Zisc Zogoflex Dog Frisbee

Zisc Zogoflex Dog Frisbee

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  • Product Description

The Zisc Zogoflex Dog Frisbee is the ultimate frisbee for dogs!


The disc floats for fun and easy play in the water. This dog frisbee is more pliable than other frisbees on the market, which makes it easy to pick up and is gentle on your dogs mouth.These discs are guaranteed tough for you and your furry friend.


This eco-friendly dog frisbee is made 100% out of recycled materials, right here in the USA.This frisbee is non-toxic making it completely safe for your dog to play with. When it comes time to clean the frisbee, you can easily stick it into the dishwasher and it will come out looking brand new.

Built to Last

Don't let it's pliable material fool you though, this frisbee is built to last. This fun frisbee is available in three bright colors, which makes it easy to spot in grass, water, or snow and is now available in a fun glow in the dark color. There are two available sizes so that any breed of dog can play with this toy!

Product Features:

  • Guaranteed Tough
  • Non-Toxic and Safe
  • Made in Montana, USA
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 100% Recyclable
Available Sizes:
  • Small: 6.5" 
  • Large: 8.5" 

Available Colors:

  • Aqua Blue
  • Granny Smith Green
  • Tangerine Orange
  • Glow in the Dark

Est. Production Time: 2-3 business days

  • Floats in Water
  • Pliable and Soft Material
  • Glow in the Dark Option
  • Guaranteed Tough
  • Eco-Friendly and Made in the USA