First Aid

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Embroidered Medical Alert Dog Collar

These Embroidered Medical Alert Dog Collars are designed to easily inform people about your dog’s medical needs. In case your dog gets separated from you, people can easily take note of their special needs and provide them with emergency response...

Natural Doggie Virgin Coconut Oil

Natural Doggie Virgin Coconut Oil Natural Doggie Virgin Coconut Oil is a must-have wonder product for your dog’s health. There's no magic involved, except for the benefits of coconut oil for your dog's coat. Coconut oil is helpful to humans and...

CBD Infused Bacon Flavor Soft Chews

CBD Infused Bacon Flavor Soft Chews for Dogs  Reward your dog and supplement their diet with these bacon flavored chews! Your dog will go crazy for this tasty treat. Plus, the CBD oil infused into the treat will help them with anxiety, aches and...

CBD Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

CBD Infused Coconut Oil for a Healthy DogYou may already know the benefits that coconut oil brings to your dog’s coat and their digestive system. Now your pup can get even more out of coconut oil with this version infused with organic CBD oil. It...

Organic CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs  The benefits of CBD hemp oil are no longer just for humans! Now you can help your dog with their pain, anxiety or other health issues using Organic CBD Oil from Natural Doggie.   CBD is proven to help pets relax and...

In case of emergency, are you prepared to give your dog the help they need? Keep yourself equipped with all the essentials for wound treatment, dry skin and aspirin free pain relievers. If you already have a few key pieces but find something you need to add, we have a variety of topical aids that you can add to an existing kit.

Topical Aids

Wound care, bug repellent, skin care and more are needed frequently by pet owners and our dogs’ skin does not respond the same way as our own. With our range of individually sold topical aids, finding the solution your dog may need is easy.

Retrieve Health Products

If you're looking to add some supplements, pain relievers or other supplements for your dog, our Retrieve products are a great place to start. All tablets and vitamins are made from quality ingredients and can help your dog look and feel their best.