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Oval Cross Double Elevated Dog Bowl

The Oval Cross Double Elevated Dog Bowl features a simple yet elegant design with curved cross-stitch sides and an oval base. The small and medium sizes fit Petware Pottery brand small and medium ceramic dog bowls. These raised dog bowls are made of...
Libro Double Diner Large 1

Libro Double Diners

Inspired by the top-selling Baron Diner, the new Libro Double Diner is for the modern big dog. It comes in 3 sizes and is crafted from wrought iron with non-slip tips on the legs to help prevent sliding on hardfloor. Diner Dimensions: Large - 23...

Pyramid Single Elevated Dog Bowl

The Pyramid Single Elevated Dog Bowl is the ultimate combination of simplicity and stability. The small and medium sizes fit Petware Pottery brand small and medium size dog bowls. With top-quality materials and design, you're sure to enjoy this dog bowl...
Vision Indoor & Outdoor Single Diner Black

Vision Indoor & Outdoor Single Diner

Now available as a single diner, the pet-favorite Vision Indoor and Outdoor Diner works great for having water out on the patio. Just like the double diner, this dog bowl fits both modern and traditional homes and is finished with a UV resistant...

Regal Double Elevated Dog Bowls

The Regal Double Elevated Dog Bowls is a simple, elegant design, perfect for any home decor. Featuring non-skid plastic tips on the legs and made of high-quality materials, these raised dog bowls are sure to please.   Diner Dimensions: Small...

How to Choose the Best Pet Bowl

Is your dog a fast or messy eater?

We have dog bowls to help pets that gobble down their food quickly and make a huge mess. Our slow feed dog food bowls have a raised circle in the middle, making it a little more challenging for your dog to get his food, forcing him to slow down.

Is your dog aging or injured?

We have a wide selection of elevated dog feeders for your pet. Raised dog dishes make the eating position more comfortable for your dog by bringing the food and water higher and closer to their mouths. These are a great option for aging, injured or arthritic dogs.

The elevated bowls also come in double diner options to keep food and water in one organized place.

Is your dog your travel buddy?

We have a pet food container that can hold up to 14 pounds of food for your road trip. We also have a great selection of travel or collapsible bowls for dogs and other dog feeding accessories that will make your travels together easier for you.

How big of a dog water bowl do you need?

Most people know how much food their dog bowls need to hold, thanks to feeding amount charts on dog food bags or “friendly” reminders from your vet. But knowing how much water to give your dog each morning is less obvious.

Each day, dogs drink about one ounce of water per pound of their body weight. So if you have a 25-pound dog, make sure your water bowl holds at least 25 ounces of water. That would mean a one-liter bowl would work well for you.