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Small Dog and Puppy Collars

36 Products Available
Finding a high quality collar that can tolerate the wear and tear of a growing puppy or small breed dog is difficult. Luckily, dogIDs proudly offers our customers dog collars that are made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Whether you’re a first time dog owner that wants a cute & durable collar, or the owner of a small-breed dog that needs something that will fit correctly, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Finding The Perfect Small Dog Collar

Even if your best friend is on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean that their collar should have shortcomings. If anything, small pets tend to be more active and energetic than larger breeds. Because dogIDs was founded and operated by passionate dog lovers, every product we sell is something that we would feel comfortable bringing into our own home. Hence, it’s important to not only provide our customers with the highest quality collars, but also make them highly customizable so that they can match your dog’s personality. We offer a range of various collar styles, materials, and colors so that you can order exactly what you’re looking for without compromising your tastes.

Your Puppy’s First Collar

Puppies grow fast no matter what breed they are. The challenge is finding a collar that grows with them comfortably and limits the need to buy replacements. If your puppy is a small breed dog, a high quality, adjustable collar will fit them now, as well as when they’re fully-grown. For medium to large breed puppies, you should be looking for a high quality, adjustable collar that is a little lower in price, since they will grow out of it. Browse our fantastic selection below and order that perfect collar today!
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Items 1-36 of 36
Embroidered Nylon Collars for Small Dogs & PuppiesEmbroidered Nylon Collars for Small Dogs & PuppiesAs low as: $24.00

7 reviews

Personalized Designer Italian Leather Dog CollarsPersonalized Designer Italian Leather Dog CollarsAs low as: $49.00

80 reviews

Mendota Double Braid Puppy CollarsMendota Double Braid Puppy CollarsAs low as: $9.00

1 reviews

Personalized Buckle Nylon Dog CollarPersonalized Buckle Nylon Dog CollarAs low as: $29.00

35 reviews

Mendota Twist Series Double Braid Puppy CollarMendota Twist Series Double Braid Puppy CollarAs low as: $9.00

2 reviews

MAYA Small Slip Collar for Puppies & Small DogsMAYA Small Slip Collar for Puppies & Small DogsAs low as: $12.00

2 reviews

Nylon ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsNylon ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00

184 reviews

Fun and Floral Fabric CollarsFun and Floral Fabric CollarsAs low as: $29.00

1 reviews

MAYA Small Dog and Puppy CollarMAYA Small Dog and Puppy CollarAs low as: $15.00

1 reviews

Chevron Dog CollarsChevron Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00

3 reviews

Preppy Nylon Ribbon CollarsPreppy Nylon Ribbon CollarsAs low as: $34.00
Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsWaterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsAs low as: $34.00

337 reviews

Personalized Designer Nylon Ribbon CollarsPersonalized Designer Nylon Ribbon CollarsAs low as: $34.00

11 reviews

Embroidered Striped Dog CollarEmbroidered Striped Dog CollarAs low as: $29.00

7 reviews

Double Braid ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsDouble Braid ScruffTag Personalized Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00

32 reviews

Punk-Girl Leather Padded CollarPunk-Girl Leather Padded CollarAs low as: $39.00

1 reviews

Embroidered Reflective Dog CollarEmbroidered Reflective Dog CollarAs low as: $29.00

78 reviews

Rock-n-Roll Leather Padded CollarRock-n-Roll Leather Padded CollarAs low as: $39.00

2 reviews

Small Dog Rhinestone CollarSmall Dog Rhinestone CollarAs low as: $39.00

1 reviews

Chic Leather Padded CollarChic Leather Padded CollarAs low as: $39.00

1 reviews

Animal Print Leather Padded CollarAnimal Print Leather Padded CollarAs low as: $39.00

1 reviews

Chain Martingale CollarChain Martingale CollarAs low as: $14.00

2 reviews

Custom Christmas Leather Padded Dog CollarsCustom Christmas Leather Padded Dog CollarsAs low as: $39.00

