Dog Names starting with the letter P

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
P. Boy or Girl
P.c. Boy or Girl
Pabio Boy or Girl
Pablo Latin Boy Small
Pabst Boy or Girl
Pace English Boy or Girl Peace
Pacey French Boy or Girl Paccius’ place
Packard Old English Boy
Paco Latin Boy From France
Paddington Places Boy
Paddy Latin Boy Patrician
Padfoot Boy or Girl
Padma Hindu Girl
Padmakar Indian Boy A pack of lotuses
Padmini Sanskrit Girl Lotus-like
Page English Boy Page
Pahana Native American Boy or Girl Anglo
Pai Boy or Girl
Paige English Girl Page
Paintere Boy or Girl
Paisley English Boy or Girl
Pakuna Native American Girl Deer that bounds and runs
Pal Affectionate Boy
Pal Affectionate Boy or Girl
Pal Affectionate Girl
Pal Movies and TV Boy
Pal Movies and TV Girl
Pal Nicknames Boy
Pal Nicknames Girl
Palani Boy or Girl
Paley Boy or Girl
Palikeke Boy or Girl
Palila Girl
Pallas Greek Boy or Girl Maiden, youth
Pallaton Boy
Pallav Indian Boy Frontier, leave
Pallavi Sanskrit Girl Young branch
Palma Latin Girl Prosperous
Palmer English Boy Pilgrim
Paloma Spanish Girl Dove
Palomi Hindu Girl
Palti Hebrew Boy My salvation
Pam English Girl
Pamee Hindu Girl
Pamela Greek Girl
Pamelia English Girl
Panca Boy or Girl
Pancho Latin Boy From France
Pancrazio Italian Boy
Panda Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Panda Appearance: Unique Markings Boy or Girl
Panda Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Panda Nature Boy
Panda Nature Girl
Pandemonium Personality Boy
Pandemonium Personality Girl
Pandemonium on paws Nicknames Boy
Pandemonium on paws Nicknames Girl
Pandemonium on paws Personality Boy
Pandemonium on paws Personality Girl
Pandita Sanskrit Boy Scholar
Pandora Greek Girl All gift
Pandya Hindu Boy
Panic Movies and TV Boy
Panic Movies and TV Girl
Pankaj Sanskrit Boy Mud-born
Pankhudi Hindu Girl
Pankita Indian Girl Clayish, sludgy
Panos Greek Boy
Pansy English Girl Thought
Pantalaimon Boy or Girl
Panthea Greek Boy
Panther Appearance: Black Boy
Pantxike Girl
Panya Swahili Girl Mouse
Panyin African Girl The eldest of twins
Paola Latin Girl Small
Paolo Latin Boy Small
Paper Boy or Girl
Papillon French Girl
Papina Native American Girl Vine that grows on oak tree
Paprika Appearance: Red Boy
Paprika Appearance: Red Girl
Paprika Foods Boy
Paprika Foods Girl
Parag Indian Boy Perfumed powder
Paramartha Indian Boy Truth
Paras Indian Boy Jewel of a wise man
Paris Fashion Boy
Paris Fashion Girl
Paris Historical Boy
Paris Historical Girl
Paris Places Boy
Paris Places Girl
Park Boy or Girl
Parker English Boy Gamekeeper of a park
Parlan Boy
Parley English Boy or Girl Pear wood
Parnika Hindu Girl
Parnita Hindu Girl
Parr English Boy Enclosure
Parrish English Boy or Girl From Paris
Parry Welsh Boy Son of Harry
Parsley Foods Boy
Parsley Foods Girl
Parson English Boy or Girl Parson
Parth Indian Boy Warrior prince
Partha Indian Boy Arjun
