Knotted Rope Toy for Tether Tug

Knotted Rope Toy for Tether Tug

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  • Product Description

Change up how your dog plays with their interactive Tether Tug by buying the Knotted Rope Toy for Tether Tug.

These 2.5ft long rope toys are made to attach to the Tether Tug Outdoor Interactive Dog Toy. Having an extra toy for your dog’s Tether Tug means even more entertainment and fun. Plus, you’ll always have a backup if the other toy gets dirty or torn up.

The rope toy is made out of a cotton and polyester mixture. Making it tough enough for aggressive pullers but soft enough where it won’t irritate your dog’s mouth.

Product Details

  • Rope Toy Attachment for Tether Tug
  • Cotton/Poly Blend
  • 2.5 Feet Long

Est. Production Time: 2-3 Business Days

  • Rope Toy for Tether Tug
  • Made of Cotton and Polyester
  • 2.5 Feet Long