Dog Names starting with the letter L

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Laban Hebrew Boy White
Label Hebrew Boy  
Laborc   Boy  
Lacey English Girl Lacy
Lachlan Gaelic Boy or Girl Warrior from the Land of the Lochs
Laci English Girl Lacy
Lacie English Girl Lacy
Lacy English Girl Lacy
Ladarius Persian Boy Maintain well
Ladd Middle English Boy  
Laddie Affectionate Boy  
Laddie English Boy  
Ladislav Slavonic Boy Glorious rule
Ladonna Italian Girl Lady
Lady Affectionate Girl  
Lady Cartoons Girl  
Lady English Boy or Girl Lady
Lady Titles Girl  
Lady and tramp Cartoons Girl  
Lae   Girl  
Laertes Greek Boy  
Lagos Places Boy  
Lagos Places Girl  
Laika Historical Girl  
Laila Arabic Girl Dark beauty
Lailah   Boy or Girl  
Lailie Hebrew Girl  
Lainey Greek Girl Torch
Laird English Boy Lord
Laisha American English Girl  
Laith Arabic Boy  
Lakeesha African Girl  
Lakeisha Arabic Girl Alive, She who lives
Laken English Boy or Girl  
Lakota   Boy or Girl  
Laksha Indian Girl White coloured rose
Lakshman Sanskrit Boy Having (auspicious) marks
Lakshya Sanskrit Boy Aim
Lala Persian Girl Tulip
Lalaine   Girl  
Lalasa Indian Girl Love
Lalima Hindu Girl  
Lalit Indian Boy Handsome
Lalita Sanskrit Girl Lovely
Lalo Spanish Girl  
Laman Arabic Boy Twinkling
Lamans   Boy or Girl  
Lamar Latin Boy Of the Sea
Lamar Old German Girl  
Lamb English Boy or Girl Lamb
Lambeau   Boy or Girl  
Lamberto   Boy  
Lamborghini Cars Boy  
Lamborghini Cars Girl  
Lamont Norse Boy Law man
Lan Chinese Girl Orchid
Lanai   Girl  
Lancalot   Boy or Girl  
Lance German Boy Territory
Lancelot French Boy  
Landen English Boy or Girl Long hill
Lander Middle English Boy  
Landers English Boy Rich
Landis   Boy  
Landon English Boy Long hill
Landry Germanic Boy or Girl Master of the land
Lane English Boy or Girl Lane
Lane Middle English Boy  
Lane Middle English Girl  
Lanelle American English Girl No meaning.
Lanette   Girl  
Laney Greek Girl Torch
Lang English Boy Long, tall
Langley Old English Boy  
Langston English Boy Long stone
Lani Hawaiian Girl Sky or heaven
Lanikai Hawaiian Girl  
Lantos   Boy  
Lanza   Girl  
Laoghaire Gaelic Boy Keeper of calves
Lappy Affectionate Boy  
Lappy Affectionate Girl  
Lappy Drinks Boy  
Lappy Drinks Girl  
Lappy Personality Boy  
Lappy Personality Girl  
Laquan American English Boy  
Laquetta   Girl  
Laquiesha   Girl  
Laquinta   Girl  
Laquita American English Girl  
Laraine French Girl Of Lothair
Lareina   Girl  
Large Appearance: Big Boy  
Large Appearance: Big Girl  
Lari English Girl  
Laria Greek Girl  
Larissa Russian Girl From the ancient city Larisa
Lark English Girl Bird
Laron   Boy  
Larry Latin Boy Man from Laurentum
Lars Latin Boy Man from Laurentum
Larson   Boy or Girl  
Larue French Boy or Girl The street
Lasca   Boy or Girl  
Laser   Boy or Girl  
Lasher   Boy or Girl  
Lashonda American English Girl  
Lassie Movies and TV Girl  
Lata Sanskrit Girl Slender woman
Latanya   Girl  
Latasha Latin Girl (Christ’s) birthday
Latham Norse Boy To the barns
Lathrop   Boy  
Latif Arabic Boy Gentle, kind
Latifah Arabic Girl Gentle, kind
Latimer English Boy Keeper of records in Latin
Latisha Latin Girl Joy
Latonia Latin Girl  
Latonya   Girl  
Latoya American English Girl  
Latrice American English Girl  
Latte Appearance: Brown Boy  
Latte Appearance: Brown Girl  
Latte Drinks Boy  
Latte Drinks Girl  
Laura Latin Girl Laurel
Laurel Latin Girl Laurel
Lauren Latin Girl Man from Laurentum
Laurence Latin Boy Man from Laurentum
Laurent Latin Boy Man from Laurentum
Laurie Latin Girl Laurel
Lauryn Latin Girl Man from Laurentum
Lavani Hindu Girl  
