Our softest leather collars yet!

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These collars are by far some of softest collars on the market and if you’re all about comfortable high quality collars for your dog then you’ll love these Bison and Elk Custom Leather Dog Collars.

One of our employees described these unique collars as “buttery soft”, but unlike butter these collars won’t add 10 lbs to your dog.









Let’s not forget to mention how stylish these dog collars are! The combination of bison and elk hide along with the personalized brass nameplate really give these collars a unique look! The personalized brass nameplate offers 4 customizable lines with a max of 30 characters per line. With our high tech laser engraver we’ll be able to completely personalize your collar and give your dog an advantage in any beauty contest he/she walks into.

You have to feel it to believe it!

Collar Sizes Available:
5/8″ x 9″
5/8″ x 11″
3/4″ x 13″
3/4″ x 15″
3/4″ x 17″
3/4″ x 19″
1″ x 17″
1″ x 19″
1″ x 21″
1″ x 23″
1″ x 25″

Leash Sizes Available:
3/4″ x 48″

Colors Available:
Peanut Bison/Gold Elk
Natural Bison/Chocolate Elk
Black Bison/Mahogany Elk
Chocolate Bison/Gold Elk
Chocolate Bison/Hot Pink Elk
Purple Bison/Lime Green Elk
Deep Red Bison/Gold Elk
Purple Bison/Hot Pink Elk

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