Parthivi Hindu Girl
Party Boy or Girl
Parul Sanskrit Girl Practical, beautiful, gracious
Parvani Hindu Girl
Parvati Hindu Girl
Parveen Persian Girl The Pleiades
Pascal Latin Boy Relating to Easter
Pascale Latin Girl Relating to Easter
Pasha Greek Boy or Girl Passover
Pashmina Boy or Girl
Pasqualli Boy or Girl
Passion Fashion Girl
Pat Latin Boy or Girl Patrician
Patamon Boy
Patch Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Patch Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Patches Boy or Girl
Patchy Boy or Girl
Patern Boy
Patia Spanish Girl
Patience English Girl Patience
Patit Boy or Girl
Patony Boy
Patrice Latin Girl A patrician
Patrick Latin Boy Patrician
Patsy Latin Girl A patrician
Patton Historical Boy
Patty Latin Girl A patrician
Paul Latin Boy Small
Paula Latin Girl Small
Paulette Latin Girl Small
Paulina Latin Girl Small
Pauline Latin Girl Small
Paulo Latin Boy Small
Paulomi Hindu Girl
Paulos Boy
Pauravi Indian Girl Region of india
Pavan Sanskrit Boy or Girl Purifying
Pavel Latin Boy Small
Pavi Hindu Girl
Paws Boy or Girl
Pax Latin Boy or Girl Peace
Pax Movies and TV Boy
Pax Movies and TV Girl
Paxton English Boy Settlement of Poecc
Payal Indian Girl Anklet
Payton English Boy Settlement of P£ga
Payton Old English Girl
Payton Sports Boy
Payton Sports Girl
Paz English Boy or Girl Peace
Pazia Hebrew Girl Gold of God
P-bear Boy or Girl
Pea Boy or Girl
Peace Affectionate Boy
Peace Affectionate Girl
Peace Personality Boy
Peace Personality Girl
Peace Religious Boy
Peace Religious Girl
Peaches Affectionate Boy or Girl
Peaches Affectionate Girl
Peaches Foods Girl
Peaches Nicknames Girl
Peanut Appearance: Small Boy
Peanut Appearance: Small Boy or Girl
Peanut Appearance: Small Girl
Peanut Foods Boy
Peanut Foods Girl
Pearl Appearance: White Boy
Pearl English Girl Pearl
Pearl Nature Boy
Pearl Nature Girl
Pearlie Girl
Pebbles Cartoons Girl
Peddley Boy or Girl
Peder Greek Boy Stone
Pedo Boy or Girl
Pedro Greek Boy Stone
Peede Boy or Girl
Peekaboo Boy or Girl
Peek-a-boo Boy or Girl
Peeko Boy or Girl
Peepers Boy or Girl
Peewee Boy or Girl
Pegeen Greek Girl
Peggy Greek Girl Pearl
Peggy, peg Greek Girl
Peigi Girl
Pekelo Boy
Peking Places Boy
Peking Places Girl
Peko Boy or Girl
Pelagia Greek Girl Of the Sea
Pele Sports Boy
Pele Sports Girl
Pelham English Boy or Girl Homestead of Peotla
Pelin Boy
Pell Old English Boy
Pellegrin Boy
Pemba African Girl
Pembroke Welsh Boy Headland
Penda Swahili Girl Affectionate
Pene Boy or Girl
Peneloepe Boy or Girl
Penelope Greek Girl Weaver
Penelope Historical Girl
Peni Hawaiian Girl
Penina Pacific Islander Girl Pearl
Penley Old English Boy
Penn English Boy Hill
Pennelope Boy or Girl
Penney Girl
Pennie Greek Girl Weaver
Penny Greek Girl Weaver
Penny-lane Boy or Girl
Penrod English Boy
Penthea Greek Girl The fifth born
Peony English Girl Type of flower
Pep Boy or Girl
Pepe Hebrew Boy or Girl He will enlarge
