Dog Training Collars

Custom Training Collars for Dogs With Personalization Options

Training your dog is essential, but you need the right tools to get the job done properly and humanely. We offer many different styles of dog training collars in nylon webbing, waterproof strap or leather depending on your preference.

Martingale collars are the most popular type of training collar today, and we offer several variations of martingale collars and martingale leads. Some prefer slip collars and slip leads. We have those too! We also have long lines or check cords and many other styles of specialty leashes to match up with your new dog training collar.

Training Collars for Dogs at Any Life Stage

It's simply not true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Seriously, we've learned this from experience so don't let anyone tell you different. With patience, a loving and confident approach, and plenty of consistency, you can train your dog, no matter what age, to be a well-mannered pooch who behaves beautifully on walks or any situation, and communicates with you at a higher level. It all starts with the perfect training collar and leash as training tools.