Dog Names starting with the letter W

Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Waddles Personality Boy
Waddles Personality Girl
Wade English Boy Ford
Waffles Boy or Girl
Waggoner German Boy
Wagner German Boy One who makes wagons
Wags Nicknames Boy
Wags Nicknames Girl
Wags Personality Boy
Wags Personality Girl
Waikiki Boy or Girl
Waite Boy
Wakanda Native American Girl Supernatural power
Wakefield English Boy From damp land
Walburga Girl
Walchelim Boy
Walda Germanic Girl Ruler
Waldemar Germanic Boy Famous ruler
Walden English Boy Peasant’s valley
Waldo Germanic Boy Ruler
Waldron English Boy Leader
Waleran Boy
Walker English Boy A fuller
Wall Boy or Girl
Wallace French Boy Foreigner
Walla-walla Boy or Girl
Wallie Germanic Boy or Girl Ruler of the army
Wallis French Boy or Girl Foreigner
Wally Germanic Boy Ruler of the army
Wally Nicknames Boy
Walnut Boy or Girl
Walt Germanic Boy Ruler of the army
Walter Germanic Boy Ruler of the army
Walton English Boy Foreigner
Waltraud Germanic Girl Battlefield
Waman Hindu Boy
Wanda Movies and TV Girl
Wanda Slavonic Girl
Waneta Native American Girl Charger
Wangsta Boy or Girl
Wannahawkaloogie Boy or Girl
Wapeka Girl
Ward English Boy Watchman, guard
Warner Germanic Boy Protecting army
Warren Germanic Boy Guard
Warrick Germanic Boy Protector and ruler
Warrior Titles Boy
Warwick English Boy Outlying settlement by the weir
Waseem Arabic Boy
Waseme Swahili Girl Let them talk
Washi Japanese Boy Eagle
Washington English Boy Settlement associated with Wassa
Wateka Girl
Watson English Boy Son of Walter
Watson Old English Boy
Wattan Girl
Wauna Native American Girl Snow geese honking
Waunder Boy or Girl
Waverly English Boy Quaking aspen
Waves Nature Boy
Waves Nature Girl
Waxy Boy or Girl
Waya Native American Boy or Girl Wolf
Wayland Germanic Boy War land
Waylen, wayland Old English Boy
Waylon English Boy Land by the road
Wayne English Boy A cartwright
Weasley Boy or Girl
Webb English Boy Weaver
Webber English Boy or Girl Weaver
Webster English Boy Weaver
Wednesday English Boy or Girl Woden’s Day
Weeble Boy or Girl
Weenie Appearance: Small Boy
Weenie Arts and Literature Boy
Weenie Foods Boy
Weezer Boy or Girl
Weezy Boy or Girl
Welcome English Boy
Weldon English Boy Spring hill or stream hill
Wellington Places Boy
Wells English Boy Stream
Wenda Literary Girl Friend
Wendell Germanic Boy A Wend
Wendi Literary Girl Friend
Wendy Literary Girl Friend
Wentworth English Boy Settlement of a pale man
Werner Germanic Boy Protecting army
Wes English Boy Western meadow
Wesley English Boy Western meadow
Wessel Germanic Boy Protecting army
West English Boy Brook on the west
Westbrook English Boy Brook on the west
Westley English Boy Western meadow
Weston English Boy West enclosure
Wetherby Old English Boy
Wexlton Boy or Girl
Weylin Boy
Whatsit Nicknames Boy
Whatsit Nicknames Girl
Wheaton English Boy Possibly ‘wheat enclosure’
Wheeler English Boy Wheel maker
Wheels Personality Boy
Wheels Personality Girl
When and if Nicknames Boy
When and if Nicknames Girl
Whip Boy or Girl
Whipper Boy or Girl
Whipple Boy or Girl
Whiskey Drinks Boy
Whiskey Drinks Boy or Girl
Whiskey Drinks Girl
Whisky Boy or Girl
Whisper Boy or Girl
Whistler English Boy Pipe player
Whit Old English Boy
Whitby English Boy White farm
Whitcomb English Boy White valley
Whitey Appearance: White Boy
Whitey Appearance: White Girl
Whitey English Boy or Girl
Whitfield Old English Boy
Whitie Boy or Girl
Whitlaw Old English Boy
Whitley English Boy or Girl White wood
Whitney English Girl White island
Whittaker English Boy White land
Whizzah Boy or Girl
Whizzer Boy or Girl
Whompus Boy or Girl
Whoopi Movies and TV Girl
Whopper Boy or Girl
Wicket Movies and TV Boy
Wicket Movies and TV Boy or Girl
Wicket Movies and TV Girl
Wid Boy
Widget Boy or Girl
