Dog Names starting with the letter V

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Vachel French Boy Little cow
Vada Swedish Girl Famous ruler
Vader Appearance: Black Boy
Vader Movies and TV Boy
Vadim Russian Boy To blame
Vadin Sanskrit Boy Speaker
Vahe Boy
Vaibhav Sanskrit Boy Grandeur
Vail English Girl Valley, usually with a stream
Vairaja Hindu Boy
Vaisakhi Hindu Girl
Vaishali Hindu Girl
Val Latin Boy or Girl To be healthy, strong
Vala Norse Girl
Valborg Germanic Girl Protector on the battlefield
Valda Swedish Girl Famous ruler
Valdemar Germanic Boy Famous ruler
Valdez Spanish Boy or Girl From the place name in Alaska
Valean Boy or Girl
Valencia Latin Girl Healthy and strong
Valentina Latin Girl Healthy, strong
Valentine Affectionate Boy
Valentine Latin Girl Healthy, strong
Valentine Religious Boy
Valentine Religious Girl
Valentino Italian Boy Healthy, strong
Valeray Old French Boy
Valeria Latin Girl To be healthy, strong
Valerian Latin Boy To be healthy, strong
Valerie Latin Girl To be healthy, strong
Valeska Latin Girl To be healthy, strong
Valgerdr Girl
Valiant English Boy or Girl Brave
Valin Sanskrit Boy Tailed
Valintina Boy or Girl
Valisa Girl
Valkyrie Norse Boy or Girl Chooser of the slain
Vallis French Boy
Valonia Girl
Van Hebrew Girl God is gracious
Vance English Boy Dweller of a bog
Vandana Slavonic Girl
Vandita Hindu Girl
Vanesa Girl
Vanessa Literary Girl
Vang Nicknames Boy
Vania Russian Girl
Vanilla Appearance: White Boy
Vanilla Appearance: White Boy or Girl
Vanilla Appearance: White Girl
Vanilla Foods Boy
Vanilla Foods Girl
Vaninadh Hindu Boy
Vanjan Hindu Girl
Vanna Italian Girl She who sifts
Vanora Scottish Girl
Vanya Russian Girl
Vara Greek Girl
Varana Sanskrit Girl Enclosing
Varanese Italian Girl
Varda Hebrew Girl Rose
Varden French Boy
Vardon French Boy
Varick Germanic Boy Protector and ruler
Variya Hindu Boy
Varney Celtic Boy
Varocher French Boy
Varsha Sanskrit Girl Rain
Vartan Armenian Boy Rose giver
Varun Sanskrit Boy Withholder
Varuna Sanskrit Girl Withholder
Varuni Hindu Girl
Varvara Girl
Vasant Sanskrit Boy Spring
Vasanta Sanskrit Girl Brillant
Vasanti Sanskrit Girl Spring
Vasava Sanskrit Boy The chief of the Vasus
Vasavi Sanskrit Girl Treasury
Vash Boy or Girl
Vasha Girl
Vashti Persian Girl Good looking, beautiful
Vasiliki Greek Girl
Vasilios Greek Boy
Vasilis Greek Boy
Vasu Sanskrit Boy Bright
Vasudev Sanskrit Boy Indwelling God
Vasudhara Hindu Girl
Vasuki Sanskrit Girl
Vasuman Hindu Boy
Vasumati Sanskrit Girl Possesses a great treasure
Vaughan Welsh Boy Small
Vaughn Welsh Boy or Girl Small
Vavrin Boy
Vavrinec Boy
Vayk Boy
Vea Girl
Veata Cambodian Girl Clever
Veda Sanskrit Boy Knowledge
Vedanga Hindu Boy
Vedette Old French Girl
Vedmundr Boy
Veena Sanskrit Girl Lute
Veer Hindu Boy
Vega Arabic Boy
Vega Arabic Girl
Vega Movies and TV Boy
Vega Movies and TV Girl
Vegas Places Boy or Girl
Vegas Places Girl
Vegemite Appearance: Black Boy
Vegeta Boy or Girl
Velika Girl
Velma Germanic Girl Will, desire and helmet, protection
Velveeta Boy or Girl
Velvet Appearance: Black Girl
Velvet Middle English Girl
Velveteen Boy or Girl
Velvette Boy or Girl
Vencel Hungarian Boy Necklace of fame
Vendela Girl
Venec Boy
Venenito Boy or Girl
Veneno Boy or Girl
Venetia Latin Girl Group of Illyrian people
