Dog Names starting with the letter O

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Oakes English Boy
Oakley English Boy From the oak meadow
Oanez Greek Girl Chaste
Oatmeal Boy or Girl
Obadiah Hebrew Boy
Obedience English Boy or Girl The quality of being obedient
Obelia Greek Girl
Obelix Greek Boy
Oberon German Boy or Girl Noble bear
Obert Germanic Boy or Girl Famous for his inheritance
Obiajulu African Boy
Obie Boy or Girl
Obsession Fashion Boy
Obsession Fashion Girl
Obsession Personality Boy
Obsession Personality Girl
Obsidian Boy or Girl
Oceana Greek Girl Ocean
Ochen Boy
Octavia Latin Girl Eighth
Octavio Latin Boy Eighth
Octavius Latin Boy Eighth
October Boy or Girl
Oda Germanic Girl Wealth
Odakota Boy
Odalis Germanic Girl Wealth
Odalys Germanic Girl Wealth
Odamae Boy or Girl
Odd Boy or Girl
Oddessy Boy or Girl
Oddity Boy or Girl
Oddvar Norwegian Boy Point
Odea Girl
Oded Hebrew Boy To encourage
Odeda Hebrew Girl Encouraged
Odele Girl
Odelette French Girl
Odelia Old German Girl
Odell English Boy Woad hill
Oden Boy or Girl
Odera Hebrew Girl Plough
Odessa Ukrainian Girl Place name
Odet Boy or Girl
Odetta Germanic Girl Wealth
Odette Germanic Girl Wealth
Odie English Boy or Girl Woad hill
Odies Boy or Girl
Odil French Boy
Odin Historical Boy
Odina Native American Girl The hills
Odion African Boy Eldest of twins
Odon English Boy Prosperous protection
Ody Boy or Girl
Odysseus Greek Boy Full of wrath
Officer Titles Boy
Ofira Hebrew Girl Gold
Ogden English Boy Oak valley
Oggnob Boy or Girl
Ogilvy Boy
Ogua Boy or Girl
Oguz Boy
Ohana Boy or Girl
Ohanzee Native American Boy Dark shade
Oistin Boy or Girl
Oj Foods Boy
Oj Foods Boy or Girl
Ojal Sanskrit Girl Vision
Ojo African Boy or Girl A troubled birth
Okalani Hawaiian Girl From heaven
Okan Turkish Boy
Okelani Hawaiian Girl
Oki Japanese Girl Open sea
Okolo Boy or Girl
Okoth African Boy or Girl Born in the rain
Oksana Russian Girl
Okwaho Boy or Girl
Olaf Norse Boy Ancestor
Olathe Native American Girl Pretty
Olav Boy or Girl
Olayinka Girl
Olcay Girl
Old yeller Appearance: Blond Boy
Old yeller Arts and Literature Boy
Old yeller Movies and TV Boy
Oldrich Boy
Oleg Russian Boy Sacred
Oleos Spanish Boy
Olesia Girl
Olga German Girl Holy
Oli Boy or Girl
Oliana Hawaiian Girl
Olier Boy
Olin English Boy Holy
Olina Girl
Olinda Spanish Girl Native of Olinda
Olive English Girl Olive
Olive Foods Girl
Oliver French Boy Elf army
Olivia English Girl Elf army
Olli Boy or Girl
Ollie French Boy Elf army
Olly English Boy or Girl Elf army
Olwen Welsh Girl White footprint
Olympe Greek Girl From Mount Olympus
Olympia Greek Girl From Mount Olympus
Omana Sanskrit Girl Giver of life
Omar Arabic Boy
Omari Arabic Boy Populous
Omarion Arabic Boy Populous
Omarjeet Hindu Boy
Omega Greek Girl
Omelette Boy or Girl
Ompoly Boy
On Hebrew Boy Power
Ona Hebrew Girl Grace
Onaedo Girl
Onaona Hawaiian Girl Soft fragrance
Onawa Native American Girl Wide awake
Ond Boy
Ondrea Czech Girl Like a woman
One-eyed Boy or Girl
Oneida Native American Girl The people of the stone
Onella Greek Girl Torch
Onenn Girl
Oni African Girl Born in a holy place
