Service Dog Supplies

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Emotional Support Dog Tag

Emotional Support Dog Tag

Bring awareness to your emotional support dog with an Emotional Support Dog Tag. This tag will help to promote a respectful and safe environment for you and your furry friend. Since emotional support dogs are often identified by wearing emotional...
Service Dog Engraved Dog Tag - Black

Service Dog ID Tag

The Service Dog ID Tag is a great option for informing people that your dog is a service dog. This tag is perfect for all working dogs like mobility dogs, hearing dogs and guide dogs. The service dog products are sold strictly for legitimate...
Therapy Dog Tag Purple

Therapy Dog Tag

Therapy Dog Tag We love therapy dogs and know how important it can be for their status to be apparent to others. These Therapy Dog Tags are easy to read and stand out because of their bold colors. Our high-quality laser engraving is guaranteed to stand...

Service Dog Products Come with Responsibilities

Our service dog supplies are sold only for legitimate purposes and may only be purchased by those with service, therapy or working dogs that have been certified as such. Upon purchase the customer agrees to assume all liability including litigation and any associated costs that may occur as a result of misrepresentation or misuse of these products.

Service Dog Supplies

Your dog has worked hard to achieve their status as a service, working or therapy dog. No doubt, you want to make sure that your dog can assist you to their best ability, free from distraction. That’s why we at dogIDs created our Service Dog products.

Each service dog product comes from the same quality workmanship and materials as other dogIDs products, but is designed to put you and your hard-working companion at ease. Whether you get an embroidered item or add a patch, you can share your dog’s duty with the world outside so that you may work your dog unencumbered by disruptions.


Most working dogs wear some sort of harness, both for easy handling and for recognition of their status. Shop our selection and you’ll see that we have quite a few options for service dog harnesses, from a heavy duty harness with custom patch to an embroidered harness with the service dog job embroidered directly on it.

From colorful to simple, you can be sure that everyone around  you will know what your dog is focused on, which will help your dog do their work more efficiently.


Want a non-traditional way to alert those around you as to your dog’s service dog status? Try out an embroidered leash. Choose from a handful of high visibility color combinations and from our list of phrases. If there’s a phrase or description that you think is missing, we accept custom requests as well.


If you have a harness at home already that you like to use or you have just purchased a heavy duty harness, you may want a service dog patch to go with it. Our selection of service and therapy dog designations is huge, so you will be sure to find that patch that best explains and represents your dog’s designation.