Personalized Leashes

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Personalized Waterproof Soft Grip Snap Leash

Only the Best Once you begin using one of our Soft Grip Snap Leashes, you will never want to use any other! The soft grip material is ultra durable and feels great in your hand. Soft Grip strap was originally developed to produce harnesses and reins for...

Custom Embroidered Nylon Dog Leash

The Best of Both Worlds Have you been looking for an embroidered dog leash that offers the perfect blend of pizzazz and function Most leashes seem to be focused solely on function and therefore lack when it comes to good looks. However, with...

Personalized Designer Italian Leather Leash

Beauty with Function Our Personalized Designer Italian Leather Leashes for dogs are beautiful, durable and unbelievably comfortable in your hand. With eleven elegant colors to choose from, these leashes are sure to turn heads on your walks. This leather...

Padded Leather Leash with Nameplate

Only the Best Make a classy statement with our Padded Leather Leash with Nameplate when you step out for a walk with your dog. These beautiful leather dog leashes are long lasting and sure to bring you countless enjoyable walks. Made with superior...

Waterproof Tangle-Free Double Dog Leash

Make It a Double! When you have double trouble, skip the hassle of two seperate leashes and swap to the Waterproof Tangle-Free Double Dog Leash - it’s a lifesaver! If you have more than one dog, you know the struggle of going on walks: tangled...

Embroidered Reflective Personalized Dog Leash

Play It SafeUse of reflective or lighted accessories is an important precaution for activities with your dog, nighttime or daytime. The Embroidered Reflective Personalized Dog Leash matches our Reflective Dog Collars. Solid Materials The bright solid...

Embroidered Solid Color Dog Leash

Embroidered Solid Color Dog Leash Love the look and feel of a classic nylon leash, but want something a bit more durable and unique This Embroidered Solid Color Dog Leash is made of durable nylon on the inside and ribbon on the outside, just for you...

Embroidered MAYA Personalized Dog Leash

A Style Like No OtherLooking for a leash that combines individual style and excellent quality Then take a look at the Embroidered MAYA Personalized Dog Leash. This one of a kind leash is perfect for a dog with a bright personality. Part of the MAYA...

Waterproof Multi-Use Leash

Do you have two, three, four or even more dogs that you want to walk at once without the hassle of multiple leashes The Waterproof Multi-Use Leash offers the perfect solution. With two detachable leads and the option of adding more, you can walk all of...

Embroidered Karate Belt Leash

Type a d The Perfect Match Made of recycled martial arts belts, our Embroidered Karate Belt Leash is tough enough to withstand any doggy adventure. Plus they’re customizable, giving you a wide variety of embroidery fonts and leash...

Personalized Hemp Dog Leashes

Fun and Functional The benefits of our Personalized Hemp Dog Leashes are endless for both you and your canine companion! This personalized hemp dog leash is available in four attractive colors and matches our trendy selection...

Embroidered Service Dog Nylon Leash

Service Dog Classification Note: The Embroidered Service Dog Harness is sold strictly for legitimate identification purposes. Leashes that identify service dogs should only be used for professional working dogs and upon purchase the customer agrees to...

Canvas Personalized Dog Leash

Improving The Wheel Walking your dog is a the most basic of activities, but with a few improvements, we've made it that much easier. Choose between a standard four or six foot Canvas Personalized Dog Leash, or select a Convert-A-Leash attachment. What...

Personalized Waterproof Soft Grip Coupler

Two Dog Friendly Our Personalized Soft Grip Coupler makes walking both of your dogs together an absolute breeze. This dog coupler essentially turns your existing leash into a leash for multiple dogs. Simply connect your leash to the “O” ring...

Embroidered Nylon Dog Traffic Leash

Embroidered Nylon Dog Traffic Leash Your dog should be able to go everywhere you can. This can be easier said than done because some environments require specific gear. The Embroidered Nylon Dog Traffic Leash is the perfect fit for city slickers and...

Embroidered Awareness Dog Leash

High Alert At dogIDs, we understand that not every dog is perfect (our office pooches are a testament to that). Sometimes, our furry friends need a little extra help letting everyone know their needs. That’s why we are offering our Embroidered...

Soft Grip Leash Extender

Put Your Pack in Order Are you a multiple dog walker Do you struggle to organize your pack for their daily stroll We’ve created a solution for the madness - the Soft Grip Leash Extender. It’s exactly what you’d expect, an extension...

Safety & Style All in One Package

Our custom dog leashes have two very important jobs. The first is to keep your dog safe. The second is to look good doing it! If you’ve purchased one of our personalized dog collars, we have a leash to match. We offer a variety of personalization types in our catalog, and we’ve found that deciding which one is best for you can be tough. We suggest making your decision based on your dog’s lifestyle. For extra guidance in choosing the right leash for your pup, check out our buyer’s guide below.

Which leash should I choose?

We suggest choosing a leash based on your dog’s lifestyle or habits rather than your first preference. We guarantee that our products will last the life of your pet, but only if they’re used and treated properly. So, which category does your dog fit in?

For Dogs Who Love the Water...or Mud

If your dog is what we like to call a “diver,” we recommend our soft grip snap leash. Our soft grip leashes are waterproof and resistant to odor absorption. The extremely pliable soft grip material is also extremely strong and easy to clean. If you and your dog like to play in the lake or ocean, our soft grip snap leashes are a great way to keep them secure while having fun. Our soft grip waterproof dog leashes come with a personalized stainless steel nameplate. This way, if you misplace your leash or your dog decides to leave you behind on your walk, they can easily be returned to you.

For the Sophisticated Sort

Our leather dog leashes are popular due to their timeless style and durability. The leather leashes in our catalog also have matching collars for a cohesive look. The personalized English bridle leather dog leashes are available in four rich tones and two lengths. These leashes are a bit stiff at first, but soften with extended use. If you’re looking for a leather leash that’s buttery-soft from the start, check out our Italian leather dog collars or bison leather leashes. Our stylish Italian leather leashes are available in 12 vibrant colors and are water resistant. Don’t let the softness of these leashes fool you, they’ll last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Bison leather leashes are also available in multiple colors.

For the Dog Who Fancies Fabric

If you’re looking for a fun fabric collar, we’ve got a few! Choose from our stylish striped or MAYA dog leashes. These patterns are sure to get attention. Then again, patterns aren’t for everyone. For pet parents that prefer neutral colors, we have a number of hemp and canvas leashes.

Which is Better - Engraved Nameplates or Direct Embroidery?

Honestly, this is more of a preference decision. Our embroidered dog leashes can be fully customized with your choice of nylon and thread colors. The font used on our embroidered leashes is bold and easy to see, even from a distance. Direct embroidery can be used to display any message you like, although most choose to embroider their pet’s name and their phone number. Embroidery is also a great method to alert passersby of your dog’s needs or duties. Those with service dogs love our embroidered dog leashes for this reason. They’re also helpful for pets with medical needs.

Our laser engraved nameplates typically hold more text than our embroidered products. With up to four lines of text you can add your pet’s name, your phone number, and your address. Although, you’re free to put a more personal message if you like! Customers love our personalized dog leashes with nameplates because they provide a classy look and the engraving lasts a lifetime, guaranteed.