Lavanya Sanskrit Girl Beauty
Laveda Latin Girl Washed
Lavern   Boy or Girl  
Laverne American English Girl  
Laverne and shirley Movies and TV Girl  
Lavina Latin Girl Mother of the romans
Lavinia Latin Girl Mother of the Romans
Lavonn   Girl  
Lavonne American English Girl  
Lawler   Boy  
Lawrence French Boy Crowned with laurel
Lawson Latin Boy Man from Laurentum
Laxmi Hindu Girl  
Layna Greek Girl  
Layne English Boy or Girl Lane
Layton English Boy Water-course settlement, leek settlement
Lazaro Hebrew Boy God is my help
Lazarus Hebrew Boy  
Lbc   Boy or Girl  
Ld   Boy or Girl  
Le   Boy or Girl  
Le boofhead Nicknames Boy  
Lea Hebrew Girl Weary
Leah Hebrew Girl Weary
Leah, leigh Hebrew Girl  
Leala French Girl Faithful
Leander Greek Boy Lion Man
Leann English Girl Lee + Anne
Leanna English Girl Lee + Anne
Leanne English Girl Lee + Anne
Lear Germanic Boy Clearing
Leauna   Girl  
Leba   Girl  
Leda Greek Girl Woman
Ledah Hebrew Girl  
Ledell   Girl  
Lee English Girl Clearing, meadow
Lee Old English Boy  
Leeann English Girl Lee + Anne
Leena English Girl From Helena or Magdalena
Leevii   Boy or Girl  
Lefty Personality Boy  
Lefty Personality Girl  
Legend Affectionate Boy  
Legend Affectionate Girl  
Legend Nicknames Boy  
Legend Nicknames Girl  
Legolas Literary Boy or Girl Green leaf
Lehel   Boy  
Lei Chinese Girl Flower bud
Leia Hebrew Girl Weary
Leif Norse Boy Descendant
Leigh English Girl Clearing, meadow
Leighton English Boy Leek settlement
Leiko Japanese Girl  
Leila Arabic Girl  
Leilani Hawaiian Boy Heavenly blossoms
Leith Gaelic Boy A harbour in Scotland
Lela Persian Girl Dark-haired beauty
Leland English Boy Land lying fallow
Lelia Latin Girl  
Lemon English Boy or Girl Beloved man
Lemonade Drinks Boy  
Lemonade Drinks Girl  
Lemuel Hebrew Boy  
Lemuela Hebrew Girl  
Len German Boy Brave lion
Lena Greek Girl The bright one
Lenci Hungarian Girl Light
Lene German Girl Sophisticated
Lennon Gaelic Boy Descendant of Leannßn or Lonßn
Lennox Gaelic Boy From Levenach
Lenny German Boy or Girl Brave lion
Lenora Greek Girl Pity
Lenore Greek Girl Pity
Lensar English Boy  
Leo Latin Boy Lion
Leo Movies and TV Boy  
Leola Latin Girl Lion
Leoma English Girl Clever
Leon Latin Boy Lion
Leona Latin Girl Lion
Leonard Germanic Boy Strong as the lion
Leonard, leo, leon German Boy  
Leonardo Germanic Boy Strong as the lion
Leonel Latin Boy Lion
Leonidas Greek Boy Lion-like
Leonie   Girl  
Leonora Greek Girl Pity
Leonox   Boy or Girl  
Leontyne Latin Girl Lion
Leopold Germanic Boy Bold people
Leopolda Old German Girl  
Leora Hebrew Girl My light
Lerk   Boy or Girl  
Leron Arabic Boy  
Leroy French Boy The king
Les Gaelic Boy Holly Garden
Lesh   Girl  
Leshem Hebrew Boy Opal
Lesley Gaelic Girl Holly Garden
Leslie Gaelic Girl Holly Garden
Lesly Gaelic Girl Holly Garden
Lesta Russian Boy  
Lestat Arts and Literature Boy  
Lestat Arts and Literature Boy or Girl  
Lester English Boy From Leicester
Letha Greek Girl Ladylike
Lethia   Girl  
Leticia Latin Girl Joy
Letitia Latin Girl Joy
Lev Hebrew Boy Heart
Levent   Boy  
Levente   Boy  
Leverett French Boy Hare
Levern   Boy or Girl  
Levi Hebrew Boy Combined
Levi Religious Boy  
Levia Hebrew Girl Lionness of the Lord
Lew Germanic Boy Fame and war
Lewis Germanic Boy Fame and war
Lex Greek Boy or Girl Defending men
Lexi Greek Girl Defending men
Lexie Greek Girl Defending men
Lexine Hebrew Girl  
Lexington   Boy or Girl  
Lexis Greek Girl Defender
Lexiy   Boy or Girl  
Lexus English Girl A brand of car
Lexy Greek Boy or Girl Defending men
Leyna Old German Girl  
Leyza   Girl  
Lezzi   Boy or Girl  
Li   Boy  
Liadan Irish Girl  
