Personalized Dog Beds

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Personalized Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed

Check out the Embroidered Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed for the new name in puppy luxury! Good for Your Pup & the Earth The easy step-in design makes it perfect for any pet - even puppies and arthritic dogs. The velvet microfiber bolsters...
Embroidered Cooling Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed Chocolate

Personalized Cooling Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dogs prefer to sleep in a place that will keep them as cool as possible, and the embroidered cooling memory foam orthopedic bed does just that. Vet recommended, this innovative dog bed by BuddyRest supports the well-being of all dogs,...
Comfort Deluxe Personalized Orthopedic Dog Bed River

Comfort Deluxe Personalized Orthopedic Dog Bed

Award winning and veterinarian recommended, the Comfort Deluxe Personalized Orthopedic Bed has every feature necessary to support the well-being of your tail-wagging buddy. Plus, it’s personalized with your dog’s name and is available in a...
Personalized Cashmere Berber Dog Bed Sage River

Personalized Cashmere Berber Dog Bed

The Personalized Cashmere Embroidered Dog Bed is perfect for warm or cool weather. Use the warm, cashmere berber top for cooler weather and reverse it to the cool twill covering for those warmer days. You are sure to enjoy the ease of the zippered cover...

Personalized Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

The Personalized Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed is perfect for that dog in your life that loves to snuggle right up to you for optimal comfort. This BuddyRest bed has raised sides that allow your dog to get comfortable without the fear of having to...

Personalized dog beds are a great custom choice for pet parents looking to give their dog a comfortable, stylish space of their own. 

Premier, Plush, and Personalized Dog Beds

Our personalized dog beds are a step above average thanks to personalization, style, and quality. Why a personalized dog bed? Well, they’re great for pet parents with multiple four-legged family members. For multiple dog families, embroidered or monogrammed dog beds are a great choice, because everyone in the house deserves to have a separate space of their own.

Our catalog of personalized dog beds includes a variety of style and material choices. We’ve searched high and low to find the best selection of dog beds that will fit your style, your home decor, and your dog’s needs. Browse our collection and find the perfect bed for the furry family member in your home! We guarantee you’ll find a great fit, whether you’re looking for a water resistant or luxury dog bed.

If you need some help finding the best bedding for your dog, check out our buyer’s guide below.

For Dogs Who Travel

If your dog spends time at daycare or boarding facilities, adorning their bed with personalization is a great idea. This ensures that the bed is returned to you and doesn’t get lost while traveling. Our personalized embroidered dog beds are more than functional - they’re stylish! With your purchase of an embroidered dog bed, you can choose to submit your dog’s full name, or their initials to be monogrammed for a unique look.

For Ultimate Comfort

Just like humans, all dogs can benefit from having a supportive, comfortable place to sleep. It is especially important for aging, injured or arthritic dogs. Our collection includes several plush options including the embroidered cooling memory foam dog bed and the comfort deluxe personalized orthopedic dog bed. These dog beds can help increase mobility and relieve pain for older dogs suffering from joint pain. They’re built to last a lifetime, really! Each bed is made to resist odor, stains, and chewing and will never lose its shape.

Made to Match Your Home Decor

All of our personalized dog beds come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. If you’re looking for a bed that will match your interior design style, check out our embroidered or monogrammed dog beds. Each embroidered bed can be customized by bed and thread color, giving you the opportunity to create the color combination that complements your home’s color palette while also giving your dog a special place of their own. Start personalizing your dog bed today!