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Mendota Double Braid Collars

Not Your Average Braided Dog Collar Our Mendota Double Braid Collars are more than just another nylon adjustable dog collar. They have a special look and appeal that will give your dog that perfect touch of class! With a large variety of color options...

Mendota Braided Command Slip Collar

Mendota Braided Command Collar Mendota Braided Slip Command Collars are a great alternative to chain slip collars and are made from durable but soft polypropylene. Available in six neck sizes and 10 vibrant colors, they are a chic way for you to train...

Mendota Diamond Braid Show Slip Collar

Mendota Diamond Braided Slip Collar Excellent for Training and More The Mendota Diamond Braid Show Slip Collar is great in many settings. Whether you're showing them off, or just practicing his or her skills, this slip collar will definitely do the...

High Quality Dog Collars for Your Best Friend

At dogIDs, we take dog collars very seriously and only manufacture high quality dog collars for our four-legged friends. We believe the most dependable and practical way to ensure your dog stays known and safely home is to always have a personalized dog collar on. It's our pleasure to offer an array of cool colors, sizes and styles - all of the highest quality. You can pick out a collar for everyday use and another for special occasions, knowing they will last for many years to come! Your dog deserves casual and formal wear, too, right?

Durable Materials

dogIDs collars grow with your dog throughout his or her life because they're extremely durable and made to last. If you want a tough dog collar that will keep up with your rough and tumble pooch, we've got your back. We only use top quality materials. Our nylon dog collars are sturdy and adjust effortlessly to comfortably fit your dog. Coordinate colors with your dog's wardrobe, if you like, or pick out a fun print that reveals your dog’s personality. Opt for something waterproof dog collars for rainy weather or swimming. Choose a reflective dog collar for safety at night. Leather collars are a luxe choice for your stylish pooch that will last for years. The selection at dogIDs ranges from mid-range leather that works for day-to-day use to handsome premium leather for that more regal look.

The Personal Touch

Discover a variety of cool dog collars here at dogIDs, then personalize the design. We offer many personalized collars that feature your pup's info via attached tags or embroidery. Your dog can reveal his or her name, along with important contact information that will help if he or she ever gets lost.