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Retrieve Aspirin-Free Aches & Pains

If your dog has been injured, recovering from surgery, or simply has aches and pains due to old age, then Retrieve Aspirin-Free Aches & Pains is the perfect choice for restoring your dogs quality of life. Aspirin-Free Retrieve Aches & Pains...

Baron Double Elevated Dog Bowls

The Baron Double Elevated Dog Bowl will look great in any home with its steel tube construction, mission style vertical bars and non-skid plastic tips on the legs. Sharp craftsmanship and high-quality materials combine to make a dog bowl that...

Chariot Double Elevated Dog Bowls

A recently released wrought iron elevated dog bowl. The Chariot Double Elevated Dog Bowl stand features a sleek rectangle design, angle iron legs, crystal non-skid plastic tips and a shiny gloss finish. The high-quality metal and professional...

Libro Dog Gate

Add a modern twist to your home with The Libro Dog Gate, featuring a plastic-coated flat-metal latch so that you can walk from room to room while your furry friend is contained.  Easy Designed for easy installation, this pressure mounted gate is...

Retrieve Ear Wash for Dogs

The Retrieve Ear Wash for Dogs is a mild, yet effective formula consisting of all-natural active ingredients for cleaning the ear canals of your dog. This ear cleaner creates an environment for healthy tissue growth, and helps eliminate head shaking and...

SeeSaw Double Elevated Dog Bowls

The Seesaw Double Elevated Dog Bowl has a sturdy, beautiful design constructed from heavy duty flat iron. Featuring non-skid plastic tips on the legs and made of high quality materials, this designer dog bowl is sure to fit in any home.  Diner...

Baron Single Elevated Dog Bowl

The best-selling Baron Elevated Dog Bowl now comes in singles, too! With a square base, mission style vertical bars, non-skid plastic tips on the legs and made of high quality materials, this elevated dog feeder is perfect for your place!  Diner...
Mesh Single Elevated Dog Bowl 1

Mesh Single Elevated Dog Bowl

Still the most popular single elevated dog bowl, the Mesh Single Elevated Dog Bowl features a simple cross pattern, with non-skid plastic tips on the legs. If you're looking for a stylish, long-lasting addition to your home, look no further...

Retrieve Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

Does your dog always seem hungry Does your dog eat a lot but has problems putting on good weight Does your dog eat dry or canned dog food Does your dog eat grass If you answered yes to any of these four questions than the odds are your dog needs...

Regal Single Elevated Dog Bowl

The most popular double elevated dog bowl - the Regal Single Elevated Dog Bowl - is now available as a single elevated dog bowl as well. A simple, elegant square dog bowl stand with non-skid plastic tips on the legs. Stylish and practical, this raised...

Bone Double Elevated Dog Bowls

The Bone Double Elevated Dog Bowl is good for your dog’s muscles, bones and stomach. The raised design puts less stress on your pet’s joints, hips and neck. Since they won’t have to hang their necks as low, an elevated bowl makes it...

Retrieve Chew Stopper Spray for Dogs

Retrieve Chew Stopper Spray for Dogs is an easy to apply spray that will stop dogs from chewing and gnawing on valuable items. This spray is Inexpensive and non-staining. It can be used on any washable surface, indoors and outdoors. This anti-chew spray...

Retrieve Salmon Sticks

The Retrieve Health Salmon Sticks for Dogs are made from real Atlantic Salmon. These delicious sticks are a tasty treat your dog will truly enjoy! Rich in Omega-3 oils, salmon is beneficial for your dog's health.Helps promote: Cardiovascular Health...

Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate

The highly versatile, Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate is the perfect solution for small dog owners looking to block a wide range of openings. Versatile This freestanding gate is highly versatile because you can place it wherever you want and block off...

Vision Indoor/Outdoor Double Elevated Dog Bowls

As the first indoor/outdoor elevated dog bowl, the Vision Double Designer Dog Bowl fits perfectly in both modern and traditional settings and is finished with a UV resistant black powder coat. Featuring non-skid clear plastic tips on legs and made of...

Bone Single Elevated Dog Bowl

The Bone Single Elevated Dog Bowl is a clean, raised dog feeder constructed of flat-wire wrought iron and decorated with a classic bone design. Small and medium sizes fit Petware Pottery small and medium dog bowls. Made of high-quality materials, this...

Emperor Rings Free Standing Dog Gate

The Emperor Rings Free Standing Dog Gate works wonderfully for blocking off a large opening from your well-meaning canine friend. Easy The freestanding dog gate requires to tools or installation. Simply set the indoor dog gate down and it will...

Regal Double Elevated Dog Bowls for Small Pets

The Regal Double Elevated Dog Bowl for Small Pets is the classic Regal design in a size for tiny dogs. It is available with stainless steel bowls and made to fit Petware Pottery brand teacup size dog bowls. Made of high-quality materials, this raised dog...

Retrieve Calm Time Chewable Tablets for Dogs

Retrieve Calm Time Chewable Tablets for Dogs is an all-natural Veterinarian Recommended formulation for use on dogs 3 months and older. This calming tablet features virtual pheromones that create a sense of well-being in environments such as...

Retrieve Greens Keeper Tablets for Dogs

Keep your beautiful lawn green by simply adding Retrieve Greens Keeper Tablets for Dogs to your dog's diet. This grass saving tablet is a healthy food supplement containing B-Complex vitamins, amino acids and Biotin. This supplement is...

Wooden Bone Cut Double Elevated Dog Bowls

The classic Wooden Bone Cut Elevated Dog Bowl is back! Made here in the USA with real oak wood, this raised bowl looks great with any decor and will really "elevate" your dog's dining experience. Diner Dimensions: Small - 15 x 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 in. - 4...

Royal Weave Doorway Dog Gate

The Royal Weave Doorway Dog Gate features a tasteful sheet metal weave pattern at its base to look great in your home while effectively containing your dog. Design The stylish design makes it functional enough for everyday use without...

Wooden Dog Bowl Stand for Small Dogs & Cats

Who says that dog dishes can’t be modern and add a little elegance to your home The Wooden Dog Bowl Stand for Small Dogs & Cats looks great and is an ideal food bowl for your pet. This wooden dog dish diner is made right here, in the USA, out...

Cantilever Double Elevated Dog Bowls

The one-of-a-kind Cantilever Double Elevated Dog Bowl looks great in modern a setting. The dog bowl holder has clear non-skid plastic pads on the bottom of the legs. The small and medium sizes fit small and medium Petware Pottery brand dog bowls. This...

Dog Supplies

At dogIDs, we believe in improving the lives of dogs by making life safer and easier for them and their pet parents. We have a wide selection of dog supplies that will help your dog have a happier and healthier time joining you on all of life's adventures.

For the Couch Potato

If your dog just loves hanging with you at home, we've got a wide selection of dog beds, gates, doors, and other household products to keep them cozy and content. We also have a great variety of dog treats that you can use for training your dog or just showing them how much you love them. All of the dog treats we carry have quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. 

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If your dog is the type that always needs to stay busy, we've got some great dog chews and toys to keep them entertained and stimulated. We also carry a wide variety of supplements, cooling products and other items to help your active dog stay healthy and keep their muscles soothed. 

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If you love taking your dog with you on all of your travels, check out our dog travel accessories and dog apparel. We've got all of the gear you'll need to keep your dog safe in the car and well equipped for the great outdoors.