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Dog Leashes

65 Products Available
As dog owners ourselves, we fully understand both the utility and the aesthetic value that leashes have. The dog leash you select is far more than a lead that protects your furry friend. The right leash has to be durable, lightweight, easy to handle, and a good fit for your dog. The product lines we create and supply not only meet our high standards for durability and overall quality, they are the same custom dog leashes that our beloved pets use! You can feel confident that the personalized leashes you purchase from dogIDs are going to survive many years of happy adventuring.

Styles To Boast About

Our great selection of different colors, sizes, and materials means that you won’t have to compromise on the look you desire. dogIDs offers a wide range of leashes for all kinds of purposes, including training, walking, and show. Some of our high-quality styles include:

• Martingale
• Slip leads
• Soft nylon webbing
• Padded leather
• English bridle leather
• Reflective

Personalizing Your New Leash

Many dog owners own multiple leashes in order to accommodate the needs of different dogs and to adapt to changing circumstances, including the seasons. Lightweight, hardwearing nylon leashes can receive custom embroidery to spell out a name or short message. Select a bright stitching color to contrast nicely with the nylon leash you select. Our handsome English bridle leashes and designer Italian leather leashes can both be customized with rivet-on tags that display the name of your dog and any phone number you wish to add. These engraved plates are guaranteed for the life of your pet and add a touch of class to the leash you select.

Order Your New Leashes Today!

Browse our selection below to find the perfect leash for your dog. You can place an order directly through our website, and if you have any questions, feel free to call us toll free at 800-720-8247. Treat your dog today!
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Items 1-36 of 65
Personalized Waterproof Soft Grip Snap LeashPersonalized Waterproof Soft Grip Snap LeashAs low as: $39.00

35 reviews

Personalized Designer Italian Leather LeashPersonalized Designer Italian Leather LeashAs low as: $59.00

13 reviews

Custom Embroidered Nylon Dog LeashCustom Embroidered Nylon Dog LeashAs low as: $27.00

5 reviews

Personalized Signature Double Ply Leather Dog LeashPersonalized Signature Double Ply Leather Dog LeashNow $47.20As low as: $59.00

3 reviews

Nylon Dog LeashNylon Dog LeashAs low as: $17.00

16 reviews

Personalized English Bridle Leather Dog LeashPersonalized English Bridle Leather Dog LeashNow $39.20As low as: $49.00

17 reviews

Mendota Dog Walker Martingale LeashMendota Dog Walker Martingale LeashAs low as: $18.00

11 reviews

Mendota Tricolor Series Snap LeashMendota Tricolor Series Snap LeashAs low as: $14.00

1 reviews

Mendota Braided Snap LeashMendota Braided Snap LeashAs low as: $14.00

27 reviews

Mendota Diamond Series Braided Snap LeashMendota Diamond Series Braided Snap LeashAs low as: $14.00

6 reviews

Mendota Night Viz Reflective Snap LeashMendota Night Viz Reflective Snap LeashAs low as: $23.00

4 reviews

Mendota Twist Series Braided Snap LeashMendota Twist Series Braided Snap LeashAs low as: $14.00

5 reviews

Personalized Bridle Leather Snap LeashPersonalized Bridle Leather Snap LeashNow $31.20As low as: $39.00

14 reviews

Mendota Braided Slip LeadMendota Braided Slip LeadAs low as: $15.00

23 reviews

Mendota Twist Series Braided Slip LeadMendota Twist Series Braided Slip LeadAs low as: $15.00

8 reviews

Mendota Tricolor Series Slip LeadMendota Tricolor Series Slip LeadAs low as: $15.00

1 reviews

Extendable Traffic LeashExtendable Traffic LeashAs low as: $34.00
Padded Leather Leash with NameplatePadded Leather Leash with NameplateAs low as: $69.00

1 reviews

Mendota English Bridle Leather Slip LeadMendota English Bridle Leather Slip LeadAs low as: $34.00

2 reviews

Mendota English Bridle Leather Snap LeadMendota English Bridle Leather Snap LeadAs low as: $29.00