Pepin Germanic Girl
Peppa Nicknames Girl
Pepper Appearance: Black Boy
Pepper Appearance: Black Girl
Pepper Foods Boy
Pepper Foods Girl
Pepperige Boy or Girl
Peppermiz Boy or Girl
Pepperoni Boy or Girl
Peppy Boy or Girl
Pepsi Drinks Boy
Pepsi Drinks Boy or Girl
Pepsi Drinks Girl
Pepsy Boy or Girl
Percival French Boy Pierce valley
Percival, percy Old French Boy
Percy French Boy Pierce valley
Perdie Boy or Girl
Perdita Latin Girl Lost
Peregrine Latin Girl Foreigner, stranger
Peri Hebrew Girl Fruit
Peril Boy
Periwinkle Boy or Girl
Perky Boy or Girl
Perla Italian Girl Pearl
Permythius Boy or Girl
Pernelle Latin Boy or Girl
Perri English Boy
Perri Latin Girl Foreigner, stranger
Perrin Greek Boy or Girl Stone
Perriwinkle Boy or Girl
Perry Latin Boy Foreigner, stranger
Persephone Greek Girl
Persis Greek Girl
Perth Celtic Boy
Peta Greek Girl Stone
Petal Affectionate Boy or Girl
Petal Affectionate Girl
Petal Nature Girl
Petal Nicknames Girl
Petara Girl
Pete Greek Boy Stone
Peter Greek Boy Stone
Peterina Boy or Girl
Petey Greek Boy or Girl Stone
Petra Greek Girl Stone
Petre Boy or Girl
Petrie Boy or Girl
Petrina Greek Girl
Petronella Latin Girl Of the Petronia family
Petticoat Boy or Girl
Pettle Boy or Girl
Petula English Girl
Peublo Boy or Girl
Peugeot Cars Girl
Peurto Boy or Girl
Pewter Boy or Girl
Peyton English Boy or Girl Settlement of P£ga
Phaedra Greek Girl Bright
Phagen Boy or Girl
Phailin Thai Girl Sapphire
Phantom Appearance: White Boy
Phantom Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Phedra Greek Girl
Phelan Gaelic Boy Little wolf
Pheobie Boy or Girl
Phil Greek Boy Lover of horses
Phila Greek Girl Appealing
Philadelphia Greek Girl Brotherly love
Philana Greek Girl Lover of mankind
Philander Greek Boy Lover of mankind
Philantha Greek Girl Lover of flowers
Philiciti Boy or Girl
Philip Greek Boy Lover of horses
Philippa Greek Girl Lover of horses
Phillip Greek Boy Lover of horses
Phillipa Greek Boy Lover of horses
Phillipe Boy or Girl
Philomena Greek Girl To love strength
Phineas English Girl The Nubian
Phoebe Greek Boy
Phoebe Greek Girl Bright
Phoebe Historical Boy
Phoebe Historical Girl
Phoebe Movies and TV Boy
Phoebe Movies and TV Girl
Phoebie Boy or Girl
Phoena Girl
Phoenix Greek Boy Phoenix
Phoenix Greek Girl
Phoenix Places Boy
Phoenix Places Girl
Phoolan Indian Girl Name of a flower
Phred Boy or Girl
Phuket Places Boy
Phuket Places Girl
Phuoc Vietnamese Boy Capable
Phuong Boy
Phutika Hindu Girl
Phylicia Greek Girl Foliage
Phyllis Greek Girl Foliage
Pia Latin Girl Pious
Picasso Boy or Girl
Picclo Boy or Girl
Piccolo Boy or Girl
Picerious Boy
Pick Nicknames Girl
Pickerington Boy or Girl
Pickle Boy or Girl
Pickles Foods Boy
Pickles Foods Boy or Girl
Pickles Foods Girl
Pico Boy or Girl
Pie Foods Girl
Pie Movies and TV Girl
Piebald Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Piebald Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Pier Greek Girl Stone
