Dog Tag Accessories

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Laser Engraved Plastic Side Release Buckle

Laser Engraved Plastic Buckles If you are someone who loves to make the most out of space, you'll love these Plastic Buckles with Laser Engraving. These military grade buckles not only keep the collar intact, they also feature space for engraving...

Dog Tag Clips and Other Tag Accessories

No matter how active your dog, dogIDs has a dog tag clip that ensures his or her ID tag will always remain firmly in place. You don't want to risk the chance that your pup might lose his or her identifying information. We know how important it is to keep your pooch safe. To make sure that anyone who finds your dog always knows how to get in touch with you, a quality tag is a must. Check out all of the dog tag accessories that can keep your pup secure.

Tag Clips and Accessories

Search for a dog tag clip in the design you prefer. Try a release buckle that connects to the collar once you thread it through. Pick out a keyring that slides over the D ring or choose a plastic snap buckle that connects to your pup's collar. An S-biner locks firmly into place, plus it gives the tag room to dangle. Other dog tag accessories illuminate the jingle-jangle of traditional tags as well. If you prefer a quiet pup, pick out a sleeve to slide over the tag, which effectively silences the noise and protects the tag finish as well.

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