6 reviews

Mendota Diamond Series Braided Slip LeashMendota Diamond Series Braided Slip LeashAs low as: $16.00

10 reviews

Mendota Night Viz Reflective Slip LeadMendota Night Viz Reflective Slip LeadAs low as: $24.00

7 reviews

Mendota Braided Handler LeadMendota Braided Handler LeadAs low as: $17.00

1 reviews

Mendota Martingale Show LeadMendota Martingale Show LeadAs low as: $12.00

9 reviews

Bison Leather Dog LeashesBison Leather Dog LeashesNow $41.30As low as: $59.00

5 reviews

Mendota Braided Quick LeadMendota Braided Quick LeadAs low as: $21.00

2 reviews

Canvas Personalized Dog LeashCanvas Personalized Dog LeashAs low as: $34.00

3 reviews

Embroidered MAYA Personalized Dog LeashEmbroidered MAYA Personalized Dog LeashAs low as: $32.00

1 reviews

Personalized Striped Dog LeashPersonalized Striped Dog LeashAs low as: $34.00

2 reviews

Mendota Braided Traffic LeadMendota Braided Traffic LeadAs low as: $11.00

3 reviews

Mendota DuraSoft Snap LeadMendota DuraSoft Snap LeadAs low as: $18.00

1 reviews

Mendota English Bridle Leather Belt SnapMendota English Bridle Leather Belt SnapAs low as: $19.00

1 reviews

Mendota English Bridle Leather Jaeger LeadMendota English Bridle Leather Jaeger LeadAs low as: $49.00

3 reviews

Items 1-36 of 65

How to Choose the Best Dog Leash

Read below to learn about how to choose the right leash for your dog. You can also read our blog post "What Kind of Leash is Best?" to learn more about each type of leash available.

How well does your dog stay by your side now?

If your dog is well behaved already and generally stays by your side, then traditional snap, nylon or braided dog leashes or a retractable leash would work well for you.

If you'll be walking at night, think about our reflective leashes. If your dog loves to run into the water, check out our water and odor resistant leads.

If your dog is still learning to heel or not pull during walks, then you may want to choose from our selection of slip or martingale dog leads. Both of these options will help you train your dog to stay close and not pull.

What kind of activities will you be doing with your dog?

For daily walks around the neighborhood, any traditional snap, slip or martingale leash will do. Look at leashes 4 to 6 feet in length for general use for most dogs.

If you’re going to focus on training, we'd suggest looking at slip leads, martingale leashes and longer check cords. Check cords give you extra length to allow a dog to practice retrieving in the field while still on leash.

If you plan to take your dog to shows or even just use the leash inside, think about options that will be light-weight. We have a selection of show dog leads that handlers really love.

Is your dog large or small?

Large dogs need larger, and sometimes longer, custom dog leashes, so keep that in mind when shopping. You may even want to consider a traffic lead for a large, tall dog that you want to keep very close in public.

Traffic leads can also be attached to longer leashes when you want more leeway.

How many dogs do you have?

If you have two dogs, consider purchasing a coupler to make your life easier. These can be added to the end of a traffic lead or short leash.

A leash coupler will free up one hand during your dog walks so you can wave to all the passersby admiring your adorable pups and reduces the chances you or your dog will trip on a tangled web of leads.

Quality Materials

We produce and offer only high-quality products, so you know that custom dog leashes from dogIDs will be durable and strong. We’re so confident in the quality of our dog leashes that they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Personalize Your Leash!

Custom dog leashes like our Designer Italian Leather dog leash can be personalized with an engraved metal plate. Other nylon leashes we offer can be personalized with embroidery.

There are many benefits to using personalized leashes including how easy it is for rescuers to see your dog’s information.

Why Shop at

The team here at dogIDs loves dogs and works each day to find and promote ways to keep pets safe, healthy and happy.

We bring our pets to work with us and they let us know if new products are worthy of being added to the shelves or not.

If you have any questions before, during or after your purchase, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

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