Puppy Collars

Puppy Collars

Collars for Small Dog Breeds, Puppies and Cats

Everyone loves puppies and we are no exception to the rule here at dogIDs! And yes, they sure do grow fast. Don't blink! Well many of our dog collars come in puppy sizes but we also make some collars specifically designed and sized for puppies, small dog breeds, cats and too many other small animals to list here. Be sure to check out our Personalized TINY Collars and TINY Collars without personization. Pretty sure you'll LOVE them.

We thought it may help our puppy crazy customers some if we set this page up as a collection of all the collars we make with puppy sized options so we don't waste your time having to look through all of our other categories of dog collars to see which ones come in small enough sizes for your pup.

Personalize Your Puppy Collar

Our custom puppy collars are obviously very popular since puppies do grow so fast. We like to recommend going with a side release buckle style collar if your top priority is to get as much adjustment and miles out of a puppy collar as possible before graduating up to an adult collar to wear for years. But if style is top priority starting now, we've got plenty of cool collars available in puppy sizes as well with traditional style buckles. We have waterproof options for puppies who are getting into everything messy and stinky and lighter weight nylon puppy collars too. Pick a style and color you like, or two or three. Lots of options to choose from!

Then, we highly recommend you consider the personalized puppy collar options or choose a custom dog tag that you can move over to new collars as your puppy grows. Puppies are little and clumsy but they can sure make tracks fast when your back is turned. Please personalize the collar with your pup's name, address, and/or at least one phone number. Having that information is imperative in case your new furry family member ever gets lost. Whoever finds your pup can get in contact with you ASAP that way. Well, they'll probably want to get their cute puppy dose and then contact you. Look for collars that you can personalize with embroidery or engraving. Spoil your puppy now and make sure they stay known and safely home!

Oh, and don't forget to send us pictures! We never get enough cute puppy pictures from our customers. service@dogIDs.com .