Dog Collar Nameplates

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Rivet-On Dog Collar ID Plates

Rivet-On Dog Collar Name Plates

Rivet-On ID Plates If you have an existing collar or leash that doesn't have any identification built in, these Rivet-On ID Plates are perfect. They are easy to apply to most materials and add lots of room for important information. You can add up...
Slide-On Pet ID Name Plate with Silicone Strap Both Sizes

Slide-On Pet ID Name Plates with Silicone Strap

Slide On Pet ID Name Plate with Silicone Strap Our brushed stainless steel Slide On Pet ID Tag with Silicone Strap is a clean looking and practical option if you want a personalized name plate on your pet's collar but would rather not deal with...

Slide-On Dog ID Tags

Slide-On Dog Tags Your dog’s well-being is a top priority, and that makes having a reliable personalized dog tag an essential. Our latest designs in slide-on dog tags make it easy to keep your active friend in check. Browse dogIDs for custom...

Black Stainless Steel Slide-On Dog ID Tag

Looking for an easy way to personalize a dog collar that you already love The Black Stainless Steel Slide On Tag is a perfect option. Easy Installation With an open-ended collar (like a human belt), it’s super easy to slide this black matte...

Dog Collar Nameplates - The Quiet, No Jingle Alternative

To keep your dog safe, it’s best to make sure that they are always wearing their identification. While dog tags do a great job of holding all of the important information about your dog so they can get home safely, hanging ID tags aren’t always ideal.

Hate the Jingle?

Hanging tags have some disadvantages. First of all, they can be pretty noisy. If you have a dog that’s active day and night, the continuous jingle jangle of their tag can get pretty grating.

Always Losing Their Tags?

In addition, hanging tags can be easily removed or caught on things while your dog goes on adventures. The last thing you want if you dog goes for an unexpected walk is for their tags to fall off.

That’s where our dog collar nameplates come in. We offer a variety of nameplate options where you can have a laser engraved tag built right into your dog collar. That way, you can fit all of the important information on the collar while avoiding the jingle. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your dog’s information will always stay on them, no matter where they go. 

Rivet On Nameplates

If you already have a dog collar that you love but it needs some personalization, a rivet on tag is a great option. The rivet on plate can be installed with the included rivets onto pretty much any material of collar, whether it’s leather, nylon or synthetic. To learn more about how the rivet on nameplates are installed, check out our video.

Slide On Nameplates

If you would like a quiet, no jingle tag that is a bit easier to use with your collar, we’d recommend a slide on tag. This tag comes ready to slide right onto the open ended strap of your collar, as it comes with openings on either end. To learn more about how to install a slide on collar, check out our video.

Have Questions on Dog Collar Nameplates?

If you have any questions about dog collar nameplates, please contact our customer service team by email at or by calling 800-720-8247.