Martingale Collars

Martingale Collars

Custom Martingale Dog Collars

Most dogs love to go on walks, but not all of them love being on a leash so much. Our custom martingale collars for dogs at dogIDs can help you train your dog more effectively and in a humane manner so that walks are more enjoyable for both you and your canine companion.

These humane training tools help get your pup used to a leash more efficiently by applying limited equal pressure around his or her neck when you make a correction or when they pull. This neck "squeezing" function helps your dog realize you want them to pay attention to you the moment you give a pull on the lead.

For dogs who pull aggressively, run after people and other pooches on walks, or resist your commands, a martingale dog collar may be a great tool to help you communicate physically with them during those situations where your voice just seems to be totally ignored.

The limited slip "squeezing" action is more humane than a standard or slip collar provides. Using a standard or slip collar with a dog on lead that constantly pulls intensely, can cause damage to their throat area over time.

Martingale Collars Provide Humane Corrections While Training Your Dog

Martingales are also referred to by some as limited slip, backout or no-backout collars. The main differentiating function regardless of what you call it is to allow limited-travel corrections, unlike a slip trainer or chain style choker that continues to squeeze your dog around the neck, the harder your dog pulls. Many dog trainers prefer a martingale dog collar for dogs, opposed to other style slip trainers or choke chains that can put too much pressure on your dog's throat area during corrections.

Personalize Your Pup

A dogIDs handcrafted martingale collar can be personalized with embroidery or laser engraving as well! If you choose a personalized style for your furry friend, enjoy the silence with no jingling dog tags. You can have your contact information laser engraved on a custom name plate or the quick release buckle. Or you can have your customized name and phone number embroidered on it to keep your dog known and safely home. No noisy jingling ID tag to worry about.

A Personalized and Waterproof Option? Yes!

Our Personalized Waterproof Chain Martingale is one of our most popular sellers and comes in many beautiful colors to pick from. It's odor and waterproof, personalized with an engraved name plate, provides training functionality, and is very stylish. Now that's a great all around training tool!

Great Collar Design for Dogs with Small Heads and Large Necks

A limited slip collar for dogs is also a great choice for dogs with small heads or smaller dogs who tend to slip out of traditional collars while on lead. They're also ideal for sight hounds, like greyhounds and whippets.

Customize your pup by choosing from an assortment of styles and colors for a truly unique look. Check out our selection of other dog training collars for even more options!

Here's a great video demonstrating how and why to use a martingale collar.

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