Onida Girl
Onix Boy or Girl
Onofre Spanish Boy Defender of peace
Onur Girl
Onyx Nature Boy
Onyx Nature Boy or Girl
Onyx Nature Girl
Onzloe Boy or Girl
Oobie Boy or Girl
Oompa Boy or Girl
Oona Latin Girl One
Opa Native American Girl Big owl
Opal Nature Boy
Opal Sanskrit Girl Jewel, gem
Ophelia Greek Girl Help
Ophrah Hebrew Girl Young deer
Opium Fashion Boy
Opium Fashion Girl
Oprah Hebrew Girl Young deer
Ora Hebrew Girl Light
Oracle Boy or Girl
Oral Latin Boy Golden son
Oralee Hebrew Girl My light
Oralia Latin Girl Golden
Oran Gaelic Boy Dark-haired
Orane French Girl
Orange Foods Girl
Orde English Boy or Girl Start
Orealve Boy or Girl
Orelious Boy
Oren Hebrew Boy Pine tree
Orenda Native American Girl Supernatural power
Oreo Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Oreo Appearance: Unique Markings Boy or Girl
Oreo Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Oreo Foods Boy
Oreo Foods Girl
Oreosh Boy or Girl
Orestes Greek Boy Mountain
Oria Hebrew Girl Light of God
Oriana Latin Girl Dawn, gold
Orianna Latin Girl Dawn, gold
Oriel Old French Girl
Orien Boy or Girl
Orinda Hebrew Girl Pine tree
Oriole Girl
Orion Greek Boy
Orion Nature Boy
Orkin Boy or Girl
Orla Gaelic Girl Golden princess
Orlanda Germanic Girl Famous country
Orlando Germanic Boy Famous country
Orlantha Old German Girl
Orli Hebrew Girl Light is mine
Orly Boy or Girl
Orman Turkish Boy Forest
Ormand English Boy
Ormond English Boy or Girl Bears mountain
Ormos Boy
Ornice Hebrew Boy Cedar tree
Oro Boy
Orpah Hebrew Girl A fawn, a forelock
Orrick English Boy Old oak tree
Orrin Gaelic Boy Little green one
Ors Boy
Orson French Boy Bear
Ortensia Latin Girl Garden
Orville French Boy Gold town
Orwell Arts and Literature Boy
Osanna Hebrew Girl Deliver us
Osaze Hebrew Boy
Osbaldo German Boy Uncertain, possibly divine power
Osbert English Boy Bright god
Osborn Old English Boy
Osborne Hebrew Boy
Osbourne English Boy Divine bear
Oscar English Boy Divine spear
Oscar and emmy Movies and TV Boy
Oscar and emmy Movies and TV Girl
Oscar the grouch Movies and TV Boy
Oscar the grouch Personality Boy
Osias Boy
Osiris Ancient Egyptian Boy or Girl Uncertain, perhaps \throne of the eye\
Osmond Old English Boy
Oso Appearance: Big Boy
Oso Appearance: Big Girl
Osric English Boy Sacred ruler
Ossi Boy or Girl
Ossian Gaelic Boy Little deer
Osvaldo German Boy Uncertain, possibly divine power
Oswald German Boy Uncertain, possibly divine power
Oswaldo German Boy Uncertain, possibly divine power
Oswin Old English Boy
Othello Arts and Literature Boy
Othello German Boy Wealth
Otieno African Boy Given life at night
Otis Greek Boy One who hears well
Otis Movies and TV Boy
Otto German Boy Wealth
Otylia Germanic Girl Wealth
Ouida Germanic Girl Fame and war
Outlaw Personality Boy
Ouzo Drinks Boy
Ouzo Drinks Girl
Ova Girl
Ove Girl
Overton Boy or Girl
Ovid Latin Boy Sheep
Ovidio Latin Boy Sheep
Owen Gaelic Boy Well born, yew born
Owena Gaelic Girl Well born, yew born
Oxford Old English Boy
Oya Boy or Girl
Oz Hebrew Boy
Ozan Boy
Ozaner Boy
Ozor Boy
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