Pierce Greek Boy Stone
Pierr Boy or Girl
Pierre Greek Boy Stone
Pierrette Greek Girl Stone
Pierson Greek Boy Stone
Pika Boy or Girl
Pikachu Boy or Girl
Pilan Boy
Pilar Spanish Girl Pillar
Pillow Nicknames Girl
Pilsner Drinks Boy
Pim Germanic Boy Will, desire + helmet, protection
Pinchers Personality Boy
Pinchers Personality Girl
Pinchy Boy or Girl
Ping Chinese Boy or Girl Fair
Pink English Girl Pink
Pins Nicknames Girl
Pinstripe Boy or Girl
Pinta Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Pinta Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Pip Appearance: Small Boy
Pip Appearance: Small Girl
Pip Foods Boy
Pip Foods Girl
Pip Greek Boy or Girl Lover of horses
Pipa Boy or Girl
Piper English Girl A pipe player
Piper Old English Boy
Piping Boy or Girl
Pippa Greek Girl Lover of horses
Pipper Boy or Girl
Pippi Greek Boy or Girl Lover of horses
Pippilatus Boy or Girl
Pippin Latin Boy or Girl Foreigner, stranger
Pipsqueak Boy or Girl
Pique Boy or Girl
Pirate Boy or Girl
Pirro Boy or Girl
Pisa Boy or Girl
Pistachio Boy or Girl
Piston Boy or Girl
Pita African Boy or Girl The fourth girl baby
Pitch Appearance: Black Boy
Pitter and patter Nicknames Girl
Piusz Boy
Pivari Hindu Girl
Pixel Boy or Girl
Pixie Affectionate Boy
Pixie Affectionate Girl
Pixie Appearance: Small Boy
Pixie Appearance: Small Girl
Pixie Celtic Boy
Pixie Celtic Girl
Pixil Boy or Girl
Pixy Boy or Girl
Piyali Indian Girl Wooden plant with main trunk
Piyush Indian Boy Drink of the gods
Pizza Foods Boy
Pizza Foods Boy or Girl
Pizza Foods Girl
Pizzo Boy or Girl
Pj Nicknames Boy or Girl
Pj Nicknames Girl
Pk Nicknames Girl
Placida Girl
Placido Latin Boy Untroubled
Plato Greek Boy Liberal
Plato Historical Boy
Platon Greek Boy
Platt Boy or Girl
Plavador Boy or Girl
Plax Boy or Girl
Plaxico Boy or Girl
Pleasance English Girl Pleasure
Pleo Boy or Girl
Pliskin Boy or Girl
Plopers Boy or Girl
Pluto Greek Boy or Girl Wealth, riches
Pluto Nature Boy
P-nut Boy or Girl
Pocchi Boy or Girl
Pocket Boy or Girl
Pockets Boy or Girl
Poco Appearance: Small Boy
Poco Appearance: Small Boy or Girl
Poco Appearance: Small Girl
Pocohontas Boy or Girl
Poesy Movies and TV Boy
Poesy Movies and TV Girl
Pogo Boy or Girl
Points Boy or Girl
Poison Personality Boy
Poison Personality Girl
Poke-a-dot Boy or Girl
Pokey Boy or Girl
Poko Boy or Girl
Polar Appearance: White Boy
Polar Appearance: White Girl
Polar Nature Boy
Polar Nature Girl
Pollux Greek Boy or Girl Coronet
Polly Hebrew Girl
Polo Fashion Boy
Poloma Native American Girl Bow
Polona Girl
Polyester Boy or Girl
Pomona Latin Girl Fruit tree
Pompeii Historical Boy
Pompeii Places Boy
Ponce Latin Boy Fifth
Pong Boy or Girl
Pongo Cartoons Boy
Pongo Cartoons Boy or Girl
Pongo Cartoons Girl
Pongo Personality Boy
Pongo Personality Girl
Pongor Boy
Ponpon Boy or Girl
Poo Boy or Girl
Pooch Nicknames Girl
Poodle Movies and TV Boy
