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Slip Leashes

Slip leads are a favorite of dog trainers, rescue volunteers and show champions for their easy usability and stylish look.
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What is a Slip Leash?

Slip leads have been used by trainers and handlers for years in the field or the show ring. While the show style is not typically suggested for long period of use, our collection has been adapted for everyday use.

So, how do they work? The end of each slip lead features a ring, rather than a clip, that is large enough for the handle to slide through. This action creates a loop that goes over your dog’s head. Slip leads are great for training, as the loop will tighten when your dog pulls and loosen when they listen to commands.

The Mendota slip leads in our collection also feature a leather slide that eliminates any chance of the leash falling off when it’s not supposed to or getting too tight around your dog’s neck. Now there’s no chance of escape or choking.

Material Matters

Our collection of british style slip leashes are made of either braided nylon rope or leather. Polypropylene roping, otherwise known as braided nylon, is extremely soft and durable. This material will last a lifetime and keep your dog comfortable. It’s also available in a variety of colors and design patterns for pups and pet parents who aren’t afraid to get a little creative.

Leather is also extremely durable, but not quite as soft as braided nylon. Like all leather products, a leather slip lead will take a while to break in. However, they are water resistant. We recommend using a leather slip lead if your dog frequently participates in dog shows.

Don’t Ditch the Collar

While a slip lead leash may seem like a great alternative to a collar or leash, it’s not. A collar that can be worn daily is an essential safety item for your pup. It’s been shown that 1 in 3 dogs who become lost never find their way home due to improper identification.

So don’t forget to purchase your pup a new, personalized dog collar when you buy a slip lead. It’s more than decoration, it’s their ticket home.

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