Venice Latin Girl From Venetia
Venitia Italian Girl
Ventura Italian Girl Good fortune
Vera Russian Girl Faith
Veradis Girl
Verda Girl
Verdad Spanish Girl Real
Verdi Girl
Vere French Boy
Vered Hebrew Boy
Verena English Girl
Verity English Girl
Verlee Girl
Vern Norse Boy Place of alders
Verna Norse Girl Place of alders
Vernados Boy
Verne Boy
Verner German Boy
Verney French Boy
Vernon Norse Boy Place of alders
Veronica Greek Girl Victory bringer
Veronique Girl
Verrill Boy
Verrin Old French Girl
Versatchi Boy or Girl
Veruca Movies and TV Girl
Vesper Girl
Vesta Latin Girl
Vevila Girl
Vi Latin Girl Violet
Vian English Boy
Vian Latin Boy or Girl Alive
Vianca Italian Girl White
Viau Boy
Vibhuti Sanskrit Girl Glory
Vic Latin Boy Victor
Vicente Latin Boy Conquering
Vicki Latin Girl Conqueror
Vicky Latin Girl Conqueror
Victor Latin Boy Victor
Vid German Boy
Vida Indian Girl Wisdom
Vidal Italian Boy Full of life
Vidar Norwegian Boy Uncertain meaning
Videl Boy or Girl
Vidette Hebrew Girl
Vidonia Portuguese Girl A section
Vidor Norwegian Boy Tree warrior
Vidvan Indian Boy Resourceful
Vidya Sanskrit Girl Knowledge
Vienna English Girl White
Viet Boy
Viho Native American Boy Chief
Vijay Sanskrit Boy Victory
Vikas Sanskrit Boy Radiant
Vikram Sanskrit Boy Stride
Vikrant Sanskrit Boy Bold
Vikriti Hindu Girl
Vila Girl
Vilhelm German Boy
Vilina Indian Girl Picked up, well-disposed
Viljalmr Boy
Villette Girl
Vilmos Germanic Boy Will, desire and helmet, protection
Vimal Sanskrit Boy Stainless
Vimala Sanskrit Girl Stainless
Vin Latin Boy Conquering
Vina English Girl Pet form of Lavina
Vinata Sanskrit Girl Humble
Vinay Sanskrit Boy Guide
Vinaya Sanskrit Girl Humble
Vince Latin Boy Conquering
Vincent Latin Boy Conquering
Vincenzo Latin Boy Conqueror
Vineet Sanskrit Boy Decent, domesticated
Vinita Sanskrit Girl Decent, domesticated
Vinnie Latin Boy Conquering
Vinny Latin Boy Conquering
Vinod Sanskrit Boy Diversion
Vinson English Boy Vincent’s son
Vinvella French Girl
Viola Latin Girl Violet
Violet Latin Girl Violet
Vipul Sanskrit Boy Abundant
Viraj Sanskrit Boy All-sovereign
Virasana Hindu Boy
Virendra Sanskrit Boy or Girl Leader of heroes
Virgil Latin Boy
Viridiana Italian Girl Young
Viridis Girl
Virini Hindu Girl
Virote Thai Boy Great
Visala Sanskrit Girl Spacious
Visant Boy
Vishal Indian Boy Gigantic
Visvajit Sanskrit Boy Conqueror of all
Visvakarman Hindu Boy
Visvayu Hindu Boy
Viswanath Hindu Boy
Vita Latin Girl Life
Vitalis Latin Boy Belongs to life
Vito Latin Boy Life
Vittorio Latin Boy Victor
Vivatma Hindu Boy
Vivek Sanskrit Boy True wisdom
Viveka Germanic Girl Little woman
Vivian Latin Girl Alive
Vivien Latin Girl Alive
Vivienne Latin Girl Alive
Vixen Nature Girl
Vlad Russian Boy Rule
Vladamir Slavonic Boy or Girl To rule with greatness or peace
Vladilen Russian Boy
Vladimar Boy or Girl
Vladimir Boy
Vodka Drinks Boy
Vodka Drinks Girl
Volcom Boy or Girl
Voldy Boy or Girl
Voleta Greek Girl
Voletta Old French Girl
Volker Germanic Boy Army
Volkswagen Cars Boy
Volkswagen Cars Girl
Volvo Cars Girl
Von Welsh Boy or Girl Small
Vonda Polish Girl
Voodoo Boy or Girl
Voteporix Boy
Vougay Boy
Vrinda Sanskrit Girl Cluster of flowers
Vui Vietnamese Girl Glad
Vyolet Boy or Girl
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