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No Pull Universal Dog Harness

No Pull Universal Dog Harness The No Pull Universal Dog Harness is perfect for dogs that need to be trained not to pull when walking. When a leash is attached to the front chest strap, your dog will turn in towards the handler when he tries to pull...

Multi-Purpose Adjustable Nylon Dog Harness

Product Introduction The Multi-Purpose Adjustable Nylon Dog Harness is ideal for fun activities, training and service working dogs. Some of the many functions it is perfect for include walking, running, hiking, obedience training, tracking and hunting...


Custom Dog Harnesses

Don’t let the wrong harness cramp your dog’s style. Finding the perfect balance between comfort and security can be a challenge for any pet owner - but we’re here to help. From heavy-duty nylon to embroidered styles, dogIDs can help you create a custom dog harness to suit your pet.

Choose Your Style

Each harness is sized according to your dog’s girth. Consider your lifestyle, your dog’s personality and frequency of use. For service dogs, our embroidered custom dog harness can help notify others around you not to interfere with your working dog. Harness patches and military-grade buckles also add extra peace of mind for working dogs. For excitable dogs, try our no pull versions and for daily use, a simple embroidered harness with your dog’s name and home address for security do the job.

Our Commitment to Quality

Each harness is created with specialty materials and fabric to withstand weather damage, regular use, and fraying. Pair your harness with a custom tag or embroidered identification to help you find your lost pet quickly. Each of our branded harnesses is handcrafted in-house by fellow pet owners who expect the highest quality products on their own pets. Any product purchased from dogIDs is guaranteed to function properly for the lifetime of your pet.

Order Your Custom Dog Harness Today

You can rest easy knowing that our harnesses provide both comfort and style for your best friend. Contact our expert team today for help with sizing, customization, and other harness expertise. Browse dogIDs expansive collection and find the perfect match for your pooch now.