Dog Names starting with the letter X

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Dog Name Origin Gender Meaning
Xan Boy
Xander Greek Boy Defending men
Xandra Greek Girl
Xandy Greek Girl
Xanthe Greek Girl Yellow
Xanthus Greek Boy Yellow
Xanti Boy
Xaquelina Girl
Xavier Arabic Boy
Xaviera Arabic Girl
Xaviere Girl
Xena Greek Girl Foreigner
Xena Movies and TV Girl
Xenia Greek Girl Welcoming
Xeno Greek Boy or Girl Merciful
Xenobia Greek Girl Force of Zeus
Xenon Greek Boy Foreigner
Xenophon Greek Boy
Xenophon Greek Boy or Girl Foreign voice
Xenos Greek Boy One who is not familiar
Xerox Nicknames Boy
Xerox Nicknames Girl
Xerox Personality Boy
Xerox Personality Girl
Xerxes Persian Boy Chief
X-force Boy or Girl
Xiang Chinese Girl Fragrance
Xiao Chinese Boy Having respect for the elders
Xibalba Boy or Girl
Ximen Spanish Boy Conscientious
Ximena Hebrew Girl Listening
Xing Chinese Boy or Girl Prosperous
Xiomara Spanish Girl Uncertain, perhaps battle-ready
Xiu Chinese Girl Develop
Xi-wang Chinese Boy or Girl Hope, wish, desire
Xuan Vietnamese Boy or Girl Spring season
Xurxo Boy
Xuxa Hebrew Girl Lily
Xylia Greek Girl Of the wooded land
Xylina Greek Girl
Xylon Greek Boy
Xylon Greek Boy or Girl Woods, wooded
Xylona Greek Girl Woods
Xylophone Boy or Girl
Xyza Girl
Xzavier Basque Boy New house
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