Slide On Nameplates

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Slide-On Dog ID Tags

ScruffTag Slide On Nameplate

ScruffTag Slide-On Dog Tag Your dog’s well-being is a top priority, and that makes having a reliable personalized dog tag an essential. If you already have a dog collar that you want to personalize, a slide on dog tag is the best way to easily add...
Hello My Name Is Twist On Dog Tags

Hello My Name Is Twist On Dog Tag

Hello. Bonjour. Caio. Hola. Help your pet greet everyone they meet with this Hello My Name Is Twist On Dog Tag. Unique and Durable This tag is unlike any other. Simply place the bottom portion under the strap of the collar, harness, or leash and use...

Black ScruffTag Slide On Nameplate

Looking for an easy way to personalize a dog collar that you already love The Black ScruffTag Slide On Nameplate is a perfect option. Easy Installation With an open-ended collar (like a human belt), it’s super easy to slide this black matte...
Flower Design Twist On Pet Tag Red

Flower Design Twist On Dog Tag

If you’ve been searching for a cute tag that doesn’t hang and jingle, then we’ve got the tag for you. The Flower Design Twist On Dog Tag is an adorable alternative to noisy hanging tags. Do the Twist This new twist on tag design is...

Noise-Free Safety, Everywhere They Go.

We have a passion for dogs and keeping them safe, which is why we offer a variety of identification options including the beautiful slide-on nameplate. Our slide-on ID tags provide plenty of space for deep set laser engraved personalization. It’s easy to read and highly visible. If your dog is found wandering alone, a kind stranger can easily read their tag and return them home safely.

Easy Installation

Our Slide-On ID Tags are easy to install on any open-ended collar (like a human belt). The opening is 1/8" wide and you just slide the open end of the collar through the plate to put it on. To choose the right size of slide on plate, measure the  width of the collar you are going to use it on. If the collar is 1/2" or 5/8", choose the small plate. If it's a 3/4" wide collar, go with medium. If the collar is 1" in width, the large size should work perfectly.

What should I engrave on my dog’s new nameplate?

We always recommend their name and your contact information. This way, if they’re spotted wandering where they shouldn’t be, a fellow dog lover can contact you and escort your pup home safely. Phone numbers and street addresses make it easy for your dog’s savior to contact you. Some customers choose to include information pertaining to their dog’s special needs. The choice is up to you!

If you’d like your message to be a bit more creative, have at it! We can engrave whatever message you like on your dog’s custom ID tag. Our standard slide-on tag can hold up to four lines of text with 15 characters per line. You can choose from 13 fonts for your tag’s engraving. With so many options, you can customize your tag to reflect your dog’s personality.

How does your laser engraving work?

We use fiber laser technology to engrave your personalized identification tags, collars, and buckles. Fiber laser engraving produces a deep engrave that cools to a dark brown color on most metals. 

Our custom engraving is guaranteed to last a lifetime. You’ll never have to worry about your message rubbing off because it can stand the wear and tear of everyday life. However, we are more than happy to replace it for you if damage does occur.

Will the brass plate tarnish?

Solid brass does tarnish, but it’s surprisingly easy to renew. Some people prefer the look of tarnished brass, but if you’re looking to clean your brass nameplate you can use a standard brass polish to brighten it back up.

The tarnishing process is typically slower when a dog is wearing their tag for extended periods of time. Their movement and activity, causing the tag to rub against their coat or other obstacles, is usually enough to keep your nameplate looking new. However ,limited use and exposure to elements such as humidity will cause your nameplate to tarnish more quickly.

Do your nameplates come in different sizes?

Yes! We have small, medium, and large nameplates to fit all sizes of collars. We recommend our small nameplate for small breeds and puppies. It will fit ⅝ inch wide collars or thinner without adding bulk around your pup’s neck. Our large nameplate is perfect for large breeds and collars that are 1 inch wide.

All of our nameplates can hold the same amount of text, although the font size will change to fit the size of the tag. In addition, our slide-on ID tags will fit collars with a thickness of ⅛ inch or smaller.