Widgets Appearance: Small Boy
Widgets Appearance: Small Girl
Widjan Arabic Girl
Wieslav Boy
Wiggle Boy or Girl
Wiggles Boy or Girl
Wihtburth Girl
Wihtred Boy
Wilbert Germanic Boy Will, desire + bright, famous
Wilbuhr Boy or Girl
Wilbur English Boy Will
Wilbur and charlotte Cartoons Girl
Wild English Boy or Girl Wild, uncontrolled
Wilda Germanic Girl To strive
Wildfire Movies and TV Boy
Wildfire Movies and TV Girl
Wiley English Boy or Girl Trapper or hunter
Wilford English Boy Ford of willow trees
Wilfred English Boy A wish for peace
Wilfredo English Boy A wish for peace
Wilhelmina Germanic Girl Strong fighter
Will Germanic Boy Will, desire + helmet, protection
Willa Germanic Girl Will, desire and helmet, protection
Willard Germanic Boy Will, desire + hardy, brave, strong
Willem Germanic Boy Will, desire + helmet, protection
William Germanic Boy Will, desire and helmet, protection
Willie Germanic Boy Will, desire and helmet, protection
Willis Germanic Boy Will, desire and helmet, protection
Willoughby English Boy Willow settlement
Willow English Boy
Willow English Girl Willow
Wilma Germanic Girl Will, desire + helmet, protection
Wilmer English Boy Will, desire + famous
Wilona English Girl Longed for
Wilson English Boy Son of William
Wilton English Boy Willow enclosure
Winchell English Boy Child
Winchester Boy or Girl
Wind Girl
Winda African Girl One who hunts
Wind-dee Boy or Girl
Windex Boy or Girl
Winema Girl
Winfield English Boy Kind field
Winfred English Boy Joy and peace
Winifred Old English Boy
Winifred Old English Girl
Winifred Welsh Boy or Girl Blessed peace
Winkie Boy or Girl
Winkin Boy or Girl
Winky Boy or Girl
Winnie Arts and Literature Girl
Winnie Cartoons Girl
Winnie Movies and TV Girl
Winnie Welsh Boy or Girl Blessed peace
Winog Boy
Winola American English Girl
Winslow English Boy Wine’s hill
Winston English Boy Joy stone
Winston Historical Boy
Winter English Girl Winter
Winter Old English Boy
Winthrop English Boy Village of Wynna
Wise Personality Boy
Wise Personality Girl
Wishes Boy or Girl
Wittle Boy or Girl
Wizz Boy or Girl
Wizzer Boy or Girl
Wizzy Boy or Girl
Wolcott English Boy Peasant’s cottage
Wolf Appearance: Grey Girl
Wolf English Boy Wolf
Wolf Nature Boy
Wolf Nature Girl
Wolfe English Boy Wolf
Wolfgang Germanic Boy Wolf going
Wolfie Boy or Girl
Wolfram Boy
Wolly Boy or Girl
Wombat Nature Boy
Wombat Nature Girl
Wommbie Boy or Girl
Wonder Boy or Girl
Wood English Boy Wood
Woodley Old English Boy
Woodrow English Boy Wood row, wood line
Woods English Boy Wood
Woodstock Cartoons Boy
Woodstock Cartoons Boy or Girl
Woodstock Cartoons Girl
Woodward English Boy Forester (guardian of the wood)
Woody English Boy Wood row, wood line
Woody Nicknames Boy
Woof Cartoons Girl
Woofa Nicknames Boy
Woofa Nicknames Girl
Woofer Nicknames Boy
Woofer Nicknames Girl
Wookie Appearance: Big Boy
Wookie Appearance: Big Boy or Girl
Wookie Appearance: Big Girl
Wookie Movies and TV Boy
Wookie Movies and TV Girl
Woolly Boy or Girl
Woozel Boy or Girl
Worf Nicknames Boy
Wozza Boy or Girl
Wrangler Boy or Girl
Wray Boy
Wren English Boy Wren
Wrenna Boy or Girl
Wrigbee Boy or Girl
Wright Old English Boy
Wrinkles Appearance: Unique Markings Boy
Wrinkles Appearance: Unique Markings Girl
Wufei Boy or Girl
Wuffy Nicknames Boy
Wuffy Nicknames Girl
Wufie Boy or Girl
Wulfhere Boy
Wulfnoth Boy
Wyanet Native American Girl Beautiful
Wyatt English Boy Brave/strong/hardy war
Wycliff Boy
Wylie English Boy Trapper or hunter
Wylie Personality Boy
Wyman English Boy War protection
Wyndam Old English Boy
Wyndham English Boy Winda’s water meadow
Wynn English Girl Friend
Wynne Celtic Girl
Wynne English Boy or Girl Friend
Wynona Native American Girl Eldest daughter
Wyome Boy
Wystan English Boy Battle stone

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