Dog Tag Accessories

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Laser Engraved Personalized Metal Side Release Buckle

Engraved Metal Side Release Buckle

Looking for a sturdy buckle that’s perfect for all of your DIY projects? Our Engraved Metal Side Release Buckle is the perfect option for you and your pooch. This durable metal hybrid buckle can be used to make your own dog collar,...
Tag-It Pet Tag Holder Red

Tag-It Dog ID Tag Holder

The Tag-it Dog ID Tag Holder is one of our most popular accessories at dogIDs. It allows you to easily add and remove a dog ID tag to/from your dog's collar, harness or leash. Once you attach the Tag-it to the split ring you will never...
S-Biner Tag Fastener Clip TagLock Black

S-Biner Locking Tag Fastener Clip

Changing or adding your pet’s tags has never been easier. The S-Biner Locking Tag Fastener Clip allows you to quickly attach, detach and secure your pet’s tags. The Best Way to Keep Tags In Place Are you fed up with hard to open or flimsy...
Laser Engraved Plastic Side Release Buckle

Laser Engraved Plastic Buckle

Laser Engraved Plastic Buckles If you are someone who loves to make the most out of space, you'll love these Plastic Buckles with Laser Engraving. These military grade buckles not only keep the collar intact, they also feature space for engraving...
Rubit Dog ID Tag Attaching Clip with Tag

Rubit Dog ID Tag Attaching Clip

$5.50 On Sale
The Rubit Dog ID Tag Attaching Clip is perfect for those times when you want to change collars but don't want the hassle of moving the dog tags with split rings or s-hooks! The Rubit's Carabiner shape makes moving dog ID tags easy! When you...
Glow in the Dark Pet Tag Silencers

Dog Tag Silencers

Protection and Peace So you’ve just purchased a beautiful, personalized ID tag for your dog, don’t you want to protect it A dog tag silencer will protect your pet’s new tag from abrasion against other objects and tags. And the best...

Maas Restorative Metal Polishing Cream

Maas Restorative Metal Polishing Cream Are your pup’s tags and collar looking a bit dull after all these years of play The Maas Restorative Metal Polishing Cream will bring back that shiny finish you love. All types of metal in any form can...
Two Piece Rivets

Two Piece Rivet

Need extra two-piece rivets for installing name plates on flat collars and leashes? These are the best design we've used. Sold by Set, Set = 1 Top Cap and 1 Rivet Post Available in solid brass (gold color) or nickel plated brass...
Brass and Stainless Steel S-Hooks


S-hooks are commonly used for attaching hanging dog ID tags to a dog collar's D-ring. Use pliers to spread and close openings. Available in brass or stainless steel. Available in 7/8" or 3/4" sizes. Est. Production Time: 2-3...
Stainless Steel and Brass Split Rings

Split Ring

Our heavy duty split rings can be used for hanging ID tags on your dog's collar ring, attaching keys to your keychain or for luggage tags. The possibilities are endless!  No tools needed to install. Available Metal...

You made an investment when you purchased a personalized dog ID tag, now it’s time to add some flair with one of our dog tag accessories!

Our catalog includes traditional hardware like S-hooks and split rings as well as more glamorous dog tag clips.

Browse our collection of dog tag accessories and find the piece that speaks to you!

Dog Tag Silencers

The downside to traditional hanging dog ID tags is the noise. They jingle with every move your dog makes, and sometimes it makes you wish they had a mute button. Well, you can have a jingle free home when you purchase a dog tag silencer. Our silencers are available in large and small sizes as well as a round, bone or military shape. In addition to creating a quiet atmosphere, these dog tag silencers will protect your dog’s ID tag from abrasion on other tags in order to preserve the tag’s beauty and personalization.

Metal and Nylon Dog Tag Clips

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional S hook or split ring dog tag attachment options? Our collection of dog tag accessories includes a variety of metal dog tag clips as well as nylon dog ID tag holders. These products make it easier for you to move your tags back and forth to other collars. We also offer Rubit dog tag clips that resemble tiny carabiners and come in a variety of colors. They’re also available in large, medium, and small sizes.

Traditional Hardware

If you’re looking to replace your dog tag attachment hardware, or stock up for the future, we have two piece rivets, S hooks, and split rings in both stainless steel and brass. Our S hooks and split rings are also available in a variety of sizes. With your order of two piece rivets, you’ll receive installation instructions to help you safely install your dog’s nameplate. Our traditional hardware is made of non-corrosive material that will last a lifetime.