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Dog Harnesses

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If you’ve never paid much attention to the dog harness, you might be missing out! In addition to looking good, a custom harness can help you gain more control over your dog as well as function as a great training tool. Does your dog like to jump on strangers? Are they what we like to call “a puller?” Do you live in an urban location with high traffic? These are all great reasons to invest in a harness. Lucky for you, we have a variety of harnesses to fit the needs of any dog. From large breeds to puppies, sporty dogs to diva dogs, we have a harness you’ll love. Check out our collection and find the safe and stylish option for you.
We are so confident in the quality of our products, we buy them for our own dogs at home! This has given us a lot of insight into each product’s best features. If you need help finding the perfect harness for your pup, take a look at our suggestion guide at the bottom of the page.
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A Custom Dog Harness for Every Activity

Finding the right harness for your dog can be a challenge, but selecting a style based on your lifestyle is a great way to start. We’ve been in the business for a while and have a few recommendations to share. If you’re looking for guidance, check out our suggestions below.

For Adventurous Dogs

This includes any dog that enjoys the great outdoors and travel. For the adventurers, we suggest our dog backpack, camera mount harness, and adventure harness. These lightweight harnesses are perfect for any dog on the go. The backpack can carry supplies for a long journey, such as a hike, and the camera mount harness can help you capture the memories from your trip through your dog’s point of view.

For Working Dogs

For service dogs and their handlers, a harness is an essential piece of equipment. With their specific needs in mind, we provide harnesses that help them perform their duties without being interrupted. Our embroidered service dog harnesses come in six vibrant colors with bold text featuring the phrase of your choice. The purpose of our service dog harness is to help those around you understand they should not approach your dog on duty.

If you already have a harness but you’re looking to alert others of your working dog’s responsibilities, you might want to check out our velcro service dog harness patches. With 84 patch options, we guarantee you’ll find the one that best represents the message you’re trying to send to passersby.

For Sporty Dogs

We recommend our adventure harness for athletic dogs, too! This lightweight padded dog harness can keep your furry friend comfortable and cool throughout the day. Plus, it’s V-shaped design reduces strain on the front of their neck. We also have a weight pulling harness for competitive pups. Our weight pulling harness is great for a variety of activities including sledding, body conditioning, or skijoring. It’s also all-weather, meaning you can use it year-round in any condition. An added bonus: it’s outlined with light reflective trim. Day or night, your pup will be safe and secure. Bring on the elements!

For Excitable Dogs

We know the type! For dogs that just can’t wait to get going and have a tendency to pull on their leashes, we have a number of heavy duty dog harnesses including the heavy duty nylon dog harness, multi-purpose adjustable nylon dog harness, no pull universal dog harness, and neoprene nylon dog harness. Each of these options feature wide nylon straps for added comfort and an additional handle on the dog’s back for pet parents to gain more control.

For Safety Seeking Pet Parents

At dogIDs, we understand that safety is number one priority. That’s why we created the embroidered Nylon Dog Harness. It has it all, comfort, safety, and good looks. Choose from 15 nylon and 19 thread colors for a custom color palette to represent your pup’s personality. Our embroidered dog harness can hold up to 24 characters, which is plenty of room for your dog’s name and your phone number. In the event your dog wanders too far from home, your personalized embroidery will ensure a stranger can escort them home safely.

How do I choose the right size harness for my dog?

We size our harnesses based on a dog’s girth. The word “girth” refers to the circumference of your dog’s chest. In order to measure their girth, gently wrap either a tape measure or string around their chest about an inch or two behind their front legs.

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