Wash 'N Zip Washable Dog Bed

Wash 'N Zip Washable Dog Bed

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  • Product Description

Use the Wash ‘N Zip Washable Dog Bed as a dog bed or unzip it for use as a furniture protector, dog blanket, or vehicle seat cover. Beyond versatility, this bed is also ideal for flea prevention and odor control.

Truly Washable Inside and Out

Many dog beds on the market claim to be washable, but only allow you to was the cover. What happens when the inside of your dog bed gets dirty How do you get it clean Well, many people spend too much money on dog beds, because they end up throwing them away when they can’t get them fully cleaned. The Wash ‘N Zip Washable Dog Bed puts an end to that. This unique bed unzips (transforming from a bed to a blanket.) This zippable design makes the bed multifunctional but also means when you throw your Wash 'N Zip in the washer, you are getting a true wash, inside and out.

The Wash ‘N Zip Washable Dog Bed is especially ideal for older dogs and puppies that at times have accidents. The bed can be unzipped and washed inside and out, which makes it especially great for controlling unwanted pet odors.  Flea eggs and larva can penetrate the lining of a typical dog bed, which can make it difficult to control. With the Wash ‘N Zip Washable Dog bed, you won’t have to worry; unzipping the bed and machine washing it will kill the fleas and any potential eggs or larva that may be trying to hide on the inside of the bed.


This unique zip-up dog bed has a design that makes it incredibly multi-functional. Unzip this dog bed and use it as a dog blanket for when your pooch is chilly. Unzip the bed and use it in your car to prevent your vehicle's seats from becoming dirty, slobbery or scratched. Need to crate your dog No problem. Zip the bed back up and use it as a crate pad for your pup’s kennel.

High-Quality Materials

The features of this dog bed make it unbeatable. Its quality design and construction include rugged, sturdy material, a heavy-duty zipper and top-quality stitching. The bed’s zipper, label, top fabric and interior batting are 100% polyester and the remaining heavy-duty material is 70% comfort and 30% polyester.

Product Highlights:

  • Multi-Function Use - Dog Bed, Crate Pad, Vehicle Seat Protector, Furniture Protector or Dog Blanket
  • Prevents Against Fleas
  • Machine Washable & Dryer Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Controls Unwanted Dog Odors

Available Sizes:

  • Extra Small - 34 in x 48 in
  • Small - 18 in x 24 in
  • Medium - 24 in x 32 in
  • Large - 28 in x 40 in
  • Extra Large - 34 in x 48 in

Available Styles:

  • Animal Print
  • Oatmeal Sherpa
  • Chocolate
  • Dark Gray

 Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Machine Wash in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle
  2. Tumble Dry on Low Heat
  3. Do Not Bleach or Iron 


Est. Production Time: 1-3 business days.

  • Machine Washable
  • 4 Stylish Designs
  • Use as Dog Bed, Blanket, Crate Pad or Car Seat Cover