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River’s Favorite Products

Our spokesdog, River, is a very active yellow labrador who loves to swim and fetch. River, just like all dogs, always has his favorite toys and treats, so we are making a list of River’s favorite things. He would have liked to type this list himself, but his paws are just too big for the keyboard!

River’s Favorite Things

One of River’s favorite things is our Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar.  This collar is very durable! His family doesn’t have to worry about this collar becoming all smelly after his antics in and out of the water.

Like his collar, the Soft Grip Snap Leash is waterproof and odor proof.  Even though it is a very durable leash, it also is very comfortable in the owner’s hand!  It also won’t crack in subzero temperatures (which can happen quite a few times here in North Dakota!).

Pet ID Tags by Andrew is another favorite of River’s.  There are so many colorful options and it helps that they are indestructible!  Plus, they aren’t just for dogs–River’s feline friends can also get a hand painted personalized ID tag.

River’s absolute favorite ball to play with is the Jive Ball!  He is always carrying it around the office and wanting us to throw it for him.  This ball is guaranteed indestructible and is gentle on teeth.

A lot of dogs like rawhides and River is no different.  He really enjoys chewing on our Hypoallergenic Bison Rawhide.  We feel good about him chewing on those because they aren’t made with any chemicals or hormones and they’re made in North Dakota!

After a long day, River likes to lie down in his Dog Bed. His bed is both water and stain resistant. We can tell he starts to relax as soon as he lies down!

This wraps up the list of some of River’s favorite products. We know your four-legged friend would love them too!


What is your favorite dogIDs product?

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