boy or Girl Now
Imala Native American Girl One who enforces discipline
Iman Arabic Girl
Imani Swahili Girl Faith, belief
Imanol Hebrew Boy God is with us
Imaran Indian Boy Powerful
Immanuel Hebrew Boy God is with us
Imogene English Girl Maiden
Imona Boy or Girl
Imre Hungarian Boy Variant of Emeric
Ina Hindu Girl
Inayat Arabic Girl Favor
Inca Historical Boy
Inca Historical Boy or Girl
Inca Historical Girl
Ince Hungarian Boy One who is innocent
Inch Appearance: Small Boy
Inch Appearance: Small Girl
Indaliai Girl
India Sanskrit Girl Body of water
Indiana English Boy or Girl Land of Indians
Indiana Movies and TV Girl
Indiana Places Girl
Indica Boy or Girl
Indie Boy or Girl
Indigo English Boy or Girl Blue-purple colour
Indira Indian Girl Lakshmi: female god
Indivar Sanskrit Boy Blessing
Indonesia Boy or Girl
Indra Hindu Boy
Indrina Hindu Girl
Indu Indian Girl Bright drop
Indy Boy or Girl
Ines Spanish Girl
Inez Greek Girl Chaste
Infant American English Boy Baby
Infinity Boy or Girl
Inga Norse Girl Ing’s aid
Inge Norse Girl
Ingo Norse Boy
Ingram Germanic Boy Tribes name + raven
Ingrid Norse Girl Ing’s beauty
Inigo Latin Boy Fiery
Ink Boy or Girl
Inky Appearance: Black Boy
Inky Appearance: Black Boy or Girl
Inky Appearance: Black Girl
Inocencia Girl
Inoke Girl
Inspector Personality Boy
Inspector Personality Boy or Girl
Inspector Titles Boy
Inuyasha Boy or Girl
Io Greek Girl
Iolana Greek Girl Violet
Iolani Hawaiian Girl Bird of heaven
Iolanthe Greek Girl Violet
Iona Norse Girl Island
Ione Greek Boy or Girl
Iphigenia Greek Girl Of royal birth
Ipo Hawaiian Girl Sweetheart, beloved
Ira Hebrew Girl Watchful
Ira Hindu Boy
Iram Hebrew Boy The nation&rsquo
Iratze Girl
Iravan Hindu Boy
Ireland English Boy or Girl Land of ╔riu
Irem Turkish Girl Garden in heaven
Iren Girl
Irene Greek Girl Peace
Iridian English Girl Related to the eye
Irina Greek Girl Peace
Iris Greek Girl Rainbow
Irisa Girl
Irish Nicknames Boy
Irish Nicknames Girl
Irish Places Boy
Irish Places Girl
Irmgard Germanic Girl Whole enclosure
Irvin English Boy Green water
Irvin, irving Scottish Boy
Irving English Boy Green water
Irwin English Boy or Girl Boar friend
Isaac Hebrew Boy He will laugh
Isaak Hebrew Boy He will laugh
Isabeaux Boy or Girl
Isabel Spanish Girl
Isabela Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Isabell Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Isadora Greek Girl Gift of Isis
Isai Hebrew Boy Man
Isaiah Hebrew Boy God is salvation
Isaias Hebrew Boy God is salvation
Isamar Spanish Girl Perhaps an elision of \Isabel del Mar\
Isaura Greek Girl From Isauria
Isela Boy or Girl
Isha Sanskrit Boy The ruling Goddess
Ishana Sanskrit Girl Ruler
Ishi Japanese Boy or Girl Rock, stone
Ishita Sanskrit Girl Greatness
Ishver Hindu Boy
Isiah Boy
Isidro Greek Boy Gift of Isis
Isla English Girl Scottish island
Isleen Girl
Isleta Spanish Girl
Ismet Boy
Iso Boy or Girl
Isoke African Girl Good gift from the Lord
Isolde Welsh Girl Beautiful
Isra Arabic Boy or Girl Nocturnal journey
Israel Hebrew Boy
Israt Arabic Girl
Issac Hebrew Boy He laughs
Istas Native American Girl Snow on the ground
Istral Boy or Girl
Ita Swahili Girl Invite, summon
Iti Hebrew Girl With me
Itsy Boy or Girl
Ity Boy or Girl
Itzak Hebrew Boy
Itzel Native American Girl Rainbow lady
Itziamar Boy
Iuka Boy or Girl
Iva Hebrew Girl
Ivan Russian Boy
Ivana Hebrew Girl
Ivana, ivy, iva Hebrew Girl
Ives Old English Boy
Ivette French Girl Yew
Ivie Girl
Ivo French Boy Yew
Ivonne French Girl Yew
Ivory Appearance: White Boy
Ivory Nature Boy
Ivory Nature Girl
Ivria Hebrew Girl Hebrew woman
Ivrit Hebrew Boy Hebrew woman
Ivy English Girl Ivy
Iyana American English Girl
Izabella Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Izaiah Hebrew Boy God is my salvation
Izma Boy or Girl
Izzi Boy or Girl
Izzy Boy
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