Orthopedic Dog Beds

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Large Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

Humans use hot pads and cold packs to help their bodies recover from aches and pains, so why not offer that therapy to your pet With a cooling and warming pad for your large dog, you can treat them like a King or Queen every night after a long day of...

Medium Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

Your dog deserves the best therapy after playing hard outside or going for a long walk. Why not show them how much you care by treating them to a bed that serves as a warming or cooling pad. This hot and cold pet bed is small enough that it’s...

Small Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

If your dog works hard in the summer and the winter, treat them to a soothing rest afterward with the Heating and Cooling Dog Bed for Small Dogs. This unique dog bed can easily change from a heated pet bed to a cooling pet bed. The hot and cold mat is...

Heating & Cooling Pet Bed Insert with Gel Pack

Our Heating and Cooling Pet Beds are a great solution for dogs young and old that need a little extra TLC when they get home from their adventures. If you already have a hot and cold bed and would like to get some backup gel pack inserts for heating or...

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

An orthopedic memory foam dog bed is a must-have accessory for older dogs, dogs with hip or joint problems, and pooches who are recuperating from surgery or injuries. These beds feature memory foam for a strong, supportive cushion. These materials offer maximum levels of support. They do not lump together or condense, meaning the dog bed will last longer. The extra cushioning will ease the pressure on your dog’s body, protect aching joints, and help your pet relax and take a break.

Dogs with arthritis or joint pain sleep better on a bed with proper support. Getting a good night’s sleep and naps throughout the day is important for your dog, especially as it is aging. Check out the selection of therapeutic dog beds that we have at dogIDs. It's time to upgrade your fur baby to a bed fit for a royal pet.

The Best Bed for the Best Dog

You love your dog, so why not design a comfy, cozy spot where he or she can dream? Ideally, your pooch needs a spot to sleep and a place for napping, especially if he or she's not allowed in the human bed or on the couch. An orthopedic memory foam dog bed is as soothing for your dog as memory foam is for you. Choose a bed with cushioned sides that will invite your pup to curl up, cradled and secure. Consider a lounger bed featuring soft microfiber or a couch bed with a fluffy pillow included.

Must-Have Accessories

After picking out a therapeutic dog bed, take a look at the accessories that go along with it. Maybe you have a chihuahua who loves to be hot all the time. You might have a Lab who gets a bit achy on cold or dreary days. Add a heating and cooling bed to your pet's larger bed. Use it as a mat on top of the bed or as an insert. In fact, we offer gel inserts for dog beds, too.

We work hard to ensure that we offer only the best for mans’ best friend. We love dogs and even have a dogIDs company spokesdog who inspires us at work every day. We are a family-run small business in North Dakota, and we’d love to help you. Contact us if you have any questions. Pamper your dog with an orthopedic memory foam dog bed today.