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Exercising Your Dog

As dog owners, we want our furry friends to live as long as possible.  Here are some tips for exercising your dog!

Benefits of Dog Exercise

Exercising your dog isn’t just to control their weight, but it can also help with diseases such as hip dysplasia and heart disease.  It also improves bone and joint health, as well as lung function.  Having your dog exercise every day will help tire them out for when you are at work or when they are left alone.

How much should my dog exercise?

Exercise levels will vary depending on breed, size, and age, but daily exercise is still important.  While breeds like shepherds will do better at agility activities, whereas a retrieving breed will do best playing fetch.  If you’re planning on having your dog be a running companion, make sure to gradually increase the distance to build up your dog’s endurance.

Safety Tips for Exercising

Some safety things to think about when dogs are exercising is overheating.  Overheating is a risk for every type of dog, especially those in warmer and humid climates year round.  Make sure you have water available to your dog if they become overheated.  Consider bringing a collapsible traveling dog bowl for those hot and humid days.  It clips right onto a leash or belt!

Like humans need Gatorade, your pup needs to restore their electrolytes too. A supplement, like this supplement for active dogs, can help your dog stay hydrated and improve muscle recovery time.

Conversely, another safety precaution is for our furry friends in colder climates.  Frostbite to the extremities, like the nose, ears, and feet, is possible in colder temperatures.  Your dog can also become irritated by the sand and salt on the streets and sidewalks to melt the ice, so wiping their feet off after exercise is good for your dog. Here are some more tips for pet safety in cold temperatures.

Bond with Your Pet

Getting your dog out to exercise isn’t just a benefit for them, but for the owner as well.  Dogs are the perfect exercise companion because they are loyal and energetic.  They also provide social support and keep you motivated to stay on track.  Scheduling walk times with your canine companion will make you feel responsible for staying focused.

So grab a dog leash and get exercising today!

What’s your dog’s favorite way to exercise?

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