Slip Collars

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Slip Collars

What is a Slip Collar?

Slip collars have a special design made for dogs that pull or back out of collars. It’s designed with a loop that tightens and applies pressure to the dog’s neck to discourage them from pulling.

To use a slip collar properly, it should be loose and comfortable when your dog is at rest. Then when your dog pulls, the collar will tighten and you can do a quick jerk of the leash attached to condition your pooch against pulling. A slip collar is a safe, humane way to train your dog.

Made in the USA & Guaranteed for Life

All of our slip collars are made in the USA out of the highest quality materials. Shop our selection of unique patterns and bright colors, all backed with a lifetime guarantee. Choose from designer nylon Maya slip collars for large dog and puppies and braided nylon rope slip collars.