Reflective Dog Collars

Reflective Dog Collars

Custom Reflective Collars for Dogs

We know that you take the safety of your dog as seriously as your own. So do we, which is why dogIDs is pleased to offer a variety of handmade custom reflective dog collars that ensure your dog is unmistakable, even in low light conditions. Whether you're taking your dog for a walk around the neighborhood at dusk, you're at the dog park with your pooch early in the morning watching the sun come up, or if your dog escapes from your yard when it's dark out, you want to know that people can see him or her. A reflective collar, especially when combined with a reflective leash and visi-vest, guarantees that bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians can see your best friend whenever the smallest bit of light is shined on it.

Safety First, Always for Our Dogs

Dogs don't really think about safety often. There are too many squirrels to chase and holes to dig to be concerned about safety, right? That's our job to fill as pet parents. Our handmade reflective dog collars promote safety all the way around. Reflective collars from dogIDs come in an array of vivid, eye-catching colors that help to keep your dog visible even in broad daylight. At night or in poor light, a reflective strip embedded in the collar will catch streetlights, oncoming headlights, and other lights to reflect brightly.

You can also personalize your pup's new reflective collar. Because dogIDs offers fully customizable collars, you can find an option that works for you and your canine companion perfectly. Embroider or laser engrave your pup's name, your name, phone number, or maybe even his or her home address on the collar. This way, people will know exactly how to get in touch with you if they find your dog wandering and looking lost.

A reflective dog collar ensures that your dog is safe and visible. Don't forget to match it with one of our reflective leashes for even more high visibility for you and your best friend!