1 reviews

Embroidered Canvas Dog CollarsEmbroidered Canvas Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00

8 reviews

Embroidered Digital Camo Dog CollarEmbroidered Digital Camo Dog CollarAs low as: $29.00

11 reviews

Embroidered MAYA Personalized Dog CollarsEmbroidered MAYA Personalized Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00

28 reviews

Holiday Dog CollarsHoliday Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00
Lighted LED Dog Collars for Small DogsLighted LED Dog Collars for Small DogsAs low as: $16.00

2 reviews

MAYA Buckle Dog CollarMAYA Buckle Dog CollarAs low as: $19.00
NFL Dog CollarsNFL Dog CollarsAs low as: $29.00
Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Dog CollarNylon QR Code ScruffTag Dog CollarAs low as: $39.00

3 reviews

Personalized Bison Leather Dog CollarsPersonalized Bison Leather Dog CollarsAs low as: $49.00

44 reviews

Soft Grip Dog Collar with NameplateSoft Grip Dog Collar with NameplateAs low as: $29.00

4 reviews

Items 1-36 of 36

Puppy Dog Collars

Getting a new puppy is a fun, crazy, and overwhelming time. You and your puppy are just getting to know each other and you are learning what your new furry friend needs.

Small Breed Puppies

If you've got a small puppy that is growing into a small breed dog, you know they won't grow too much and you can afford to splurge on an adjustable dog collar that will fit them for a long time.

If that's the case, you can even consider a personalized leather dog collar - whether you choose Italian leather, Bison leather, or Mini English Bridle leather - your dog will look stylish and be set for the next few years.

Medium-Large Breed Puppies

If your puppy is a medium or large breed, chances are you'll have to get them a collar just for now until they get a bit bigger. That's why our selection of adjustable braided and MAYA collars are a great option.

Although their price is low, the quality is high - meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck! And you won't be too upset when they grow out of the collar because it was a great value to begin with.

Puppy Training Collars

Training your dog on a leash? Try out the MAYA Slip Collar, which helps your pup learn not to pull. Until your puppy gets bigger, you can use a traditional metal dog ID tag on their temporary collar and move it up to their next collar when they're ready.

Small Dog Collars

Although our office dogs, River and Syrus, definitely don't fall into the small dog collar category, that doesn't mean dogIDs doesn't understand the collar needs of the smaller dog breeds!

We know that your little pooch needs a collar that's durable enough for all of her energy, but light enough so she isn't weighed down.

From braided, hand-sewn, waterproof or leather dog collars - dogIDs has a great variety of dog collars for small dogs.

Personalized Dog Collars

We're proud of the wide variety of quality options we have at dogIDs for personalized small dog and puppy collars. Our personalized small collar options are just as high quality as their larger counterparts, but are made with lighter hardware and thinner material so that they can easily fit small dog breeds.

Have a small dog that loves the water?

Our trademark ScruffTag collar comes in a smaller dog version as well! Many of these collars have an engraved nameplate or buckle that is built into the collar, so there are no jingling tags and you don't ever have to worry about your puppy or small dog being without identification.

No More Jingling Tags!

Small dogs and puppies can have a lot of energy, so eliminating that jingling tag noise is a huge plus, not to mention all laser-engraved collars are guaranteed for the life of your pet. We also offer a variety of embroidered small dog and puppy collar options, including one with a reflective strip to keeping your dog safe at night!

Need help with sizing?

Sizing your puppy for future growth can be tricky. If you're having trouble deciding on a size for your small dog or puppy collar, just contact our experienced Customer Service Team.

They work with customers every day and have professional expertise to help you decide what collar and size will be the best fit for you and your dog. They can also estimate your dog's eventual neck size or find the best solution for your small dog.

Why Shop at dogIDs?

At dogIDs, pets and their owners are the most important aspect of our business. We want to sell products that are useful, durable and stylish.

We take our customer's suggestions and needs very seriously. Any questions or comments, please contact our customer service team at 800-720-8247 or

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