Waterproof Leashes

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Waterproof Starter Kit

Waterproof Dog Starter Kit: Matching Leash, Collar, and Personalizable Tag Our vibrant Waterproof Dog Starter Kit will have you and your pup ready to take on puddles, rain, and all the splashies! This is a personalized dog collar and leash set that...

Waterproof Dog Leashes

Have you ever looked outside, seen the rain, and dreaded taking your dog out for their walk? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there before, and a rain-soaked walk isn’t ideal. Yet, despite the storm, you can make your jaunt into the rain more pleasant when you use one of the waterproof dog leashes we offer at dogIDs.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Waterproof leashes are more important than you may think. Have you considered that a waterproof dog leash is:

  • Easier to grip: Because the leash isn’t waterlogged, it’s easier to keep a firm grip on the leash and, in turn, your pup too.
  • Resistant to odor: Because your leash isn’t going to get waterlogged, it will be much more resistant to sour smells over time.
  • More hygienic: A waterproof leash is also resistant to mold, which grows much more easily on a wet leash.

Waterproof leashes are also a perfect choice for your water-loving pup who loves splashing about in the lake or ocean. You won’t have to worry about waiting for your dog’s leash to dry in between uses! Our waterproof dog leashes pair well with our waterproof dog collars, so don’t be afraid to grab a matching set. And don’t forget: orders over $59 receive free shipping!

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