Poodle Movies and TV Girl
Pooh Boy or Girl
Pooja Sanskrit Girl Worship
Pooka Boy or Girl
Pookie Boy or Girl
Pookie-poo Boy or Girl
Pooky Affectionate Boy
Pooky Affectionate Girl
Pooky Cartoons Boy
Pooky Cartoons Girl
Pooky Nicknames Boy
Pooky Nicknames Girl
Poonam Hindu Girl
Poopoo Boy or Girl
Poops-a-lot Boy or Girl
Poopsi Boy or Girl
Poopsie Boy or Girl
Pootie Boy or Girl
Pop Boy or Girl
Popcorn Appearance: White Boy
Popcorn Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Popcorn Appearance: White Girl
Popcorn Foods Boy
Popcorn Foods Girl
Popeye Boy or Girl
Popper Boy or Girl
Poppet Boy or Girl
Popples Boy or Girl
Poppy English Girl Poppy flower
Poppy Nature Girl
Poppy Nicknames Girl
Popsicle Boy or Girl
Porkchop Boy or Girl
Porridge Appearance: White Boy
Porridge Appearance: White Girl
Porridge Foods Boy
Porridge Foods Girl
Porsche Cars Girl
Porsche Latin Boy or Girl Pig
Porsha Latin Girl Pig
Porter Latin Boy One who carries goods
Porter Titles Boy
Porthos Boy or Girl
Portia Latin Girl Pig
Porticus Boy or Girl
Posidion Boy or Girl
Posiedon Boy or Girl
Possum Nature Boy
Possum Nature Girl
Posy Hebrew Girl He will enlarge
Potsie Movies and TV Boy
Pouch Appearance: Small Boy
Pouch Appearance: Small Girl
Powa Native American Boy Wellness
Powder Appearance: White Boy
Powder Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Powder Appearance: White Girl
Powder Nature Boy
Powder Nature Girl
Powell Welsh Boy Son of Hywel
Prabha Sanskrit Girl The light
Prabhakar Sanskrit Boy Light-maker
Prabhati Indian Girl Morning shine
Prabodh Sanskrit Boy Awakening
Prachi Hindu Girl
Pradeep Sanskrit Boy Light, lantern
Pradeepta Hindu Girl
Praful Indian Boy Flourishing
Pragati Indian Girl Improvement
Pragya Indian Girl Insight
Prama Indian Girl Knowing the facts
Pramada Sanskrit Girl Joy, pleasure
Pramath Indian Boy Supporter of shiva
Pramsu Hindu Boy
Pranati Indian Girl Giving grace, modesty
Pranav Sanskrit Boy Praise
Pranay Sanskrit Boy (Spiritual) leader
Prancer Boy or Girl
Prapti Indian Girl Catch up
Prasanth Hindu Boy
Prasata Indian Boy Father of Draupad
Prasert Girl
Prashant Hindu Boy
Prashanti Sanskrit Girl Supreme peace
Prasoon Indian Boy Flower
Prassana Hindu Boy
Pratap Sanskrit Boy Heat
Pratik Sanskrit Boy The image or symbol of God
Pratiksha Hindu Girl
Pratima Sanskrit Girl Image, idol
Pratyush Indian Boy Sunrise
Praveen Indian Boy Skilled
Pray Boy or Girl
Prayag Indian Boy Junction
Preacher Religious Boy
Preacher Titles Boy
Precious Movies and TV Girl
Precious Nicknames Girl
Precious Personality Girl
Predita Boy or Girl
Preeti Sanskrit Girl Delight
Preetish Indian Boy King of love
Preita Girl
Prelude Arts and Literature Boy
Prelude Arts and Literature Girl
Prelude Cars Boy
Prelude Cars Girl
Prem Sanskrit Boy Love, affection
Premala Girl
Premila Hindu Girl
Prentice English Boy Apprentice
Prerana Indian Girl Stimulation
Prescott Old English Boy
