Are Table Scraps O.K. For Your Dog To Eat?

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If I were a dog, I would take full advantage of the holiday season.

Lots of people = lots of food = lots of opportunity for table scraps!

Unfortunately, I’m not a dog, which means I should probably pay closer attention to what my furry friends chow down on this Christmas.

Eat This, Not That

Even though your pets likely won’t be harmed by consumption of some of these foods, it’s important to remember that any human food given to dogs should be enjoyed in moderation.

Make sure to avoid these foods:

Animal Planet has outlined a list of 10 foods that you should never feed to dogs:

1. Milk and other dairy products

2. Raw meat and meat bones

3. Onions and garlic

4. Avocado

5. Alcohol

6. Caffeine and chocolate

7. Grapes, raisins, and currants

8. Yeast dough

9. Macadamia Nuts

10. Artificial Sweeteners

Foods that are okay:

According to Modern Dog Magazine, if it’s healthy for us, there’s a good chance it’s healthy for dogs, too. Fresh fruits and veggies are probably the best human food to share with your pup, but should be offered in small amounts to avoid tummy aches and other digestion upsets. Also, double-check the list above to make ensure it’s safe for Fido.

Occasional lean meats also won’t harm your dog’s regular diet. Just watch out for bones, and try to avoid offering pieces with excess fat content. Remember, the smaller the dog, the less table scraps should be fed.

Bring Therapy Dogs To Your Business Today!

puppy at office

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Winter blues got’cha down?

We’ve got a solution for you: spend time with an animal.

If you’re interested in having a pet improve your work day, therapy dog rental is an invaluable fad growing rapidly across the country. Schools and universities have been bringing in dogs for students to play with during finals week as a way to reduce stress, and it was a huge hit. After hearing success stories, many other businesses began to follow suit. [Read more…]

“A Shelter Dog’s Christmas Wish”

It’s almost Christmas,

And my list isn’t long.

I just want a family…

A new dad or a mom.


I help humans smile

Whenever I’m near,

And they say I’m a big dose

Of holiday cheer.


With the white flakes falling

And brisk, changing weather,

I hope that I’ll soon find

My new home forever.

Little Girl & Dog


We’ll sit by the fire,

And I’ll keep you from harm.

The strength of our bond

Will make winter feel warm.


Until that day comes,

I’ll be here waiting.

With love in my heart

And a happy tail wagging.


It’s almost Christmas,

And my list isn’t long.

I just want a family…

A new dad or a mom.

Top 5 Last-Minute Gifts For Dog Lovers

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve waited until the last minute to get some of the items on your holiday list. Fear not. If there’s a dog lover on your gift, dogIDs has you covered. And it’s your lucky day…today (12/16) is the last day to choose priority shipping and still get your items delivered by Christmas Eve!

Here are our favorites for last minute holiday shopping:

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3 Basic Questions You Should Ask Before Giving A Pet This Christmas

Puppy Present

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While an animal might seem like the ultimate Christmas gift, there’s quite a few things to consider before buying a dog or cat.

1. Is the recipient a child or an adult?

If you’re planning to give a child a pet, it’s important to recognize that the primary caretaker of the dog or cat will likely be the child’s parents. If the animal is for your own son or daughter, are you willing and able to take on this additional responsibility? And if the pet is for someone else’s child, it’s highly recommended that you receive permission prior to buying a pet, or you may have a very unhappily surprised mom or dad… [Read more…]

How To Pick The Right Collar For A Christmas Gift

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How to care for your dog’s paws in winter weather

Depending on where you live, you may need to consider extra care for your dog’s paws in winter months. For example, winter weather can cause cracked or dry paws. Plus, some dogs are sensitive to the cold, snow and ice on their feet.

For these reasons, I reached out to two veterinarians to get their advice on winter paw care.

Winter paw care
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What does your dog really want for a holiday gift?

Just for fun, I asked a couple of dog owners what they think their dogs might really want for a holiday gift this year.

Here’s what they had to say:

Charlotte the Yorkie & Pippa the Yorkie mix

Charlotte and Pippa

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Why Small Business Saturday Is Important For You

Small Business SaturdayWhy Small Business Saturday is Important For You

Small Business Saturday is a way to recognize small and local businesses throughout the U.S. By shopping at a small company, like dogIDs, you’ll receive superior customer service and products that hold higher value and quality than that of big box stores. [Read more…]

Celebrating Thankfulness For Our Dogs

This Thanksgiving, we’re especially thankful for our fans, customers, and their dogs. We asked people, “Why are you thankful for your pet?” and their beautiful responses are as follows:

8 - Mary Degon Pelletier, Angelina

Contest Winner, Mary P. “She has taught me the power of forgiveness, unconditional love & living in the moment.”

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