Liam Germanic Boy Will, desire and helmet, protection
Liam Movies and TV Boy  
Lian Latin Girl  
Liana French Girl  
Liang Chinese Boy Good, excellent
Liani Spanish Girl  
Liannaka   Girl  
Libearty Nicknames Boy  
Libearty Nicknames Girl  
Liberty Latin Girl Freedom
Licia French Girl Of noble kind
Licorice Appearance: Black Boy  
Licorice Appearance: Black Boy or Girl  
Lida Germanic Girl Noble kind
Lidia Greek Girl Woman from Lydia
Lieb Affectionate Boy  
Lieb Affectionate Girl  
Lieb German Boy  
Lieb German Girl  
Lien Chinese Girl Lotus
Liese German Girl  
Liesel Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Liet   Boy or Girl  
Lightening   Boy or Girl  
Lightnin   Boy or Girl  
Lightning   Boy or Girl  
Lil English Boy or Girl Lily
Lila Arabic Girl  
Lilah Greek Girl  
Lilbit   Boy or Girl  
Lilia Latin Girl Lilies
Lilian Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Liliana Latin Girl Lilies
Lilianna Latin Girl Lilies
Lilika   Girl  
Lilike English Girl Lily
Lilith Hebrew Girl  
Lilka Polish Girl Famous warrior maiden
Lilli English Girl Lily
Lillian Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Lillian, lil, lily Greek Girl  
Lilliana Latin Girl Lilies
Lillie English Girl Lily
Lilly English Girl Lily
Lilo German Boy or Girl  
Lilymay   Boy or Girl  
Limber African Girl Happiness
Lime   Boy or Girl  
Limo   Boy or Girl  
Limpy   Boy or Girl  
Lin Chinese Girl Fine jade
Lina Arabic Girl  
Linc English Boy or Girl Lake settlement, lake colony
Lincoln English Boy Lake settlement, lake colony
Lincoln Historical Boy  
Lincoln Old English Boy  
Lincoln Places Boy  
Lind German Boy Lime tree
Linda English Girl  
Lindsay Gaelic Girl Uncertain, perhaps \dark lake\
Lindsey English Boy or Girl Lincoln island
Lindy English Boy or Girl  
Ling Chinese Girl Delicate
Linguini Appearance: Blond Boy  
Linguini Appearance: Blond Girl  
Linguini Foods Boy  
Linguini Foods Girl  
Linh Vietnamese Girl Spring
Link German Boy or Girl Left hand
Linne English Girl  
Linus Greek Boy  
Linwood Old English Boy  
Lioforce   Boy or Girl  
Lionel Latin Boy Lion
Liora Hebrew Girl My light
Liquorice   Boy or Girl  
Lirit Hebrew Boy or Girl Lyrical
Lisa Hebrew Girl  
Lisa, liza Hebrew Girl  
Lisabet Hebrew Girl  
Lisandro Greek Boy Freeing a man
Lisbet Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Lisbeth Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Lisette Hebrew Girl  
Lisimba African Girl Undecided, wavering
Lisle French Boy or Girl Island
Lissette   Girl  
Lister   Boy or Girl  
Lita Spanish Girl  
Litsa Greek Girl  
Little   Boy or Girl  
Littlefoot Appearance: Small Boy  
Littlefoot Appearance: Small Girl  
Littlefoot Cartoons Boy  
Littlefoot Cartoons Girl  
Litton English Boy Torrent/gate enclosure/settlement
Litzy Spanish Girl  
Livana Greek Girl  
Livia Latin Girl  
Livvy   Girl  
Liz Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Lizbeth Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Lizette Hebrew Girl My God is a vow
Lizzie Hebrew Boy or Girl My God is a vow
Lizzie Hebrew Girl  
Llama   Boy or Girl  
Llewellyn Welsh Boy  
Lobo Spanish Boy Wolf
Loc Vietnamese Boy Fortune
Lock English Boy or Girl A locksmith
Locke English Girl A locksmith
Loe   Boy or Girl  
Lofa   Boy or Girl  
Logan Gaelic Boy or Girl Hollow
Logan Scottish Boy  
Logan Scottish Girl  
Lois Greek Girl  
Lokelani Hawaiian Girl  
Lokesh Indian Boy Population lord, brahma
Loki Historical Boy  
Loki Historical Girl  
Lokki   Boy or Girl  
Lola Spanish Girl Sorrows
Lolaksi Hindu Girl  
Lollie English Boy or Girl  
Lomar   Boy  
Lomit   Boy or Girl  
Lon English Boy  