Presencia Spanish Girl Presence
President Titles Boy
Presley English Boy or Girl Priest clearing
Preston English Boy Priest settlement
Pretzel Appearance: Brown Boy
Pretzel Appearance: Brown Boy or Girl
Pretzel Appearance: Brown Girl
Pretzel Foods Boy
Pretzel Foods Girl
Pretzyl Boy or Girl
Prewitt English Boy
Preyasi Hindu Girl
Price Welsh Boy Son of Rhys
Prima Latin Girl First
Primavera Girl
Primel Boy
Primo Latin Boy First
Prince English Boy Royal son
Princeton English Boy or Girl Prince’s town
Pringle Boy or Girl
Print Boy or Girl
Prinz Boy or Girl
Prisca Latin Girl Ancient
Prita Sanskrit Girl Delighted
Prithu Indian Boy Humane
Priti Sanskrit Girl Delight
Pritika Indian Girl Beloved one
Private Titles Boy
Privrata Hindu Boy
Priya Sanskrit Girl Beloved
Priyadarshini Boy or Girl
Priyanka Indian Girl Beautiful symbol
Professor Boy or Girl
Proffessor Boy or Girl
Promise Movies and TV Girl
Prongs Boy or Girl
Prosper Latin Boy or Girl Prosperous
Prost Cars Boy
Prost Sports Boy
Provel Boy or Girl
Prozac Boy or Girl
Prudence Latin Girl Provident
Prue Latin Girl Provident
Prune Appearance: Black Girl
Prune Foods Girl
Prunella Latin Girl Plum
Pryor Boy
Psyche Greek Girl Soul
Psycho Boy or Girl
Ptolema Greek Girl
Ptolemy Greek Boy Warlike
Publius Latin Boy or Girl Public
Pucci Fashion Boy
Pucci Fashion Girl
Puck Boy or Girl
Puddin Boy or Girl
Puddles Boy or Girl
Puff Affectionate Girl
Puff Nicknames Girl
Puffdaddyo Boy or Girl
Puffer Nature Boy
Puffer Nature Girl
Puffin Boy or Girl
Puffkin Boy or Girl
Puffy Movies and TV Girl
Puffy Nicknames Girl
Pug Personality Boy
Pug Personality Boy or Girl
Pugnacious Boy or Girl
Pugnatious Boy or Girl
Pugsley Movies and TV Boy
Pulkit Hindu Boy
Pulkita Indian Girl Ravish, happy
Pumba Boy or Girl
Pummy Boy or Girl
Pump Boy or Girl
Pumpers Boy or Girl
Pumpkin Affectionate Boy or Girl
Pumpkin Affectionate Girl
Pumpkin Nicknames Girl
Punch and judy Arts and Literature Boy
Punch and judy Arts and Literature Girl
Pundari Hindu Girl
Pundarik Sanskrit Boy The (white) lotus
Pungey Boy or Girl
Punita Indian Girl Unmixed, neat
Punk Boy or Girl
Punkie Nature Boy
Punkie Nature Girl
Punkie Nicknames Boy
Punkie Nicknames Girl
Punkin Boy or Girl
Punky Boy or Girl
Pup pup Nicknames Girl
Puppy Boy or Girl
Pupsu Boy or Girl
Puranjay Indian Boy Shiva, victor
Purdy Affectionate Girl
Purdy Nicknames Girl
Purity English Girl Purity
Purple Boy or Girl
Purpy Boy or Girl
Purrty Affectionate Boy
Purrty Affectionate Girl
Purrty Nicknames Boy
Purrty Nicknames Girl
Purty Boy or Girl
Purujit Indian Boy Winner of love
Purvaja Indian Girl Forefather
Purvi Hindu Girl
Purvis French Girl One who provides food
Puskara Indian Boy Fountain
Pusti Hindu Girl
Putnam English Boy Putta’s home
Putter Boy or Girl
Puz Boy or Girl
Puzzles Boy or Girl
Pyp Boy or Girl
Pyramus Boy or Girl
Pyrena Greek Girl
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