Lonato Native American Boy Flint stone
London English Boy From London
Lonikie   Girl  
Lonna Germanic Girl Noble and ready/prompt
Lonnie Germanic Boy Noble and ready/prompt
Loogaroo   Boy or Girl  
Loosy Personality Boy  
Loosy Personality Girl  
Loquita   Boy or Girl  
Lora Latin Girl Laurel
Lorant   Boy or Girl  
Lord Titles Boy  
Lord Titles Boy or Girl  
Lord and lady Titles Boy  
Lord and lady Titles Girl  
Lore   Girl  
Loreali   Boy or Girl  
Lorelei German Girl Murmuring rock
Loren Latin Boy or Girl Man from Laurentum
Lorena Latin Girl Man from Laurentum
Lorene Latin Girl Laurel
Lorenzo Latin Boy Man from Laurentum
Loretta Latin Girl Laurel
Lori French Girl Of Lothair
Lorie Latin Girl Laurel
Lorimer   Boy  
Lorin French Boy or Girl Laurel tree
Loring French Boy or Girl Of Lothair
Loring Old German Boy  
Lorna English Girl  
Lorne Celtic Boy  
Lorraine French Girl Of Lothair
Lorrie   Boy or Girl  
Lot Hebrew Boy Envelope
Lotta German Girl Free man
Lotte German Girl Free man
Lottie German Girl Free man
Lotus Greek Girl Flowery
Lou Germanic Boy Fame and war
Lou lou Cartoons Girl  
Lou lou Nicknames Girl  
Louanna English Girl Combination of Lou and Anna
Louie Germanic Boy Fame and war
Louis Germanic Boy Fame and war
Louis, lewis German Boy  
Louisa Germanic Girl Fame and war
Louise Germanic Girl Fame and war
Lourdes Basque Girl Craggy slope
Love English Girl Love
Lovey Affectionate Boy  
Lovey English Girl Love
Lovey Movies and TV Boy  
Lovey Movies and TV Girl  
Lovey Nicknames Boy  
Lovey Nicknames Girl  
Lovie   Girl  
Lowell English Boy Wolf
Lowri Latin Girl Laurel
Loyal English Boy or Girl Faithful to a person, place or idea
Luana English Girl Combination of Lou and Ann
Luc Greek Boy Man from Lucania
Luca Greek Boy or Girl Man from Lucania
Lucas Greek Boy Man from Lucania
Luce Latin Boy Light
Lucero Latin Girl Light
Lucia Latin Girl Light
Lucian Latin Boy Light
Luciano Latin Boy Light
Lucie Latin Girl Light
Lucien Latin Boy Light
Lucifer Religious Boy  
Lucille Latin Girl Light
Lucine Latin Girl Light
Lucio Latin Boy Light
Lucius Latin Boy Light
Lucky Affectionate Boy  
Lucky Affectionate Girl  
Lucky English Boy or Girl Fortunate
Lucky Movies and TV Boy  
Lucky Movies and TV Girl  
Lucky Nicknames Boy  
Lucky Nicknames Girl  
Lucrece   Girl  
Lucretia Latin Girl  
Lucy Latin Girl Light
Lucy Movies and TV Girl  
Ludlow English Boy From Ludlow
Ludwig Germanic Boy Fame and war
Luella American English Girl  
Luis Germanic Boy Fame and war
Luisa Germanic Girl Fame and war
Lujuana Spanish Girl  
Luka Greek Boy or Girl Man from Lucania
Lukas Greek Boy Man from Lucania
Luke Greek Boy Man from Lucania
Lukina   Girl  
Lumina Latin Girl Luminous
Luna Latin Girl Moon
Lundy   Boy or Girl  
Lunette   Girl  
Lunt   Boy  
Lupe Spanish Girl Valley of the wolves
Lupita   Girl  
Lurch Movies and TV Boy  
Luther Germanic Boy People army
Luyu Native American Girl One who is a head shaker
Luz Spanish Girl Light
Ly Vietnamese Boy or Girl Lion
Lyanne Greek Girl Singable
Lydia Germanic Girl Noble kind
Lydie Greek Girl Woman from Lydia
Lykaios Greek Boy  
Lykaios Greek Girl  
Lyle French Boy Island
Lyman English Boy Clearing, meadow
Lyn English Girl  
Lyndon English Boy Lime tree hill
Lyndsay English Girl Lincoln island
Lyndsey English Boy or Girl Lincoln island
Lynelle English Girl  
Lynn English Girl  
Lynne English Boy or Girl  
Lynsey English Girl Lincoln island
Lyra Greek Girl Lyre
Lyre Old English Boy  
Lyric English Boy or Girl Lyric
Lyris Greek Girl Lyre
Lysander Greek Boy Freeing a man
Lysandra Greek Boy Freeing a man
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